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Best King Size Bed Frames:
Expert Tested and Reviewed


Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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A bed frame supports and lifts your mattress while completing the look of your bed. Depending on its height, a bed frame can make getting in and out of bed easier. It may even extend your mattress’ lifespan by preventing premature sagging.

Bed frames come in a range of styles to complement any bedroom decor. The type of material used can impact a frame’s appearance, noise level, and durability.

We review our favorite king size frames intended for people who have or plan on getting a king size mattress and cover everything you need to know, including pricing and height considerations.

Sleep Doctor’s Picks

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Best Overall Bed Frame

Saatva Santorini

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The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Saatva Santorini is a great choice for eco-conscious shoppers wanting a high-end design. Its frame is made from sustainably sourced hardwood, which we found both durable and quiet. The comfy padded headboard comes in either velvet or linen upholstery.

Buy From Saatva


  • Eco-friendly hardwood frame and plywood slats
  • Fully upholstered headboard
  • Free White Glove delivery


  • Luxury price-point
  • Minimal underbed clearance for storage

The Saatva Santorini is an upholstered platform bed with a low profile. Its sustainable hardwood frame is reinforced with sturdy plywood slats and a vertical support beam. The fully upholstered headboard comes in polyester velvet or natural linen. All color options are neutral and versatile.

Why We Like It

The bed frame’s sleek, classic design complements a range of bedroom interiors. We found both the velvet and linen upholstery to be soft and breathable. We also like the understated yet supportive chrome legs. A fully upholstered headboard allows the bed to be freestanding or placed against a wall.

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Best Value Bed Frame

Nectar Mattress Foundation

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The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Nectar Mattress Foundation provides reliable support at an affordable price. It includes optional legs, so the frame can be raised or placed directly on the floor. Its neutral gray upholstery blends in with most bedroom interiors.

Buy From Nectar


  • Sturdy steel frame with soft upholstery
  • Supports up to 700 pounds
  • Accessible price-point


  • No headboard
  • Upholstery only comes in one color
  • Orders to Alaska and Hawaii incur a $250 shipping fee

The Nectar Mattress Foundation has a durable steel frame with solid pine and spruce slats. It includes six removable legs, so the foundation can be elevated or rest on the floor. There’s a 15-inch clearance when using the legs, allowing you to store items underneath the bed. The frame’s border is upholstered in gray polyester and can be spot-treated as needed.

Why We Like It

We found the Nectar to be one of the more supportive foundations for its price-point. The solid steel frame and center support beam make it particularly sturdy. We also appreciate its optional legs and straightforward assembly.

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Best Luxury Bed Frame

Avocado Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

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The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Avocado Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame features classic lines and eco-friendly materials. It’s made entirely from natural timber, and there’s an optional matching headboard. A timeless design and simple assembly make this frame a solid pick.

Buy From Avocado


  • Made entirely from sustainably sourced hardwood
  • Available in maple or walnut
  • Optional headboard


  • Above-average price tag
  • Headboard is an additional cost
  • Longer turnaround time since each frame is made to order

Avocado’s Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame is handmade from sustainably sourced hardwood in either maple or walnut. The minimalist design features angled legs, an optional 24-inch headboard, and organic wood staining. It has a 10.25-inch floor clearance and includes all assembly tools.

Why We Like It

With its elegant design and quality materials, the frame is a blend of form and function. It can harmonize with most interior designs since it comes in both light and dark wood finishes. Avocado uses non-toxic stains and glues, and we appreciate the easy assembly instructions. Sustainable materials and a timeless design make this frame one of our top picks.

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Best Platform Bed Frame

The Bed by Thuma

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The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Bed by Thuma is a durable platform made from eco-friendly hardwood. It features innovative Japanese joinery, so the bed can be assembled in under 15 minutes. The frame is exceptionally quiet thanks to its felt-lined slats.

