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Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress Review: Plush, Adaptive Comfort


Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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Mattress Review

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt


  • Type: Foam

  • Firmness: Medium (5)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, Split California King

  • Price Range: $1,699 – $3,398

  • Warranty: 10 Year, Limited


  • Adaptive TEMPUR foam conforms to the sleeper’s unique shape
  • All-foam and hybrid options both provide excellent pressure relief
  • Both models provide an ideal balance of cushion and support for side sleepers


  • Neither model provides sufficient support for stomach sleepers
  • Top layers of memory foam tend to trap body heat
  • Edges on both models sink under body weight

The Sleep Doctor’s take: Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress

Available in all-foam and hybrid models, the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress offers a plush, body-hugging sleep surface designed to relieve pressure. While the medium (5) firmness level has broad appeal, it’s particularly well suited for side sleepers and people looking for a mattress that isolates motion.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress: An introduction

Tempur-Pedic began producing mattresses more than two decades ago. Based on adaptive foam developed in NASA’s laboratory, the company’s unique TEMPUR material helped bring memory foam to the forefront of the mattress industry.

We take an in-depth look at the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress’ all-foam and hybrid variations to find out how they feel and explore each model’s strengths and weaknesses. We cover how each mattress performs in different categories and who might find them most comfortable.

How we review

Our team personally tries and evaluates every mattress we review. We use a unique methodology that examines a range of performance features. We do this to provide you with a broad and objective look at how each mattress performs, so you can find a mattress that fits your needs, preferences, and budget.

What’s it like to sleep on the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress?

The TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress provides deep, body-hugging contouring that prevents pressure points. The mattress’ comfort layers are made from the brand’s signature TEMPUR materials, which conform to the sleeper’s shape. Pocketed coils in the hybrid model provide additional support without sacrificing the bed’s excellent motion isolating properties, making either model a good option for couples, sleepers who awaken easily due to movement, and people with pets.

We examine both versions of the TEMPUR-Adapt and highlight the categories in which they perform best.

TEMPUR-Adapt Pros and Cons


  • Pressure-relieving TEMPUR material absorbs motion and prevents pressure points
  • Constructed of high quality, durable materials
  • Works with many types of bed foundations, including adjustable bases


  • Offers little support for sleepers over 230 pounds
  • Traps too much warmth for hot sleepers
  • Contouring may be too deep for some people’s preferences

Sleeping positions, body weight, and firmness

Our testing team uses a 10-point scale to rate the firmness level of a mattress, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. We rated both the all-foam and hybrid TEMPUR-Adapt as having a medium (5) level of firmness. Medium beds are known for their ability to contour deeply while still maintaining underlying support.

People with different body types and sleeping positions benefit from different kinds of mattresses. That’s why our testing team is made up of a diverse group of individuals with varying preferences, weights, and sleep styles. This helps us understand who might benefit the most from each mattress we review.

TEMPUR-Adapt – All-Foam

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers5/55/53/5
Back Sleepers3/52/52/5
Stomach Sleepers2/52/51/5

TEMPUR-Adapt – Hybrid

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers5/55/53/5
Back Sleepers3/53/52/5
Stomach Sleepers3/52/51/5

Side Sleepers

The side sleepers on our team weighing under 230 pounds gave top marks to both versions of the TEMPUR-Adapt, praising the deep contouring of the dual comfort layers of memory foam. While side sleepers over 230 pounds felt comfortable on both models, some felt that they sank a bit too deeply to feel supported.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers benefit from targeted support to prevent their hips from sinking too far into the surface and losing spinal alignment. The hybrid model’s more responsive support core was slightly more popular with our back sleepers. However, team members who weigh more than 230 pounds found that neither option provided enough support to keep them comfortable.

Stomach Sleepers

A mattress that’s too soft can contribute to back pain and leave stomach sleepers feeling like they’re sinking into the middle of the bed. Both versions of the TEMPUR-Adapt had too much contouring and too little support for our stomach sleepers, especially those over 230 pounds. Stomach sleepers may prefer the brand’s ProAdapt Mattress, which comes in a firm (7) version.

Our performance ratings

To give you an in-depth look at the performance of every mattress we review, our testing team uses a five-point scale to rate important qualities, with 1 being poor and 5 being the best performance.

Pressure relief

Rating: 4/5 (All-Foam), 4/5 (Hybrid)

With two types of adaptive TEMPUR material in the mattress’ comfort system, our testers were impressed with the TEMPUR-Adapt’s pressure relieving properties. The deep contouring conforms to your weight and shape, responding to pressure where it builds. 

