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Best Adjustable Beds


Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

Selecting the ideal bed is an important decision, especially if you’re a co-sleeper or senior. If lying flat on a traditional mattress isn’t comfortable for you, it may be helpful to know that there are other options. An adjustable bed, for example, can provide you with the ability to customize your sleeping situation to better suit your needs.

Most adjustable beds allow you to elevate your head or feet to find the perfect sleep position. Many also come with premium features like anti-snoring presets, zero-gravity settings, massage functions, and Bluetooth compatibility. Split adjustable beds allow each sleeper to adjust their side of the bed independently.

We’ll review our top adjustable bed picks and provide details about each model. We’ll also discuss how to use an adjustable bed, tips for identifying which mattresses are best to use with them, and provide information on how adjustable beds can help relieve common health concerns.

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Best Overall

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus


  • Type: Adjustable Bed

  • Firmness: N/A

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

  • Price(Queen): $1,599

  • Warranty: 25 Year, limited 5 years for electrical parts


  • Many customizable features, including massage, zero gravity, and presets
  • A quiet base with an above-average range of motion
  • Free White Glove delivery

Ideal For

  • Those who want premium features
  • Sleepers with back pain
  • Light sleepers

With zero-gravity, massage, and wall-hugging technologies, the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus is one of the most versatile adjustable beds on the market. The base comes with a variety of features that you can control with a wireless remote. The remote also allows you to preset your favorite sleeping and relaxing positions. 

What Does It Do?

Under-bed lighting allows for easier navigation at night, and a full-body massage feature automatically shuts off after fifteen minutes. The zero-gravity setting positions your feet higher than your head for a weightless sensation that may help relieve pressure points. The wall-hugging design allows the Saatva base to shift position without moving away from the wall.

Why We Like It

Our testers found that the Saatva base has a very good range of motion, with multiple elevation settings for both your upper and lower body. We also found that it operated fairly quietly. We consider the Saatva Adjustable Base Plus a good fit for sleepers who want a variety of premium features at a reasonable price-point. The wireless remote allows you to customize and save your settings, and the massage options are a nice additional perk for those with back pain.

Saatva offers free White Glove delivery on all orders, which includes setup by a qualified technician. Your base is covered by a 25-year limited warranty and a 5-year warranty on its electrical parts. Saatva does not offer a sleep trial, and the base is non-refundable. 

Most Versatile

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame


  • Type: Adjustable Bed

  • Firmness: N/A

  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King

  • Price(Queen): $1,498

  • Warranty: 3 Year, limited


  • Dual-zone massage with multiple intensity settings
  • Legs can be adjusted to three different heights
  • All orders include a 50-night sleep trial

Ideal For

  • Shoppers who want to test out an adjustable bed
  • Those who share a bed
  • Budget-conscious shoppers

Nectar provides all of the most popular features with their Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame. The base includes all of the standard settings along with several premium features. This is a great option for sleepers who want a high-quality, durable adjustable bed with many premium features for a reasonable price.

What Does It Do?

This adjustable frame includes an array of massage features in two zones with three modes and intensity levels. It also features a zero-gravity preset that elevates the head and foot of the bed at the same time for a weightless feeling. It also includes charging ports on both sides of the bed and adjustable-height legs that give you the option to make the frame either 6, 9, or 12 inches tall. The base is available in a split king size that is ideal for couples or co-sleepers. 

Why We Like It

We found in our testing that the Nectar has an above-average range of motion. This means that it includes extensive elevation options for both your head and feet. Our testers also found that the Nectar was easy to assemble and they appreciated the option to use 6, 9, or 12 inch legs. The memory presets and massage features were standouts and the wireless remote and the app were both easy to use 

The company provides a 50-night sleep trial, giving you time to decide if it is right for you, and backs the base with a three year warranty. You can also take advantage of free shipping and returns within the contiguous U.S..

