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Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress Review: Deep, Cradling Pressure Relief


Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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Mattress Review

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud


  • Type: Foam

  • Firmness: Medium (5)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin Long, Double, Queen, King, California King, Split King

  • Price Range: $1,699 – $3,398

  • Warranty: 10 Year, Limited


  • Two layers of memory foam for standout pressure relief
  • A balanced medium (5) feel
  • More durable than the average all-foam mattress

Ideal For

  • Side and back sleepers under 230 pounds
  • Couples who value strong motion isolation
  • Those with sore muscles and stiff joints

TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress: Our Verdict

The TEMPUR-Cloud is an all-foam mattress measuring 10 inches tall. Its three-layer design includes two types of memory foam that cradle sleepers and provide exceptional pressure relief. A dense polyfoam support core supports good sleep posture by limiting deep sinkage. The core also makes the mattress more durable than the typical all-foam model. 

The mattress’ close contour may feel constrictive to some, especially if you’re a combination sleeper. However, it does allow for greater pressure relief. 

If you appreciate brand reputation, solid performance, and easy installation, then the TEMPUR-Cloud might be for you.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress: An Introduction

Tempur-Pedic was one of the first bedding companies to start using memory foam in their mattresses. The luxury brand joined the mattress-in-a-box trend when it launched the TEMPUR-Cloud in 2019. Unlike Tempur-Pedic’s previous models, the TEMPUR-Cloud ships compressed in a bag and expands when unrolled. 

The all-foam mattress is covered in a stretchy, breathable fabric and has three distinct layers. Two types of memory foam form the comfort system. The uppermost layer conforms to your body, while a firmer second layer evenly distributes body weight. A thick polyfoam support core reinforces the comfort layers. 

The Tempur-Cloud is 10 inches tall and rates as medium (5) on the 10-point firmness scale. 

We’ll discuss the results of our comprehensive testing of the TEMPUR-Cloud, including its performance and overall feel. We’ll also discuss pricing, sizing, and company policies. 

How We Review

We’ve spent years researching and testing mattresses. Our hands-on methodology gives us insight into a wide array of performance features, from pressure relief to temperature control. We combine tester feedback and advanced tools such as body-mapping to rate mattresses. 

Our diverse testing team allows us to determine how a mattress performs for a wide range of sleepers. This is key since there isn’t one type of mattress that satisfies all sleepers. 

What’s It Like to Sleep on the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress?

The TEMPUR-Cloud is a close-contouring mattress with a medium (5) feel. The stretchy polyester blend cover is soft and breathable.

While the memory foam comfort layers let you sink into the mattress, the dense polyfoam base supports your torso and prevents you from sinking in too far. The mattress’ substantial cushioning is an especially good match for side sleepers, as it eases pressure points at the hips and shoulders. It can also alleviate tension for those with joint or muscle pain.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Pros and Cons


  • Two layers of pressure-relieving memory foam
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • More durable than the typical all-foam mattress


  • The close hug of the foam may not appeal to those who don’t enjoy sleeping “in” a mattress
  • People over 230 pounds may experience deep sinkage
  • Returned mattresses may be subject to shipping fees

Sleeping Positions, Body Weight, and Firmness

We determine mattress firmness using a 10-point scale. The higher the number, the firmer the mattress feels. The TEMPUR-Cloud rates as medium (5), so it has a balanced feel that can accommodate a variety of sleepers. 

A mattress’ feel is somewhat subjective and depends on your weight and sleep position. Generally speaking, sleepers under 130 pounds prefer softer models, while those over 230 pounds need a firmer surface. People between 130 and 230 pounds do well with a moderately firm mattress.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Sleeper Ratings

Under 130 lbs.
130-230 lbs.
Over 230 lbs.

Side Sleepers




Back Sleepers




Stomach Sleepers




Side Sleepers

TEMPUR memory foam evenly conforms to a side sleeper’s body, relieving sharp pressure points at the hips and shoulders. The sturdy polyfoam support core keeps the spine neutral by limiting sinkage below the hips. Most of our side sleepers were very comfortable on this mattress, but those weighing over 230 reported that the medium (5) feel was a little softer than they would have liked.

Back Sleepers

Our back sleepers under 230 pounds enjoyed a balance of contouring and support on the TEMPUR-Cloud. The memory foam comfort system cushions the neck and shoulders, while high-density polyfoam reinforces the lumbar region. However, our testers over 230 pounds didn’t feel they got enough support because of how closely the foam contours to the lower back. A balanced feel and moderate contouring promoted good sleep posture for most of our back sleepers. The zoned pocketed coil core provided ample lumbar support for back sleepers under 230 pounds, but those weighing more experienced some sinkage around the hips.