Temperature neutrality

Rating: 2/5 (All-Foam), 3/5 (Hybrid)

Conforming materials like memory foam can reduce airflow around the body and trap heat. The TEMPUR-Adapt uses two layers of memory foam, which prevents some heat from escaping and left our testers feeling warm. People that sleep hot or live in humid climates should consider the hybrid model, as its breathable core helps it sleep a little cooler than the all-foam version.

Motion isolation

Rating: 5/5 (All-Foam), 4/5 (Hybrid)

Memory foam absorbs vibrations from movement better than mattresses built with other materials. During each of our tests for motion isolation, both models of the TEMPUR-Adapt performed very well. Although the all-foam slightly outperformed the hybrid model, people who sleep lightly, couples, and those who sleep next to pets will find that either version does a great job at reducing night time disturbances.

Edge support

Rating: 2/5 (All-Foam), 3/5 (Hybrid)

The TEMPUR-Adapt’s foam edges sink under weight, reducing our rating for edge support. That said, sturdy and responsive pocketed coils in the hybrid version provide some stability around the bed’s perimeter. 

Beds with strong edge support have a reinforced perimeter that prevents the edge of the mattress from sinking. Good edge support increases the amount of usable space on the bed and makes it easier to get in and out.


Rating: 4/5 (All-Foam), 4/5 (Hybrid)

Many factors impact a mattress’ lifespan, from the foundation it sits on to its construction and use. The TEMPUR-Adapt uses high quality materials in both versions of the mattress. We believe that both models will last longer than average for their respective types, which is 6 to 7 years for an all-foam bed and 6.5 to 7.5 for a hybrid.

Ease of movement

Rating: 2/5 (All-Foam), 3/5 (Hybrid)

Memory foam isn’t highly responsive, meaning that it’s slow to return to its original shape after movement. Our testers reported that the TEMPUR-Adapt’s deeply contouring sleep surface made it difficult to change sleeping positions and move across the mattress. The springs within the hybrid model did add some ease of movement, though our testers over 230 pounds still felt constricted by its soft surface.


Rating: 2/5 (All-Foam), 3/5 (Hybrid)

Mattresses that are good for sex provide strong edge support, a cool sleep surface, and enough bounce to move with ease. While the TEMPUR-Adapt’s memory foam layers provide excellent pressure relief and motion isolation, they lack bounce and may hinder movement. Overall, the hybrid is better suited to sex than the all-foam model, though some couples may prefer a more responsive bed.


Rating: 2/5 (All-Foam), 3/5 (Hybrid)

New mattresses often emit a chemical odor when they’re first unpacked. Known as off-gassing, this smell is a byproduct of foam manufacturing processes. Off-gassing can be unpleasant to those with sensitivities. Testers noticed some mild off-gassing with the hybrid model, which went away in a few hours. The off-gassing was a bit stronger with the all-foam version, although it gradually dissipated.

What is the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress made of?

Both the all-foam and hybrid TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress have a stretchy poly-blend cover, designed to promote temperature neutrality. Underneath, a soft comfort layer of proprietary TEMPUR-ES material responds to pressure from the sleeper’s body, while a second comfort layer of original TEMPUR material works with the first to adapt to the individual’s shape and temperature.

In the hybrid model, the comfort layers sit atop of a support core consisting of more than one thousand pocketed coils, engineered to provide additional stability and stronger edge support. Rather than a coil core, the all-foam model features a polyfoam support base.

TEMPUR-Adapt construction layers

FeelMedium (All-Foam)Medium Hybrid
Cover materialPolyester BlendPolyester Blend
Comfort layersTEMPUR-ES Memory Foam
Original TEMPUR Memory Foam
TEMPUR-ES Memory Foam
Original TEMPUR Memory Foam
Support corePolyfoamPocketed Coils

How Much Does the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress Cost?

The TEMPUR-Adapt hybrid is sold as a $200 upgrade from the all-foam version. This puts the all-foam model squarely in the luxury mattress category, while the hybrid has a mid-range price-point. Both models use durable, proprietary foams and come with free shipping and White Glove delivery.

Twin$1,69938” x 74”11″44-65 lbs.
Twin XL$1,69938″ x 80″11″48-68 lbs.
Full$2,04953” x 74”11″60-90 lbs.
Queen$2,19960″ x 80″11″72-109 lbs.
King$2,89976″ x 80″11″89-142 lbs.
California King$2,89972″ x 84″11″89-142 lbs.
Split King$3,39876” x 80”11″96-136 lbs.
Split California King$3,39872” x 84”11″94-140 lbs.