Best for Seniors

Dawn House Bed


  • Type: Bed Frame

  • Firmness: N/A

  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King

  • Price(Queen): $5,195

  • Warranty: 5 Year, Limited


  • Senior-friendly design includes side rails, voice commands, and health monitoring
  • Option to include an all-foam mattress with your purchase
  • Free White Glove delivery with all orders

Ideal For

  • People with mobility limitations
  • Couples
  • Anyone who needs assistance setting up their new bed

Adjustable beds can be particularly beneficial to seniors who regularly wake up feeling sore or stiff. While any adjustable bed could potentially work for this population, we’re recommending the Dawn House Bed because of its sophisticated design and slew of senior-friendly features. If you’re looking for an adjustable base with a full suite of amenities, the Dawn House Bed might be worth the steep sticker price. Optional guard rails, voice controls, and health monitoring make the bed particularly well suited to senior sleepers.

What Does It Do?

An anti-snore feature automatically lifts the head of the bed by 12 degrees to expand your airway whenever snoring is detected, and the massage feature creates gentle vibrations to alleviate minor aches and pains. You can perform adjustments through a wireless remote, smart app, or — if your mobility is limited — voice-controlled software. 

Another key feature is health monitoring. The bed is embedded with sensors that act as vital health indicators and issue alerts through the app if issues are detected. You can also use the sensors to track sleep patterns in order to improve your nightly rest. For added safety, under-bed lighting helps diminish fall risks when your bedroom lights are off, and you can add an optional support rail to help with getting in and out of bed.

Why We Like It

The bed offers great range of motion, allowing you to elevate the head and feet to achieve your optimal positioning, as well as a height range of 10 to 16 inches to help you get out of bed more easily. You can opt for just the base with or without a headboard, or add the Dawn House Mattress to your order. This all-foam model features a memory foam comfort layer, polyfoam transitional layer, and washable cover. The mattress excels at even contouring and pressure relief, as well as motion isolation for couples. Alternatively, you can use any other mattress with the Dawn House Bed.

You can choose from two colors, slate and ivory, as well as twin XL, full, queen, king, and split king sizes. The bed is fairly expensive, but also fairly priced given the advanced design and technology-based features. You’ll also receive free White Glove delivery with your order. This service includes full setup in a room of your choice. Dawn backs each House Bed with a 100-night trial period and 5-year warranty.

Most Innovative

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base


  • Type: Adjustable Bed

  • Firmness: N/A

  • Sizes: Twin Long, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

  • Price(Queen): $2,549.00

  • Warranty: 25 Year, Limited


  • Built-in sleep tracker provides personalized sleep statistics
  • Head automatically elevates when snoring is detected
  • Zoned massage targets pressure points

Ideal For

  • People with joint or back pain
  • Sleepers who snore
  • Those who want a luxury adjustable bed

The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base includes some of the most high-tech features of any adjustable bed. While the inclusion of these features is reflected in the bed’s high price-point, this adjustable base is a good fit for any sleeper that wants a deluxe bed with a wide range of sleep settings. 

What Does It Do?

The TEMPUR-Ergo includes a snore response feature that detects vibrations on the mattress surface and automatically elevates the head of the bed. A zoned massage function targets areas of the body usually affected by pressure and muscle strain. The bed’s sleep tracker monitors your sleep and provides sleep data via Tempur-Pedic’s Sleeptracker-AI app.

Why We Like It

The TEMPUR-Ergo is well-suited for a shopper with a large budget who wants all the bells and whistles. It’s a thoughtful and durable design that could meet just about any sleeper’s needs. When our team tested the base, we found that it offers a very wide range of motion with varying elevation levels for both the head and foot of the bed. Our testers also found that this base was quiet, even when components were in use or moving into place. 

Tempur-Pedic provides a 25-year limited warranty, but the base is non-refundable. Orders placed within the contiguous U.S. receive free White Glove delivery, including full base setup. The company does not offer a sleep trial. 

Best for Couples

Dynasty DM9000s Series Adjustable Bed


  • Type: Adjustable Bed

  • Firmness: N/A

  • Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split California King

  • Price(Queen): $1,600

  • Warranty: 20 Year, limited 10 years for parts and labor


  • Wide range of motion with independent head tilt and foot articulation
  • Enhanced lumbar support alleviates lower back pain
  • Wall-hugging technology keeps your nightstand in close proximity at all times

Ideal For

  • People who read or watch television in bed
  • Co-sleepers with differing adjustment needs
  • Those who want to purchase a new mattress along with their adjustable bed

If you and your sleep partner both live with frequent or chronic pain, you should consider an adjustable bed that meets both of your needs without disrupting the other person’s sleep. The Dynasty DM9000s offers a slew of features intended to alleviate soreness, stiffness, and pressure in sensitive areas along the spine. You can opt for a split king or split California king if you and your partner have different needs, or a standard side if you prefer similar adjustment levels.

