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Bear Mattress Review:
High-Quality Foam Bed, Affordable Price


Written by Alison Deshong

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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Mattress Review

Bear Original


  • Type: Foam

  • Firmness: Firm (7)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

  • Price Range: $511 – $1,099

  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty


  • Offers a high degree of pressure relief and motion isolation for a mattress with a firm feel
  • Provides an excellent combination of comfort and support for side sleepers over 230 pounds and back sleepers over 130 pounds
  • Comes at a reasonable price that includes a free sleep accessory bundle


  • Lacks strong edge support, making it harder to sit or sleep near the perimeter
  • Might be too firm for many side sleepers
  • May not provide enough support for stomach sleepers over 230 pounds

Sleep Doctor’s Take: Bear Mattress

The Bear Original offers an all-foam design with very good pressure relief and sufficient support for most sleepers. Our testers noted its above-average pressure relief, with back and side sleepers over 230 pounds particularly enjoying its firm feel. Value seekers will likely appreciate this model’s competitive price-point, free sleep accessory bundle, and limited lifetime warranty.

Bear Mattress: An Introduction

Bear is a company that focuses on making beds designed to improve sleep and recovery for athletes and people with active lifestyles. However, you don’t need to be an athlete to get a good night’s sleep on one of Bear’s mattresses.

The Bear Original is the company’s flagship model. This affordably priced all-foam mattress features a quilted cover, a memory foam and polyfoam comfort system, and a dense polyfoam support core. Although our testers rated the Bear Original as firm (7), its memory foam provides enough contouring to hug your body and alleviate pressure on joints.

How We Review

We bring every mattress we review into our sleep lab, where our team of experienced sleep product testers get to work. We perform a full evaluation, including technical tests that measure data points like off-gassing and weight distribution and practical tests that determine how the mattress feels and performs for different body types and sleep positions.

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What’s It Like to Sleep on the Bear Mattress?

The Bear Original offers a firm feel without creating unpleasant pressure points on your back, hips, and shoulders. The top layer of the mattress uses gel-infused memory foam designed to hug your body, relieve pressure, and avoid trapping heat.

This model’s combination of firmness, support, and pressure relief was found by our testing team to be most suitable for back sleepers over 130 pounds, side sleepers over 230 pounds, and stomach sleepers under 130 pounds. The bed’s all-foam construction limits motion transfer, which makes it an especially good choice for people who sleep with a partner, child, or pet. 

Bear Original Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Memory foam comfort layer relieves pressure
  • All-foam design limits motion transfer
  • Generous sleep trial and warranty for a competitively priced mattress


  • Suboptimal edge support
  • Side sleepers under 230 pounds may find it too firm
  • Sinkage may occur for stomach sleepers over 230 pounds

Sleeping Positions, Body Weight, and Firmness

Mattress firmness describes how soft or hard a bed feels. We rate firmness on a 10-point scale, with 1 considered extra soft and 10 extra firm. Most mattresses on the market fall between 3 and 8, making the firm (7) Bear Original among the firmer memory foam mattresses we’ve tested.

In addition to personal preferences, body weight and sleeping position determine the best mattress for a given person. That’s why our team of sleep testers includes people with a wide range of body types and preferred sleep positions.

Our testers rated the Bear Original on a 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) scale. It received excellent overall comfort ratings from side sleepers over 230 pounds, back sleepers over 130 pounds, and stomach sleepers under 130 pounds.

Bear Original Mattress Sleeper Ratings

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers3/53/55/5
Back Sleepers3/55/55/5
Stomach Sleepers5/54/53/5

Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side places pressure on the hips and shoulders, so these sleepers typically require greater cushioning. Our side sleepers under 230 pounds found the Bear Original a little too firm, but testers over 230 pounds gave it an excellent comfort rating for its combination of support and contouring. Side sleepers under 230 pounds might prefer one of the softer Bear Elite Hybrid options.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers generally benefit from a mattress that offers some contouring but enough firmness to prevent their midsection from sinking. Our back sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds noted that the Bear Original cushioned the lower back without compressing too much. For our back sleepers under 130 pounds, the Bear Original felt a little too firm. Those testers preferred the medium (5) or medium firm (6) versions of the Bear Elite Hybrid.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers generally require more support than side or back sleepers to ensure their midsection doesn’t sag and cause lower back pain. As a result, the firm feel of the Bear Original works well for many stomach sleepers, especially those who weigh under 130 pounds. However, our testers who weigh over 230 pounds found that they experienced too much sinkage and said they favored the coil-based support of the Bear Pro Hybrid.