Which Tempur-Pedic Mattress Is Right for You?

Tempur-Pedic crafts a wide range of foam and hybrid mattresses that feature their flagship TEMPUR memory foam. While the TEMPUR-Adapt is a great choice for side sleepers under 230 pounds, other types of sleepers may find that another Tempur-Pedic model is a better fit.

The TEMPUR-Cloud is the brand’s most affordable mattress, available in foam or hybrid models with a shorter profile. If you tend to sleep hot and want a bed that keeps you comfortable all night, consider the TEMPUR-ProBreeze or LuxeBreeze. Available in foam or hybrid models, the ProBreeze features advanced cooling technology and a medium (5) firmness level.

Stomach sleepers and testers over 230 pounds will appreciate the firm (7) versions of the ProAdapt or LuxeAdapt. The ProAdapt also comes in all-foam and hybrid options, while the LuxeAdapt is only available in an all-foam model.

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses at a Glance

ModelFirmnessMattress TypeHeightBase Price (Queen)
TEMPUR-Cloud Medium (5)Foam or Hybrid10”$1,999
TEMPUR-AdaptMedium (5)Foam or Hybrid11”$2,199
TEMPUR-ProAdaptSoft (3), Medium (5), or Firm (7)Foam or Hybrid12”$3,399
TEMPUR-LuxeAdaptSoft (3) or Firm (7)Foam13”$4,199
TEMPUR-PRObreezeMedium (5)Foam or Hybrid12”$4,599
TEMPUR-LUXEbreezeSoft (3) or Firm (7)Foam13”$5,599

Discounts and coupons

Tempur-Pedic periodically offers discounts and sales through their website. Discounts are also available for shoppers who sign up for Tempur-Pedic’s email list.

Where can you buy the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress?

The TEMPUR-Adapt is available from Tempur-Pedic and third party websites. Shoppers can also purchase the mattress at a variety of brick-and-mortar mattress retailers. However, special offers and Tempur-Pedic’s 90-night sleep trial may not be available through third parties.

Buying information and customer policies
AvailabilityYou can purchase the TEMPUR-Adapt online through the manufacturer’s website, as well as other online mattress retailers and brick-and-mortar stores.

Tempur-Pedic ships to the contiguous U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii.
ShippingFree shipping is available for customers in the contiguous United States. People living in Hawaii and Alaska may need to pay a $600 surcharge for shipping. Tempur-Pedic cannot ship mattresses to military bases or P.O. boxes.

Mattresses are hand delivered and do not require assembly.
Additional servicesCustomers who purchase the TEMPUR-Adapt receive complimentary White-Glove delivery. This includes delivery of the mattress, set-up in the desired location, and removal of an old mattress on request.
Sleep trialThe TEMPUR-Adapt comes with a 90-day sleep trial. Customers must try the mattress for at least 30 days, and are then eligible to return it for a full refund for the remaining length of the sleep trial.
WarrantyTempur-Pedic offers a 10-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and flaws that occur with normal use, including indentations greater than 0.75 inches. Normal wear and damage from the use of an inappropriate foundation are not eligible for the warranty replacement.

TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress FAQ

What’s the difference between the Adapt and ProAdapt Tempur-Pedic?

While Tempur-Pedic’s Adapt and ProAdapt both come in all-foam and hybrid versions, the ProAdapt is taller, available in multiple firmness levels, and uses an advanced form of TEMPUR material in its comfort layers. The ProAdapt also has a washable cover.

How long does it take to break in a TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress?

It may take a couple of weeks to break in a TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress. Tempur-Pedic requires that customers try their new mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return or exchange.

Does the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress sleep hot?

Memory foam can trap body heat, which our testers noticed on the TEMPUR-Adapt’s all-foam model. The hybrid version slept a little cooler, thanks to its breathable layer of pocketed springs.

What sleepers should avoid the TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress?

The TEMPUR-Adapt has a medium (5) firmness level that may not provide enough support for stomach sleepers, especially those who weigh more than 230 pounds.

Why are Tempur-Pedic Mattresses so renowned?

Tempur-Pedic was one of the first companies to popularize memory foam mattresses. Tempur-Pedic products also contain the brand’s iconic, pressure-relieving TEMPUR material.

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  • POSITION: Side Sleeper
  • TEMPERATURE: Neutral Sleeper

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