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Awara Mattress Review


Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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Mattress Review

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress


  • Type: Hybrid

  • Firmness: Firm (7)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

  • Price Range: $799 – $1,399

  • Warranty: Lifetime, Limited


  • Affordable mattress made with natural materials
  • Excellent temperature neutrality for hot sleepers
  • Durable latex hybrid construction provides significant responsiveness


  • May not isolate enough motion for people who are sensitive to a bed partner’s movements
  • Does not deeply contour to the body
  • May be difficult to move

Sleep Doctor’s Take: Awara Mattress

Made with sustainably sourced materials, the Awara Natural Hybrid meets the needs of a wide variety of sleepers, but particularly back and stomach sleepers over 130 pounds. Its combination of latex and pocketed coils provides excellent responsiveness while avoiding heat buildup, making it a good fit for hot sleepers. 

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress: An Introduction

Built with an eye toward sustainability, the Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress is an offering from Resident Home, the parent company of Nectar and DreamCloud. The Awara Natural Hybrid combines wool, cotton, natural latex, and sturdy innerspring coils to create a comfortable and durable mattress that is a good fit for a wide range of sleepers. 

In addition to the Natural Hybrid, Awara offers the Hybrid Premier Mattress, which comes at a higher price-point. The Premier uses similar materials to the Natural Hybrid but features a thicker layer of latex and a slightly softer medium firm (6) feel.

Both mattresses provide the advantages of natural latex, which is dense and durable. Latex comfort systems provide firm and responsive support, and hybrids made with latex typically last longer than hybrid mattresses that use foam in their comfort layers. 

With its solid all-around performance, the Awara Natural Hybrid can suit many different kinds of sleepers. We’ll discuss how this mattress is built, how it scored in our testing, and everything you need to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

How We Review

Our testing team conducts a series of performance tests on every mattress we review. In our in-house lab, we focus on the things that matter most when choosing a mattress. Our team members have a variety of firmness preferences, sleeping positions, and body sizes to ensure that our ratings are accurate and applicable to the widest range of shoppers. 

What’s It Like to Sleep on the Awara Mattress?

The Awara Natural Hybrid is a firm (7) mattress with plenty of responsive bounce, which allows for easy movement. Its latex comfort layer offers light cushioning and contouring, which can help relieve pressure around the joints without giving you the feeling of sinking too deeply into the mattress.

The Awara Natural Hybrid’s sturdy edge support is almost immediately noticeable, making it easier to get into and out of bed. It also allows you to use more of the mattress’ surface area. The cover and interior materials also help keep the mattress cool, making it a good choice for hot sleepers.

Awara Natural Hybrid Pros and Cons


  • Commitment to natural and sustainable materials
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Stays pleasantly cool
  • Affordable price-point


  • Heavier than many mattresses
  • May be too firm for some sleepers
  • Doesn’t isolate motion as well as an all-foam mattress

Sleeping Positions, Body Weight, and Firmness

Our testing team rated the firmness of the Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress as 7 on our 10-point scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. 

A firm (7) mattress generally provides a good balance of support cushioning for most sleepers. However, it may be too firm for people who prefer a plush sleeping surface or for sleepers under 130 pounds. 

Choosing the best firmness for you will depend on a variety of factors, including your body weight and typical sleeping position.

Awara Natural Hybrid Sleeper Ratings

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers2/53/55/5
Back Sleepers3/55/55/5
Stomach Sleepers3/55/55/5

Side Sleepers

Because of its firmness and very light contouring, the Awara Natural Hybrid didn’t provide enough pressure relief for our side sleepers under 130 pounds. However, side sleepers over 130 pounds felt more comfortable. Those weighing more than 230 pounds were particularly impressed with the mattress’ ability to support spinal alignment and avoid excess sagging or sinkage. 

Back Sleepers

Our back sleepers over 130 pounds gave the Awara Natural Hybrid excellent ratings. Its combination of latex cushioning and responsive innerspring coils provided even support that kept the spine aligned while also offering just enough cushioning for the lumbar area. However, back sleepers under 130 pounds may find this mattress a bit too firm.