What Does It Do?

A lumbar cushion automatically rises from the base when you elevate the head, creating extra support for your lower back. You can also tilt the neck forward as you lift the head. Another useful feature is the wall-hugging technology, which aligns the side of the bed with your nightstand. This way your glasses, nighttime beverages, and other needs are never out of reach. Under-bed lighting helps you navigate your bedroom when the lights are out for added safety, and USB ports on each side allow you and your partner to charge electronic devices overnight.

Why We Like It

The Dynasty DM9000s Series is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art adjustable bed with a generous range of motion and handy features. If you normally sleep with a partner, we recommend a split king or split California king size to best suit both of your needs. Our team found that the base has an extensive range of motion, allowing you to elevate the head up to 60 degrees and the feet up to 45 degrees. A retainer bar at the foot of the bed holds your mattress in place as you switch between positions. We also enjoyed the dual-zone massage, which targets the upper and lower body with gentle vibrations.

The DM9000s Series is Dynasty’s most advanced adjustable bed, but not the brand’s only model. The DM1000C lacks enhanced lumbar support but includes many of the same features as the DM9000S, including dual-zone massage, independent head and foot adjustment, and under-bed lighting. If you’re looking for a low-cost option, the DM9000F is Dynasty’s most affordable adjustable bed. Despite the lower price, this model comes equipped with a massage feature and full upper and lower body adjustment with independent head tilt — though please note the DM9000F is not compatible with platform beds.

You can bundle your adjustable bed with one of five Dynasty mattresses for a discounted price. The bed is fairly simple to install, but White Glove delivery is available for an extra fee if you need a hand with setup. Otherwise, standard ground shipping is free of charge for customers in the contiguous U.S.

Easiest Assembly

BedJet Adjustable Power Layer


  • Type: Bed Frame

  • Firmness: N/A

  • Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Split King

  • Price(Queen): $1,999

  • Warranty: 10 Year, Limited


  • Thin adjustable layer can be used with any bed frame
  • Ultra-sturdy frame can support up to 900 pounds
  • Add-ons available for freestanding legs, a headboard, and zoned massage

Ideal For

  • Those who want to use an adjustable bed with their existing frame
  • Anyone who sleeps most comfortably with their head and legs elevated
  • People who enjoy light massages while lying in bed

Most adjustable beds we recommend are freestanding foundations, but the BedJet Adjustable Power Layer is a bit different. This low-profile base can be placed on any existing foundation to transform it into an adjustable bed.

What Does It Do?

Measuring 1.75 inches thick and reinforced with a robust steel frame, the Adjustable Power Layer is a handy, easy-to-assemble addition for anyone who doesn’t want to invest in a full adjustable base setup. The layer comes with a wireless remote allowing three memory presets and a fourth preset for watching television. Additional buttons automatically adjust the bed to zero-gravity, elevate the head to reduce snoring, and return the bed to a flat position. 

Why We Like It

We think the BedJet Adjustable Power Layer is a good compromise for people who want the functionality of an adjustable bed without investing in a full base. You can upgrade your purchase with a leg kit to create a freestanding base. An optional headboard is also available for an extra fee, as is a multi-zone massage function that produces vibrations around your sore spots. The massage has 10 intensity levels and can be isolated to your upper or lower body. Our team has tested a large number of beds, and this level of versatility is uncommon.

If you’d like to integrate active temperature control into your purchase, you may bundle the Adjustable Power Layer with one of BedJet’s cutting-edge Climate Comfort Systems. BedJet ships the layer directly to your doorstep and allows you to test it out for up to 60 nights. If you are satisfied with your purchase, it’s further backed by a 10-year warranty.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our in-house testing team has tested many sleep products, including adjustable beds. To provide the ratings and insights in this guide, our testers considered various essential criteria like range of motion and adjustable bed features. Our testers also consider the benefits of each product for a wide range of body types and sleep positions. This allows us to provide you with accurate product descriptions and insights, which can help you make more informed purchases.