Buy From Thuma


  • Japanese joinery for quick, tool-free assembly
  • Optional headboard and pillowboard
  • Available in different frame and upholstery colors


  • Headboard and pillowboard are additional charges
  • Warranty coverage doesn’t include the pillowboard
  • The pillowboard needs to be placed against the wall

The Bed by Thuma is a sturdy platform designed to support over 1,500 pounds. The frame is crafted from reclaimed hardwood that comes in four finishes. The solid wood slats are lined in felt made from recycled plastic to minimize shifting and noise. Cork padding under the feet prevents scuffing and other floor damage. The foundation can be paired with Thuma’s headboard or pillowboard.

Why We Like It

We found the foundation to be exceptionally durable, so it’s one of our top picks for couples or people over 230 pounds. The design is low-profile, but there’s still a 9-inch clearance from the floor where you can tuck away belongings. Another selling point is the frame’s easy tool-free assembly.

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Best Storage Bed Frame

Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage

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The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Silk & Snow Bed Frame is great for people with small bedrooms or limited storage space. The unpretentious design matches most bedroom decor, and you can discreetly store personal effects in the large drawer at the base of the bed.

Buy From Silk & Snow


  • Upholstered headboard and sides
  • Generous storage drawer
  • Solid wood legs and poplar slats


  • Not recommended for mattresses shorter than 10 inches or taller than 14 inches
  • Orders to Alaska and Hawaii have freight fees
  • Customers are responsible for return shipping costs

The Silk & Snow Bed Frame is an upholstered design with a sizable drawer. The headboard and sides are fully upholstered in woven polyester, which comes in a handful of neutral colors. The foundation is constructed from durable powder-coated iron and engineered wood. A box spring isn’t necessary thanks to the frame’s wide poplar slats.

Why We Like It

The Silk & Snow Bed Frame is a functional design that fits into a range of budgets. We like the large storage drawer and generous headboard, which are included at no extra cost. We also appreciate that Silk & Snow doesn’t use any chemical flame retardants or coatings.

How We Test

We tested a wide array of bed frames in our Test Lab before coming up with our top picks. Our testers have different body types, design preferences, and sleep styles, allowing us to make a more comprehensive selection. We closely evaluated features like support, noise level, durability, and ease of assembly. We’ve found these to be the most important factors after years of testing bed frames.

How Big Is a King Size Bed Frame?

An average king size bed frame is a couple of inches wider and longer than a king size mattress, which is about 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. The extra width and length generally accommodate small variations in size across different mattress manufacturers.

Bed frame height is more variable. Most frames are between 16 and 24 inches tall, though some low-profile models are closer to 10 or 12 inches. Height isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. An exceptionally tall frame can make getting in and out of bed more challenging, especially for people with limited mobility.

Below are typical dimensions for the larger mattress and bed frame sizes.

Mattress SizeAverage Mattress Dimensions (Inches)Average Bed Frame Dimensions (Inches)
Queen60” x 80″60.5” – 64” x 80.5” – 84″
King76″ x 80″76.5” – 80″  x 80.5” – 84″
California King72″ x 84″72.5” – 76″ x 84.5” – 88″

Who Should Use a King Size Bed Frame?

King size bed frames are designed to fit king size mattresses. As such, they’re most suitable for people who already have a king size mattress or intend to get one.

A king bed is the widest of the standard bed sizes, so they’re ideal for couples, individuals over 230 pounds, and high-movement sleepers. King beds are also more spacious for those who share the bed with pets and/or children.

If you’re thinking of buying a king size bed, make sure to consider your room’s dimensions. King beds are fairly large and can make smaller rooms feel cramped.

How Much Does a King Size Bed Frame Cost?

Most bed frames cost between $300 and $1,200, but shoppers can always find exceptions.

Price largely depends on material quality, craftsmanship, and brand reputation. As with mattresses, the cost of a bed frame increases with size. The same pricing structure applies to bedding accessories like sheets and comforters, so shoppers should consider their budget when choosing a bed size.