Stomach Sleepers

Our testers who sleep on their stomach reported that the firm (7) Awara Natural Hybrid provided the balance of cushioning and support they needed for good spinal alignment. This was particularly true for stomach sleepers weighing over 130 pounds. The mattress was a little too firm for those under 130 pounds.  

Our Performance Ratings

We use a five-point rating scale to assess mattress performance. Our testing team considers the key qualities of a mattress that are most likely to affect customer satisfaction. Using the input from our testers and other objective analyses, we rate the mattress from poor (1) to excellent (5) in each category. 

Pressure Relief

Rating: 3/5

The Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress provided good pressure relief for our testers. The Awara’s latex comfort layer provides light cushioning but does not deeply conform to the body. While this is enough for many sleepers, those who want more hug and contouring may prefer a foam mattress or hybrid mattress

Temperature Neutrality

Rating: 5/5

The Awara Natural Hybrid excels at temperature regulation. The materials used in its construction are breathable, and latex resists heat buildup more than foam materials. Additionally, the coils in the support core promote airflow throughout the mattress, enhancing temperature neutrality. As a result, the Awara Natural Hybrid is a good fit for hot sleepers

Motion Isolation

Rating: 3/5

We found that the Awara Natural Hybrid isolates motion about as well as other hybrids. The latex comfort layer and the pocketed coils provide a lot of bounce, which can result in motion being felt across the bed’s surface. Although the individual wrapping of the coils helps to reduce motion transfer, sleepers who are very sensitive to movement may notice when their bed partner moves. 

Edge Support

Rating: 4/5

Our testers appreciated the significant edge support provided by the Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress. The sturdiness of the coils in the support core and the strength and responsiveness of the latex layer prevent the edges from sagging. The mattress compresses only slightly when you sit on the edge, making the Awara Natural Hybrid a good option for those who have mobility concerns when getting into and out of bed.  


Rating: 4/5

Given its construction methods and materials, the Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress is likely to have a long lifespan. The Dunlop latex in the comfort system is produced to high standards, and the coil system is robust. Based on this, we estimate that the Awara Natural Hybrid will last about eight to nine years. However, this will depend on how well you take care of it.

Ease of Movement

Rating: 5/5

The Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress’ coil support core and springy latex are highly responsive, making moving on the mattress surface very easy. Because the mattress is on the firm side, our testers never felt like they were sinking into the mattress when moving around. Ease of movement can be especially important to combination sleepers who regularly adjust their sleeping position during the night.


Rating: 4/5

The Awara Natural Hybrid has many of the strengths couples tend to appreciate for sex. Its combination of natural latex layer and innerspring coils give this mattress a lot of bounce, and the firm edge support provides plenty of room. The Natural Hybrid’s excellent temperature neutrality can also help couples stay cool.


Rating: 4/5

Off-gassing refers to the smell that often comes along with the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when a mattress is first unboxed. VOCs are generally considered harmless, but the smell can be unpleasant. 

While we did notice a slight smell when we first set up this mattress, it dissipated quickly. If you are particularly sensitive to smells, it’s a good idea to set the mattress up in a well-ventilated space to minimize the off-gassing odor. 

What Is the Awara Mattress Made Of?

The Awara Natural Hybrid uses high-quality materials that reflect a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. 

The cover is made with a blend of cotton and New Zealand wool. These breathable materials promote airflow and wick moisture away from the body. 

The comfort layer is made with 2 inches of Dunlop latex, a denser form of latex that provides notable bounce while also cushioning key pressure points. Awara uses latex that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance, which both focus on the health and sustainability of forest environments. The latex is also free of mercury, formaldehyde, and toxic flame retardants.

The Awara Natural Hybrid’s support core features 8 inches of pocketed steel coils. These coils provide stability and bounce while also permitting cooling airflow through the mattress. The pocketed design allows each coil to move individually, which makes it easier to move on the mattress without transferring motion and disturbing a bed partner. 

Though the Awara Natural Hybrid is relatively heavy, it has four sturdy handles sewn into the cover to make it easier to move or reposition the mattress. 

Construction Layers

Awara Natural HybridAwara Premier Natural Hybrid
Firmness7 – Firm6 – Medium Firm
Mattress Height10”12”
Cover MaterialCotton, WoolCotton, Wool
Comfort Layers2” Natural Dunlop Latex4” Natural Dunlop Latex
Support Core8” Individually Wrapped Coils8” Individually Wrapped Coils

Should You Upgrade to the Awara Premier Mattress?