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds allow you to customize your sleep experience by raising or lowering the head and/or foot of the bed. An adjustable bed is a good fit for someone who wants to elevate their upper or lower body while in bed. This can include people with specific health concerns, like lower back pain or sleep apnea

Adjustable beds often include other features beyond positional adjustments. Some adjustable beds include massage functions, built-in speakers, USB ports, and other smart functions. One feature that stands out is zero-gravity mode, where your legs and head are elevated higher than your heart. This can produce a weightless sensation akin to experiencing zero gravity. 

Adjustable bed frames often come with a higher price-point than traditional bed frames, with a typical adjustable bed priced between $1,000 and $3,000. Not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable frames, and adjustable bed frames tend to be heavier than traditional bed frames.  

Quick Pros and Cons of Adjustable Beds

Many sleepers could benefit from an adjustable bed, but weighing the pros and cons before making a purchase is essential. Those who snore may find relief by sleeping with their head elevated, and couples can benefit from split king or split queen adjustable beds that allow each sleeper to independently adjust their side of the bed. 

One of the most obvious cons of an adjustable bed is the price-point, with these models costing considerably more than a traditional bed. However, some sleepers may find that making this investment is worth it for the sleep benefits. It’s also worth noting that adjustable beds are also much heavier than typical bases, and not all mattresses are compatible with every model.


  • Customize your sleep experience based on needs and preferences
  • May help with health concerns like acid reflux, swelling (known as edema), and sleep apnea
  • Some settings can help relieve and snoring


  • Above average price tag – usually between $1,000 and $3,000
  • Much heavier than a traditional bed frame
  • Your current mattress may not be compatible with an adjustable base

Do Doctors Recommend Adjustable Beds?

A doctor may recommend an adjustable bed if you are living with certain health conditions. Sleeping with your head elevated may help alleviate some back pain or the symptoms of acid reflux and sleep apnea. If you snore, sleeping with your head elevated could lead to a quieter and less disruptive sleep for your bed partner. Those with limb swelling or arthritis may find that sleeping with their feet raised may relieve some symptoms. 

Some insurance plans may cover some of the cost of an adjustable base. Some insurers require your doctor to prescribe it as a treatment for a specific health condition and others may require the adjustable base to be hospital grade. Check with your insurer to see if this is an option and what limitations apply in your unique situation. 

    Health Conditions an Adjustable Bed May Help Alleviate
  • Snoring

  • Acid Reflux

  • Frequent Nighttime Urination (Nocturia)

  • Back Pain

  • Swelling (Edema)

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Types of Adjustable Beds

    Most adjustable beds come in twin XL, queen, and king sizes, though many are also available in California king, split queen, and split king sizes. A standard adjustable bed moves the entire mattress, while split models are designed for co-sleepers with different sleep preferences. 

    Adjustable Bed Size

    Available adjustable bed sizes vary by retailer and model, but you’ll typically find adjustable beds in twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. You won’t often find twin-sized adjustable beds.

    Because adjustable bases are usually heavier than standard foundations, some manufacturers divide them into two pieces for easier installation. For example, Tempur-Pedic splits their king size adjustable bed into two pieces horizontally, which makes the base less cumbersome to assemble and move. 

    Split King and Split Queen Sizes

    Co-sleepers with different sleep preferences may find split king and split queen sizes a good fit. Split models divide the mattress in half vertically, allowing sleepers to adjust each side independently without affecting the other side. 

    Some retailers do not offer king size adjustable bases, and instead require you to purchase either two twin XL bases (which add up to equal the same surface area as a king size bed) or a split king base. To move the two bases in unison, you either attach the two bases with a sync cable or use the sync function on the bed’s remote control. 

    Split Adjustable BasesMattress Dimensions
    Split Queen
    Two Split Mattresses: 30” x 80” eachTotal: 60” x 80”
    Split King
    Two Split Mattresses: 38” x 80” eachTotal: 76” x 80”
    Split California King
    Two Split Mattresses: 36” x 84” eachTotal: 72” x 84”

    Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

    An adjustable bed is most compatible with memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. The construction of these mattresses makes them more likely to conform when positioned on an adjustable bed. 

