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If it’s nearly time to replace your mattress, you may be contemplating where and how to buy your next one. The two primary mattress shopping methods are online and in person, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Online mattress shopping offers the most options and a laid-back experience where you can shop at your own pace with no sales pressure. On the other hand, in-person mattress shopping allows you to try before you buy.

We’ll cover the pros and cons of each mattress shopping option in more depth to help you make an informed decision about the best place to buy a mattress.

David Rubin

Director of Product Testing

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Where Is the Best Place to Buy Your Next Mattress?

There are two main options for buying mattresses: online and in-person shopping. Each buying method presents a unique shopping experience with its own benefits and drawbacks. Both options are effective, and the choice largely depends on personal preference.

Online: Buying a mattress online allows you to browse more models and often provides the best prices. Some online mattress retailers offer sleep trials so you can test out the mattress at home, although companies often charge a fee for this service.

In Person: With in-person shopping, you can usually see and touch mattresses before purchasing. Depending on the store, you may be able to get expert advice about choosing a mattress.

Buying Your Mattress Online vs. In Person

When buying a mattress online, you can browse at your leisure, choose from far more models than at a brick-and-mortar store, and usually take advantage of in-home sleep trial periods. There is no pressure to make a purchase, and buying online often presents the lowest prices.

In-person mattress shopping allows you to test out mattresses before making a purchase and benefit from face-to-face advice from a mattress expert. Many mattress stores offer extra services like White Glove delivery and removal of your old mattress, though some retailers charge for this premium add-on.

Buying a Mattress Online vs. In Person

Buying Option
In Person


Online mattress shopping is preferable if you like to take your time, research many different options, and read reviews. There is no pressure from salespeople and you have more buying options.

In-person mattress shopping is a good option if you prefer face-to-face advice. It also lets you see mattresses firsthand and lie on them to test their feel before making a purchase.


  • Shop anytime, at your own speed
  • No sales pressure or negotiation
  • Often presents the     lowest prices
  • Some companies offer sleep trials so you can try out a mattress at home
  • Salespeople can provide advice and help you choose the right mattress
  • Limited in-store options can make it easier to narrow down your choice
  • You can lie down on mattresses before making a purchase
  • Many retailers provide setup and haul-away services


  • Can’t feel or see the mattress in person before buying
  • Abundance of options can be overwhelming
  • Mattresses purchased online don’t always come with White Glove delivery
  • Mattress stores have limited hours and locations
  • Returns and exchanges may be subject to restocking fees
  • Prices are often higher, unless you negotiate well
  • Salespeople may try to pressure you into making a purchase

How Do You Buy a Mattress Online?

Online mattress shoppers have the choice to purchase a mattress either directly from the manufacturer — sometimes called direct to consumer — or from a third-party retailer like Amazon or a mattress marketplace. Buying straight from a manufacturer often gives you the best prices, the longest sleep trials, and the best customer service. Purchasing through a third-party retailer allows you to more easily compare mattresses from different manufacturers.

Direct to Consumer

While mattress shopping at a brick-and-mortar store used to be the norm, the introduction of mattress compression technologies and the success of the mattress-in-a-box business model led to a surge in online mattress companies over the past couple decades.

Advantages: Buying a mattress online directly from the manufacturer helps ensure that you receive benefits like direct customer service, a full-length sleep trial, and assurance that you are purchasing the latest model of the mattress. You can often get the best prices straight from the manufacturer as well, with no third party to introduce a markup.

Disadvantages: While some online mattress companies offer White Glove setup and old mattress removal services, many do not, and those that do often charge for these services.

Online Marketplaces and Third-Party Retailers

You can also opt to purchase a mattress online from a marketplace or third-party retailer that sells a variety of mattress brands. Amazon is a popular third-party site, though many brick-and-mortar mattress stores offer online shopping experiences as well.

Advantages: It allows you to compare many different mattress brands and models. Some brick-and-mortar mattress stores offer setup and haul-away services for online purchases.

Disadvantages: It may mean that sleep trial length and return policies are different from what the manufacturer offers on the same mattress.

In-Person Mattress Shopping

Mattress seekers who prefer in-person shopping have a few different options: mattress-specific stores, furniture stores, and department stores. Mattress stores typically offer the largest selection, though many online-focused brand showrooms can only be found in large cities and urban centers. Furniture stores and department stores offer the convenience of one-stop shopping, but commission-based employees can create a high-pressure shopping environment.

Mattress Store

Mattress stores can either offer many different brands of mattresses, or they may feature only one brand. The latter scenario is common with mattress companies that began as online-only retailers and have expanded into brick-and-mortar stores, such as Casper. This type of store offers a more focused shopping experience, while mattress showrooms allow shoppers to test many mattress brands in one place.

Advantages: There are many different sizes and types of mattress stores. Some showrooms are specifically created so you can see and feel mattresses that are primarily sold online.

Disadvantages: Mattress stores are often concentrated in urban areas, so they can be difficult to access if you live in a rural place. They may also have limited hours.

Furniture Store

Furniture stores typically have smaller selections of beds than dedicated mattress stores. Mattress prices can range from affordable discount models at outlet centers to very expensive beds at high-end home decor stores.

Advantages: You can find bargains at outlet furniture stores, and they offer convenient one-stop shopping if you are looking to furnish an entire room or home.

Disadvantages: Salespeople at furniture stores often work on commission and may use aggressive sales tactics, which can be uncomfortable for some shoppers. Larger furniture stores are often available only in urban and suburban areas.

Department Store

Department stores sometimes have mattresses available for you to try out in person, although they typically have a limited selection of beds in stock.

Advantages: Department stores offer convenience, since you can shop for an entire bed set in one place — including a mattress, bed frame or foundation, pillows, and bedding. They also occasionally offer significant discounts through sales and coupons.

Disadvantages: Most department stores have a limited selection of mattresses. Like all in-person mattress shopping options, department stores are only convenient if you live within close proximity.

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