Stomach Sleepers

Most of our stomach sleepers felt they didn’t get enough support on this mattress, especially below the midsection. However, stomach sleepers under 130 pounds were the exception, as they didn’t sink as deeply into the comfort layers. The medium (5) feel was sturdy enough to support the midsection for these sleepers.

Our Performance Ratings

Each mattress we test is rated according to a five-point scale. The higher the number, the better the performance. 

  • Poor = 1
  • Fair = 2
  • Good = 3
  • Very Good = 4
  • Excellent = 5

Pressure Relief

Rating: 4/5

Both memory foam layers in the TEMPUR-Cloud do a great job of alleviating pressure. The upper layer is softer and offers deeper contouring, while the firmer second layer minimizes sagging. The result is generous cushioning and better weight distribution.

Temperature Neutrality

Rating: 2/5

All-foam mattresses often retain heat more than hybrids or other mattress types, and this is true of the TEMPUR-Cloud as well. The breathable polyester blend cover does offset some of the heat buildup, but hot sleepers, co-sleepers, and those weighing over 230 pounds may prefer a mattress that incorporates more cooling technology.

Motion Isolation

Rating: 4/5

Like many memory foam mattresses, the TEMPUR-Cloud does an excellent job of isolating motion. The all-foam construction minimizes surface vibrations, which means that couples won’t notice as much when their partner adjusts positions or gets in and out of bed. The TEMPUR-Cloud’s strong motion isolation makes it a good pick for co-sleepers and those who sleep with children or pets.

Edge Support

Rating: 2/5

Edge support was one of this mattress’ weakest performance areas. This area is often a problem for all-foam mattresses because of their construction. The thick polyfoam core of the TEMPUR-Cloud does limit some outer sagging, but not to the same extent as a sturdy hybrid. Sagging along the perimeter could be an issue for co-sleepers and those who regularly sit up in bed.


Rating: 4/5

Tempur-Pedic memory foam is relatively dense compared to other types of foam, so it holds up well over time. The TEMPUR-Cloud’s high-density polyfoam core also helps minimize premature sagging and surface impressions. Based on its construction and the results of our other tests, we estimate that this mattress should perform well for six to seven years. However, its lifespan will vary somewhat depending on factors like sleeper body weight, amount of use, and how well you care for it.

Ease of Movement

Rating: 2/5

The more conforming a mattress is, the harder it can be to move on. While memory foam’s ability to contour your body can enhance pressure relief, it can also make adjusting positions more challenging. Sleepers over 230 pounds are likely to sink into this mattress the most, so the TEMPUR-Cloud may not be a good fit for them. Some combination sleepers may also prefer a bouncier mattress that permits easier movement.


Rating: 2/5

Mattresses that are conducive to sex tend to have good bounce and allow for easy movement. These are both areas where all-foam mattresses like the TEMPUR-Cloud struggle. The conforming nature of the memory foam is great for pressure relief, but it can also impede movement. Additionally, the TEMPUR-Cloud retains a fair amount of heat, which may make it uncomfortably warm during sex.


Rating: 3/5

You might notice mild off-gassing odors when you first unwrap and set up the mattress. Foam manufacturing produces volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can release a chemical-like smell when a mattress is new. VOCs are generally considered harmless, and the smell will dissipate once the mattress has fully decompressed. You can often speed up this process by leaving the mattress in a well-ventilated room.

What Is the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress Made Of?

The TEMPUR-Cloud is a three-layer foam mattress with a stretchy polyester blend cover. The comfort system uses two layers of TEMPUR memory foam. A softer upper layer cradles your body, while an adaptive lower layer evenly distributes your body weight. The foam is designed to compress during shipping without compromising its performance. 

A thick layer of polyfoam forms the support core. Its high density minimizes deep sinkage and increases the mattress’ durability. 

Tempur-Pedic foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s made without a variety of potentially harmful chemicals, including heavy metals and ozone depleters. The foam also complies with strict indoor air quality standards for VOC emissions.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Construction Layers

Mattress Construction Layers

Cover Material

Polyester Blend

Comfort Layers

TEMPUR Memory Foam
TEMPUR Memory Foam

Support Core


How Much Does the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress Cost?

The TEMPUR-Cloud is pricier than the typical all-foam mattress. That said, it’s still notably less expensive than Tempur-Pedic’s other mattresses, which are not compressed. The brand’s enduring reputation and first-rate workmanship is reflected in the TEMPUR-Cloud’s higher price-point.




38” x 75”



Twin XL


38” x 80”





54” x 75″





60” x 80”





76” x 80”



California King


72” x 84”



Split King$3,79838” x 80” (2 pcs.)10”N/A

Which Tempur-Pedic Mattress Is Right for You?