    Memory foam is durable, and its contouring qualities provide the flexibility needed on an adjustable base. Latex is heavier than memory foam but still bends and flexes to conform to an adjustable base. Hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils provide airflow and enough give to make them well-suited for an adjustable base. 

    Using a compatible mattress ensures that the adjustable base won’t ruin your mattress and that you receive the intended benefits of the base. For example, mattresses that are too rigid without the conforming qualities mentioned above are not compatible with an adjustable base. These include most innerspring mattresses and mattresses that are very firm, as they are not able to bend sufficiently. 

    How to Choose the Best Adjustable Bed

    While all adjustable beds come with body elevation settings, additional features come with a higher price tag. It’s important to consider your own sleep needs and budget when determining the best adjustable bed for you. You can also consider qualities like range of motion, weight, mattress compatibility, warranty, and sleep trial. 

    What to Consider in an Adjustable Bed

    • Range of Motion: Typically, an adjustable bed allows you to elevate your head and/or feet while resting. How high you can raise each end of the bed depends on the model, but this is generally up to 80 degrees for the head and up to 40 degrees for the feet.
    • Desired Features: Premium features are available with some adjustable beds. Keep in mind that these features often include an added cost but are also convenient options that you’ll frequently use, making them worth the cost for some shoppers.
    • Weight Capacity: Pay attention to how much an adjustable bed can accommodate and add up the weight of everyone who will sleep in the bed. In general, adjustable bases can support 650 to 900 pounds. 
    • Adjustable Bed Weight: Adjustable beds tend to be heavy, ranging from 140 to 280 pounds. This can make moving the bed a challenge, and the total weight of the base, mattress, and sleepers could take a toll on homes with older flooring. 
    • Bed Height: Adjustable beds may have a higher profile than traditional mattresses. Some models include adjustable height settings that allow you to customize the bed’s height.
    • Noise: Because these beds include adjustable options, you may hear the bed motor or other mechanisms during adjustments. This could impact light sleepers, but many new adjustable bed models have features that reduce noise levels.
    • Compatible Mattress: Not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable frames. Verifying that your current mattress will work well with an adjustable base is important. Most latex, foam, and hybrid beds are compatible with adjustable frames, but many innerspring mattresses are not, especially firm models. Adjustable beds are also often queen size or larger.
    • Compatible Bed Frame: An adjustable base is designed for the mattress to lay directly on the base without an additional frame, foundation, or box spring. Therefore, your current bed frame or headboard may not be compatible with an adjustable bed.
    • Price and Financing: The average cost of an adjustable bed is between $1,000 and $3,000. Adding extra features provides a customized sleep but also increases the price. Several retailers offer financing to decrease the financial hit of making the purchase all at once. 
    • Warranty and Sleep Trials: Warranties for adjustable beds tend to be long, with some companies offering lifetime warranties. You may notice that a separate, shorter warranty often covers the bed motor and other mechanical parts. Sleep trials vary by retailer, with some not offering a sleep trial and others providing over 100 nights.
    • Assembly and Delivery: Most adjustable beds require some assembly. In general, this is a straightforward process but may require two people because of the bed’s weight. Some companies also offer White Glove delivery included in the price of the bed or for an additional fee.

    Are Adjustable Beds Worth the Cost?

    One of the perceived drawbacks of adjustable beds is that they’re expensive. While they do require a significant investment, many sleepers find that the features and customizable sleep experience of an adjustable bed help to offset the cost. Couples, seniors, and those with health issues like sleep apnea or acid reflux may find the higher cost of an adjustable bed worth it. 

    Adjustable Bed Benefits

    Sleeping on an adjustable bed comes with many benefits. Couples can customize their sleep position, and those with certain health conditions may find relief by elevating their upper and/or lower body. 