Our Performance Ratings

Our team of sleep testers performed a comprehensive evaluation of the Bear Original in our sleep lab. They scored the bed on eight key performance metrics using a five-point scale to represent poor to excellent ratings.

Pressure Relief

Rating: 4/5

As a mattress geared toward athletes and people with active lifestyles, the Bear Original features a top layer of gel-infused memory foam designed for restorative contouring without excessive heat retention. Its middle layer of polyfoam offers some compression, while its base layer of high-density polyfoam provides strong support. Our testers found that these combined layers distributed weight away from spots like the shoulders, hips, and lower back, providing very good pressure relief while supporting spinal alignment. 

Temperature Neutrality

Rating: 3/5

Beds with a high level of contouring, particularly those made of foam, can trap body heat. The Bear Original uses a breathable quilted cover and a memory foam comfort layer infused with graphite gel that are designed to keep sleepers from overheating. However, our testers found that despite these features the Bear Original has just average temperature control.

Motion Isolation

Rating: 4/5

Motion isolation is one of the greatest strengths of memory foam mattresses, and the Bear Original is no exception. Our testers noticed that this mattress did a very good job of preventing motion transfer as sleepers changed positions or got in and out of the bed. This feature is especially important for anyone sharing a bed with a sleep partner.

Edge Support

Rating: 2/5

The Bear Original offers only fair edge support. Our testers found that the perimeter of the bed sagged beneath their weight, decreasing the usable surface area of the mattress. For people who need extra stability as they get in and out of bed, Bear’s hybrid models may be a better choice, as they use a pocketed coil support core that creates a stronger perimeter.


Rating: 3/5

Many factors can influence your bed’s lifespan, including your body weight, sleep style, and how you care for your mattress. Most foam mattresses last six to seven years before the comfort layers start to break down. The Bear Original uses high-quality materials intended to resist sagging, softening, and indentations. We expect this model to last longer than a traditional innerspring mattress but not as long as the average latex or hybrid bed. 

Ease of Movement

Rating: 3/5

Mattresses that conform to the body can make it challenging to change sleep positions or to get in and out of bed. However, our testers found that the Bear Original strikes a good balance between contouring and the ability to slide across the surface of the bed, offering better ease of movement than many models with a memory foam comfort layer.


Rating: 3/5

The Bear Original provides cushioning without allowing too much sinkage. However, as an all-foam mattress it lacks the springiness that some couples prefer during sex. Additionally, its lack of edge support reduces the usable surface area of the bed.


Rating: 3/5

Off-gassing refers to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that often occurs when a new mattress is removed from its packaging. The Bear Original uses foams that are GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, which means it meets those programs’ standards for low VOC emissions. Our testers noticed a slight odor after unboxing and decompressing the Bear Original, but it dissipated within a few hours.

What Is the Bear Mattress Made Of?

The Bear Original is made with three layers of foam. Its cover uses a blend of polyester and Celliant, a fabric designed to improve temperature regulation. The top layer features memory foam engineered to contour to the curves of your body and relieve pressure. Infused with graphite gel, this layer is designed to keep sleepers cool by drawing away heat.

In the middle of the mattress is a dynamic polyfoam layer that offers support and mild compression. The thick base layer is made of durable high-density polyfoam.

Bear Original Mattress Construction Layers

Cover MaterialsCelliant and Polyester Blend
Comfort LayersGraphite Gel-Infused Memory FoamPolyfoam
Support CoreHigh-Density Polyfoam

How Much Does the Bear Mattress Cost?

The price of a Bear Original lines up with the average cost of an all-foam bed. In addition to using high-quality materials, it has a limited lifetime warranty and comes with a free sleep accessory bundle as an added perk.

Twin$74838″ x 75″10″50 lbs.
Twin XL$81138″ x 80″10″50 lbs.
Full$87354″ x 75″10″60 lbs. 
Queen$99860″ x 80″ 10″70 lbs.
King$1,24876″ x 80″ 10″90 lbs.
California King$1,24872″ x 84″ 10″90 lbs.
Split King$1,62238″ x 80″ (2 pcs.)10″100 lbs.