If a slightly softer feel and a thicker comfort layer are priorities for you, the Premier Natural Hybrid might be worth the extra cost. 

The primary difference between the mattresses is that the Premier has 4 inches of latex in its comfort layer compared to the 2-inch latex layer in the Awara Natural Hybrid. The Premier is rated as medium firm (6), in contrast to the firm (7) rating of the Awara. 

Both mattresses provide notable bounce, edge support, and temperature neutrality. However, the thicker comfort layer in the Premier Natural Hybrid may make a difference, depending on your sleeping position and body size. For example, our tests showed that side sleepers under 230 pounds preferred the added cushioning in the Premier. 

How Much Does the Awara Mattress Cost?

The Awara Natural Hybrid is quite affordable compared to other hybrid mattresses, those made with latex and other organic materials.  

Awara’s commitment to sustainable materials, quality construction, and durability may make the Awara Natural Hybrid worth the investment for shoppers who prioritize these things when shopping for a mattress.

SizesNatural Hybrid PricePremier Hybrid PriceDimensionsWeight
Twin$799$1,09938” x 75”59 lbs.
Twin XL$899$1,29938” x 80”63 lbs.
Full$999$1,39954” x 75”81 lbs.
Queen$1,099$1,49960” x 80” 91 lbs.
King$1,399$1,79976” x 80” 116 lbs.
California King$1,399$1,79972” x 84” 116 lbs.

Discounts and Coupons

Awara frequently offers discount codes, package deals, and holiday sales. Additional discounts may be available for members of the military, health care workers, and first responders.

Where Can You Buy the Awara Mattress?

The Awara Natural Latex Hybrid is available directly from Awara on the company’s website. It can also be found on some third-party websites. If purchased through the Awara website, the mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial and direct-to-consumer pricing with discounts.

Buying Information and Customer Policies
AvailabilityThe Awara Natural Hybrid is available throughout the U.S. The mattress is available for purchase directly from the Awara website and is also offered on the websites of several other third-party retailers. 
ShippingAwara ships the mattress for free to all locations within the contiguous U.S. Shipping fees apply to deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories. Mattresses are rolled and compressed for delivery, then sealed in weatherproof packaging. Once the box arrives, you can move the mattress into the bedroom of your choosing and then remove the packaging so that the mattress can decompress and regain its full size. 
Additional ServicesAwara does not currently offer White Glove delivery or other installation services with the Natural Hybrid Mattress.
Sleep TrialThe Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress comes with a 365-day sleep trial. After trying the mattress for 30 nights, you can request a return if you aren’t satisfied. If you choose to return it, you will receive a full refund with no processing fees. Awara will work with you to arrange pickup or donation of the mattress. 
WarrantyAwara offers a limited lifetime warranty for any damages to the mattress resulting from normal use. The company guarantees that the Awara Natural Hybrid is free from manufacturing and material defects as long as you own it. If defects are found, the company will replace the mattress at no charge.

Awara Mattress FAQ

Is the Awara Mattress good for combination sleepers?

Based on our testing, the Awara Natural Hybrid is a good choice for many combination sleepers because it can provide comfort and support for most side, back, and stomach sleepers. In addition, people who shift positions during sleep generally like the responsiveness and ease of movement that the mattress provides.

What kind of latex is used in the Awara Mattress?

Awara Natural Hybrid mattresses are made with Rainforest Alliance-certified Dunlop latex. This natural latex is dense, durable, and quickly springs back into shape when you move on the mattress surface. 

Is it easy to return an Awara Mattress if you don’t like it?

Awara offers a long sleep trial and makes the return process relatively easy. Awara will let you return a mattress during the 365-night trial period, but you have to try out the mattress for 30 nights. If you want a refund, Awara’s sleep concierge will advise you on how to donate your mattress locally.

Who makes the Awara Mattress?

The Awara brand is made by Resident Home, a home furnishings company whose other brands include Nectar, DreamCloud, and Cloverlane. Resident Home was founded in 2017, and its first offering was the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress.

About The Author

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  • POSITION: Side Sleeper
  • TEMPERATURE: Neutral Sleeper

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