    Adjustable Sleep PositionAn adjustable bed allows you to elevate the head or foot of the bed to find the sleeping position most comfortable for you.
    Reclining Position for LoungingFor those who use their beds for other activities, adjustable beds can make it more comfortable to watch TV, read, or work in bed.
    Pain ReliefElevating your upper or lower body and using additional features like the zero-gravity option may help relieve back and joint pain by keeping your spine aligned and reducing other pressure buildup. Choosing the right mattress and pillow for your sleeping position and body type can also help prevent upper and lower back pain.
    Reduce SnoringElevating your upper body while you sleep may help reduce snoring. Some adjustable bed models also come with anti-snoring technology that automatically raises the head of the bed when it detects snoring has begun.
    Improved AccessibilityIf your mobility is limited, having an adjustable bed can make it easier to get into and out of bed. 
    Relief from Health ConditionsSome doctors recommend adjustable beds to help alleviate the symptoms of health conditions including sleep apnea, limb swelling, and acid reflux..

    Additional Features

    In addition to head and foot elevation, some adjustable bed models have additional features that help you further customize your sleep experience. These premium features may include massage, adjustable height, anti-snore presets, and more. 

    Premium FeaturesDescription
    Massage FunctionA popular feature on adjustable beds, the massage function features vibrations that you can feel through the mattress. 
    Zero-Gravity ModeThis setting places your legs and head higher than your heart, giving you the sensation of weightlessness.
    Anti-Snore Preset PositionIf you snore or live with sleep apnea, use this feature to elevate your head and reduce snoring. 
    Programmable Memory PositionsSome adjustable bed models provide programmable memory buttons on the remote that return the bed to the exact position of your choice. 
    USB Charging PortsMany adjustable beds include USB ports for charging electronic devices. 
    Under-Bed LightingSome adjustable beds include LED lights under the base. This helps you avoid nighttime stumbling and can function as a night light.
    Adjustable HeightSome models come with adjustable legs to customize the bed’s height. A shorter profile can make getting into and out of bed easier. 
    Wireless Remote and App ControlsMost adjustable beds have a remote to control upper and lower body elevation. Wireless remotes and smartphone apps can also be used to adjust other settings and features. 
    Wall-Hugging DesignAdjustable beds with a wall-hugging design slide back toward the wall when you elevate your head. This keeps your nightstand accessible from the elevated position and helps the bed take up less space in the room. 

    Smart Features

    Modern adjustable beds might also include some smart features, including voice control and Bluetooth connectivity. Some beds automatically adjust your sleep position when you begin to snore. New and more advanced sleep technologies emerge often, and manufacturers are quick to incorporate new technology in their designs to keep up with the fast pace of technological advancement. 

    Smart FeaturesDescription
    Smart Device Voice ControlSome adjustable beds are compatible with voice-controlled assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.
    Sleep TrackingAdjustable bed sleep trackers monitor your sleep and provide insights about your sleep quality using a smartphone app.
    Automatic Anti-Snoring AdjustmentBeds with this feature use vibration detection to sense when a sleeper begins to snore. The head of the bed automatically elevates to alleviate the snoring. 
    Wake-Up AlarmSome adjustable beds include silent alarms that wake you up with a gentle vibration on the surface of the mattress. 
    Bluetooth SpeakersSeveral adjustable bed models are equipped with Bluetooth-compatible speakers for enhanced television watching or music listening. 

    How Should You Use an Adjustable Bed?

    Adjustable beds stand out because they offer sleepers customized comfort that may lead to better sleep. This personalization comes in elevation settings as well as other premium features that can further enhance the sleep experience, including zero-gravity and anti-snore settings. While any sleeper can find benefits in an adjustable bed, they are especially a great fit for those with certain health conditions. 

    Sleeping in a Zero-Gravity Bed Position

    The zero-gravity setting is designed to make your body feel weightless. By elevating both your head and legs, this setting puts your body in a position that can reduce stress on your joints and spine. It may help reduce back pain and swelling while improving circulation.

    Sleeping in an Anti-Snore Bed Position

    An anti-snore setting positions your body to reduce snoring and improve breathing. Sleeping on a flat surface can increase snoring, but sleeping with your head elevated can lessen the likelihood of snoring.

    Adjustable Beds for Couples

    Many adjustable beds are available in split king or split queen sizes, which allow each person to adjust their side of the bed independently. This is ideal for couples who have differing sleep position preferences or needs. 

    Adjustable Beds for Seniors

    Adjustable beds may be good fits for seniors because they may help reduce the likelihood of some common health conditions, like edema, back pain, and frequent nighttime urination. Seniors should look for beds with adjustable height, as this can assist with getting in and out of bed more easily.

    About The Author

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