Which Bear Mattress Is Right for You?

The Bear Original is a good option if you’re looking for a foam mattress at a modest price-point. Bear’s hybrid models have higher price tags than the Bear Original, but depending on your budget, comfort preferences, and body weight, they may be a better match for your needs.

For example, the pocketed coils in Bear’s hybrid models give these beds much better edge support than the all-foam Bear Original. Additionally, the Bear Pro Hybrid offers superior support for stomach sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds, while the Bear Elite Hybrid has softer options better suited for back and side sleepers under 130 pounds.

Bear Mattresses at a Glance

ModelFirmnessMattress TypeHeightBase Price (Queen)
Bear OriginalFirm (7)Foam10″$998
Bear Pro HybridFirm (7)Hybrid10″$1,298
Bear Star HybridMedium Firm (6)Hybrid13″$1,732
Bear Elite HybridMedium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)Hybrid14″$2,111

Discounts and Coupons

Bear often has discounts and promotions on holiday weekends like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. The company also offers a free sleep bundle that includes two pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector with the purchase of a Bear Original.

Where Can You Buy the Bear Mattress?

You can buy the Bear Original through the company’s website or from a brick-and-mortar retail partner. It is available to try in person at several Brooklyn Bedding locations in Arizona, as well as mattress retailers such as SleePare and Our Sleep Guide at select locations across the U.S.

Buying Information and Customer Policies
AvailabilityBear mattresses are available for purchase online through the company’s website or in person at one of Bear’s retail partner stores.
ShippingBear ships mattresses for free within the contiguous U.S. via FedEx. The company also ships to Alaska and Hawaii for a fee. Bear compresses and vacuum-seals its mattresses for shipping.
You’ll need to unpack and unseal your new mattress from its box and plastic wrap and allow it to decompress before use. The Bear Original may take one to two days to decompress completely.
Additional ServicesBear offers several White Glove delivery options for an added charge. At checkout you can select whether you would like the company to install your new mattress as well as your new bed frame, if applicable. You can also choose to have your old mattress and bed frame removed.
Sleep TrialThe Bear Original comes with a 120-night sleep trial. If you don’t like the way your new mattress feels, you can return it for free after a minimum of 30 nights.
WarrantyBear Original purchases are protected by a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers qualifying defects in materials and workmanship, including indentations of 1.5 inches or more that are not the result of improper use. Other terms and conditions apply.

Bear Mattress FAQ

Is the Bear Mattress good for back pain?

The Bear Original may be a good choice for some sleepers with back pain. It is most likely to provide relief to back sleepers over 130 pounds and side sleepers over 230 pounds, as our testers in these sleep demographics noted that the mattress promotes proper spinal alignment through a combination of pressure relief and support.

Is the Bear Mattress supportive for sleepers over 230 pounds?

The Bear Original provides ample support for most sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds. The mattress’ firm (7) feel and high-density polyfoam base allow for plenty of support without significant sinkage, especially for back and side sleepers in this weight group. That said, some stomach sleepers may prefer more support.

Where is the Bear Mattress made?

The Bear Original is made in the United States.

Does the Bear Mattress need a box spring?

Bear does not recommend using a box spring with this mattress. All-foam models generally fare better on a flat, even surface like a platform bed or mattress foundation. The company recommends using its bed frame along with the Bear Foundation, which looks similar to a box spring but uses solid wood slats. The Bear Original is also compatible with an appropriately sized adjustable base.

About The Author

Alison Deshong

Staff Writer, Product Testing Team

Alison is a health writer with ample experience reading and interpreting academic, peer-reviewed research. Based in San Diego, she is published in the journal PLOS Genetics and the Journal of Biological Chemistry and has been a copywriter for SmartBug media. With a master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of California, Davis, she has nearly a decade of academic research experience in life sciences. She enjoys helping people cut through the noise to understand the bigger picture about sleep and health. Alison likes to stay active with rock climbing, hiking, and walking her dog.

  • POSITION: Stomach Sleeper
  • TEMPERATURE: Neutral Sleeper

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