What Is a Double Bed?

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Also known as a full bed, a double bed is typically smaller and less expensive than a queen mattress but bigger and more costly than a twin.

A double bed provides ample sleeping space for most single adults. Some couples can also use a double bed comfortably, but others may prefer a queen or king mattress, both of which offer a roomier sleep surface. People over 6 feet may also prefer a larger bed.

While the terms “double” and “full” can be used interchangeably, mattress manufacturers in the U.S. rarely call them double beds. When shopping in the U.S., searching for a full bed will probably yield more results.

Double Bed Dimensions

A double bed has a width of 54 inches and a length of 75 inches, which is more than enough space to accommodate a single adult under 6 feet. Many single sleepers prefer the spaciousness of a double bed to a smaller twin mattress, which is also 75 inches long but only 38 inches wide.

Couples, on the other hand, may find a double bed’s 54-inch width too confining. At 60 inches by 80 inches, a queen offers an upgrade in both length and width.

Who Is a Double Bed Good For?

A double bed may not provide a wide or long enough surface area for a couple to sleep comfortably, especially if one or both of the sleep partners weighs more than 230 pounds or is over 6 feet tall. However, most single adults under 6 feet should find the size of a double bed more than adequate.

Some teens who find a twin too cramped for comfort may also prefer a double bed. Even children and preteens can benefit from the slightly larger size of a double bed over a twin, since it gives them more room to grow as they age.

Finally, people with limited bedroom space may prefer a double bed over a larger queen or king, since it takes up less space. A double bed is easier to accommodate if you have a small bedroom or studio apartment.

With a convenient size and typically affordable price, double beds suit a wide range of budgets, housing situations, and sleepers.

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