The TEMPUR-Cloud also comes in a hybrid option. The hybrid features the same memory foam comfort system but replaces the polyfoam core with coils. Sleepers who like a bouncier mattress may want to opt for the hybrid. Both models are 10 inches tall and have a medium (5) feel. 

Shoppers with a flexible budget have a number of Tempur-Pedic models to choose from. Athletes or sleepers with joint and muscle conditions may want to consider the LuxeAdapt model. This all-foam mattress features TEMPUR-APR+, a proprietary memory foam designed to deliver more pressure relief. 

The ProBreeze and LuxeBreeze mattresses are intended for hot sleepers, as they include phase change material and ventilated memory foam designed to promote airflow. 
Comfort preferences like firmness level and height can help you choose the best mattress for your needs. All of the Tempur-Pedic hybrid models have a medium (5) feel, while the foam options vary from soft (3) to firm (7).

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses at a Glance

Mattress Type
Base Price (Queen)


Medium (5)

Foam or Hybrid




Medium (5)

Foam or Hybrid




Soft (3), Medium (5), Firm (7)

Foam or Hybrid



TEMPUR-LuxeAdaptSoft (3), Firm (7)Foam13″$4,199
TEMPUR-ProBreezeMedium (5)Foam or Hybrid12″$4,499
TEMPUR-LuxeBreezeSoft (3), Firm (7)Foam13″$5,499

Discounts and Coupons

Tempur-Pedic offers notable discounts for holidays like Memorial Day and Black Friday. You can also sometimes receive free sheets or pillows when buying a mattress directly from the Tempur-Pedic website.

Where Can You Buy the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress?

The TEMPUR-Cloud can be purchased at a Tempur-Pedic store or from the company’s website. Select third-party retailers also sell the TEMPUR-Cloud. 

While testing a mattress at a physical store has its advantages, the TEMPUR-Cloud includes a 90-night sleep trial that allows you to try the bed at home for up to 90 days. The trial has a mandatory 30-day break-in period, and a $175 shipping fee is deducted from returned mattresses.

Buying Information and Customer Policies

Tempur-Pedic ships the TEMPUR-Cloud to all 50 states. The mattress can also be purchased at a Tempur-Pedic store or partner retailer.

ShippingThe TEMPUR-Cloud ships for free via UPS Ground to the contiguous U.S. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii are subject to shipping fees. 

The mattress is compressed, shipped in a reusable canvas bag, and delivered to your doorstep.

After carrying the bag to your bedroom, remove the mattress and place it on a foundation or flat surface. The mattress will begin decompressing within a few minutes.
Additional ServicesWhite Glove delivery and old mattress removal are not available for the TEMPUR-Cloud.
Sleep TrialThe mattress comes with a 90-night sleep trial when purchased from an authorized retailer. Tempur-Pedic requires a 30-day break-in period, after which it will pick up returned mattresses. Full refunds are issued minus a $175 transportation fee.
WarrantyTempur-Pedic backs the mattress with a 10-year limited warranty that covers material and manufacturing defects. The company will elect to either repair or replace defective mattresses. Additional terms and conditions are outlined on Tempur-Pedic’s website.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress FAQ

What’s So Special About Tempur-Pedic Mattresses?

Tempur-Pedic was one of the first bedding companies to use memory foam in mattresses. Originally developed by NASA, memory foam softens with heat and pressure, regaining shape when weight is removed. It molds to each sleeper’s body, preventing pressure buildup.

Tempur-Pedic has continuously updated its memory foam design over the years to enhance performance features like pressure relief and temperature control.

What Sleepers Should Avoid the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress?

While Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary memory foam offers good pressure relief, it may make the mattress feel too confining for some sleepers. Those weighing more than 230 might need a firmer, more supportive mattress.

Does the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress Sleep Hot?

Memory foam is prone to trapping heat, so the TEMPUR-Cloud may sleep uncomfortably warm for some people. However, the polyester blend cover is designed to wick away heat and moisture, and heat retention is less pronounced if you sleep alone or weigh less than 230 pounds.

How Long Does the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress Take to Expand?

The TEMPUR-Cloud expands within a matter of minutes once unrolled. You should be able to sleep on it right away, although you may want to leave the mattress in a well-ventilated area for a while until the foam finishes off-gassing.

Is the TEMPUR-Cloud a Mattress in a Box?

The TEMPUR-Cloud is compressed for shipping like many mattresses in a box. However, the TEMPUR-Cloud is actually shipped in a reusable canvas bag. It will automatically begin decompressing as soon as you unwrap it, so professional installation isn’t necessary.

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