Can King Size Bed Frames Be Purchased Online? 

Shoppers can find a wide array of king size bed frames online. Compared to brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers usually have a greater selection and more competitive pricing. While it can be harder to gauge a bed frame’s quality and appearance online, many retailers offer sleep trials or return policies.

King bed frames ship in sizable boxes that usually require more than one person to maneuver. Most bed frames are fairly easy to assemble at home, but some companies offer professional installation.

Types of Bed Frames

Bed frames come in a variety of styles and materials. Some are more functional, while others have sophisticated features.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does cover the most popular bed frames available today.


A platform bed doesn’t require a box spring since it has a slatted framework to support a mattress. Some rest on legs, while others sit directly on the floor.

Platform beds are popular for their simplicity and lower profile. One drawback is they don’t offer much or any underbed storage space.


Storage beds support a mattress while providing sleepers with drawers or shelves to stash their belongings. Their dual functionality can be useful in tight spaces, like dorm rooms or small apartments.

Storage beds tend to be boxy, so they aren’t the sleekest frame design, and the drawers or shelves may require extra hardware and patience to install.


This style resembles a sleigh because of its curved headboard and footboard. It dates to the 19th century, and while not as popular today, shoppers can still find a number of sleigh beds with different finishes and carvings.

Most sleigh beds are constructed from wood, so they’re usually quite sturdy. They can be a statement piece or complement a vintage interior.


Four-poster beds have a post on each corner of the frame, which varies in height and thickness. Some feature ornate carvings, while others are more contemporary. Four-poster beds can add some flair to a plain bedroom.

Canopy beds are a whimsical subset of the four-poster frame. They have posts that connect at the top, which can suspend a drape or curtain. Most are made from metal or wood like standard four-poster frames. 


Adjustable beds allow users to change the angle of the head or foot of a bed. Some have extra features like massage settings or a zero-gravity position.

How to Choose a King Size Bed Frame

The wide selection of bed frames available can be overwhelming, and marketing language often misleads shoppers. Factoring in your mattress style, design preferences, and budget can help you find a compatible bed frame though.

What to Consider in a King Size Bed Frame 

While each shopper has different priorities, everyone should consider a bed frame’s materials, style, height, and durability when comparing models. Your mattress size and budget are also top considerations.

  • Mattress size: Bed frames are designed to fit the six standard mattress sizes: a king size frame should fit most king mattresses, a queen size frame should work with most queen mattresses, and so forth. It’s best to follow standard sizing guidelines to get the most support from your bed frame.
  • Style: Bed frames run the gamut when it comes to style and color. While every frame needs to support a mattress, some are more stylized than others. Shoppers should have no trouble finding a model that matches their aesthetic preferences, whether that’s industrial or vintage-inspired.
  • Material quality: A bed frame made with high-quality materials usually lasts longer. Material quality also impacts the appearance and noise level of a frame. Metal and hardwood frames are generally sturdier than engineered wood or plastic. Inferior materials like wood composites often look inexpensive. They also degrade sooner, which can lead to creaking sounds.
  • Price: Shoppers can expect to pay between $300 and $1,200 for a quality bed frame. Any model less than $200 likely won’t last long. More complicated designs like canopy and adjustable beds can cost upwards of $2,000 to $3,000.
  • Height: A bed frame’s height has both aesthetic and practical considerations. Some people prefer low-profile beds, while others like a more grandiose height. Very short and very tall beds can both be problematic to access, especially for young children and people with mobility concerns.
  • Durability: A bed frame made from durable materials can save you money and assembly time by not needing to be replaced so often. Durable frames also help extend the life of your mattress by minimizing sagging.
  • Assembly: Most bed frames require in-home assembly, but some are easier to install than others. Models with a lot of hardware are usually a two-person job. Some designs simply lock into place and can be assembled in under 15 minutes.

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