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Puffy Lux Mattress Review:
Plush Foam Delivers Deep Cushioning


Written by Katie Kottemann

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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Mattress Review

Puffy Lux Hybrid

Side angle proprietary photo of the Puffy Lux Hybrid from Sleep Doctor
Side angle proprietary photo of the Puffy Lux Hybrid from Sleep Doctor


  • Type: Hybrid

  • Firmness: Medium (5)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

  • Price Range: $899 – $2,098

  • Warranty: Lifetime, Limited


  • Hybrid design combines memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils
  • Impressive motion isolation and pressure relief
  • 101-night sleep trial and limited lifetime warranty

Ideal For

  • Side and back sleepers under 130 pounds
  • People who share a bed with another person
  • Sleepers with sharp pressure points that need notable cushioning

Puffy Lux Mattress: Our Verdict

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress combines thoughtful construction and high-performance materials. The mattress employs multiple layers of memory foam and polyfoam along with 6 inches of individually pocketed coils in a sturdy support core. The foam layers provide comfort, relieve pressure, and limit motion transfer, while the coils add a degree of bounce and stability. 

In our testing, the Puffy Lux Hybrid was found to be a solid option for couples thanks to the foam’s ability to limit motion transfer across the surface of the bed. The medium (5) firmness and contouring properties of the foam make this mattress a match for side sleepers under 230 pounds as well as most back and stomach sleepers under 130 pounds.  

Puffy Lux Mattress: An Introduction

Founded in 2016, Puffy sells multiple models of mattresses in addition to sheets, bed frames, blankets, and pillows. The company’s flagship Puffy Mattress is an all-foam model, while the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are both hybrid mattresses.

We’ll focus on the Puffy Lux Hybrid, which contains three layers of foam in its comfort system, including a layer of gel-infused memory foam designed to reduce heat buildup. The support core consists of 6 inches of pocketed coils on top of a 1-inch base of sturdy polyfoam. The hypoallergenic polyester cover has a zipper that allows it to be quickly removed and washed. 

We’ll discuss how the Lux Hybrid fared in several performance categories. We’ll also provide information about its construction and materials and explain how it compares to other mattresses offered by Puffy.

How We Review

When assessing mattresses, our testing team applies a rigorous testing methodology, which we use to evaluate every product according to the same set of standards. This approach and our industry experience enable us to provide credible ratings so that you can choose a mattress that’s right for you.

What’s It Like to Sleep on the Puffy Lux Mattress?

When you lie on the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress, you’ll first notice its cushioning. The comfort system includes memory foam that hugs the body to offer contouring around the shoulders, back, and hips. At the same time, the pocketed coils add an element of bounce and sturdiness so you’ll feel supported but not stuck in the bed.

Our testing team found that the mattress excels at relieving pressure and promoting spinal alignment. In addition, the foam layers limit motion transfer, so you will be unlikely to notice if a bed partner moves on the bed. 

Thanks to these benefits, the Puffy Lux Hybrid works well for a wide range of sleepers. However, it may not be the optimal match for hot sleepers or people who like a firmer mattress, including some back and stomach sleepers and many people who weigh over 230 pounds.

Puffy Lux Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Multiple layers of foam help relieve pressure
  • Memory foam isolates motion to reduce sleep disruptions
  • Thick support core of individually pocketed coils adds sturdiness and responsiveness


  • Sleepers over 230 pounds may find the mattress too soft
  • Stomach sleepers may experience too much sinkage to be comfortable
  • Despite cooling features, hot sleepers may notice heat retention from the foam materials

Sleeping Positions, Body Weight, and Firmness

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is a medium (5) on our 10-point firmness scale. Generally, mattresses with a medium firmness level have broad appeal and are comfortable and supportive for a wide range of sleepers. 

Our team of testers evaluated the Puffy Lux Hybrid in several performance categories. Because a mattress’ firmness is closely tied to a sleeper’s comfort level, our testing team includes sleepers with varying body types and sleep position preferences.

According to our testers, the Lux Hybrid is best suited to side sleepers under 230 pounds and back sleepers under 130 pounds. Sleepers over 230 pounds typically need a firmer mattress for ideal support. 

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers5/54/52/5
Back Sleepers5/53/52/5
Stomach Sleepers3/52/51/5
  • Side Sleepers: Our testing team found that the Puffy Lux Hybrid performed excellently for side sleepers under 130 pounds, as they could get the benefits of its contouring without sinking too deeply into the mattress. Good support was also provided to side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds, although some people in this group found the mattress a bit too soft. Side sleepers over 230 pounds tend to sink too far into the mattress, which can affect spinal alignment.
  • Back Sleepers: Back sleepers under 130 pounds received excellent support from the Lux Hybrid, with comfortable cushioning for their lower back without excess sinkage. Back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds also received solid support, but testers over 230 pounds said that they preferred a firmer option.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Given its medium feel and contouring foam, the Puffy Lux is not the ideal mattress for most stomach sleepers. Our testing found the best fit is for stomach sleepers under 130 pounds, but most others are likely to experience too much sinkage. 

Our Performance Ratings

We rate every mattress we test on a five-point scale in several performance categories. A score of 5 means excellent, while a score of 1 means poor. 

Pressure Relief

Rating: 4/5

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress showed above-average pressure relief during our sleep lab tests because of its multiple layers of foam combined with a support core made of pocketed coils. Our side sleepers under 230 pounds were particularly impressed by how the memory foam and polyfoam in the comfort system cushioned their bodies, encouraging spinal alignment and limiting tension around potential pain points.

Temperature Neutrality

Rating: 3/5

The comfort layer just under the mattress’ cover contains gel-infused foam designed to regulate temperature. While this is intended to pull heat away from your body as you sleep, the foam’s considerable contouring may reduce airflow around the skin and trap some heat. As a result, the Puffy Lux scored around average for temperature neutrality in our testing. While this remains comfortable for many sleepers, it may negatively affect people who are prone to sleeping hot. 

Motion Isolation

Rating: 4/5

The multiple layers of foam in the comfort layers successfully isolate motion, meaning you’re less likely to feel any disturbance from your partner’s movements. Memory foam absorbs vibrations and pocketed coils also reduce motion transfer relative to other types of coils. With these characteristics, the Puffy Lux Hybrid earned high marks for motion isolation, allowing our testers to rest easily even when their testing partner moved on the other side of the mattress.

Edge Support

Rating: 3/5

Mattresses that include memory foam tend to compress most deeply around the edges, and our testing found that to be true of the Lux Hybrid. When you sit or lie on the bed’s perimeter, you’ll notice some give as the foam responds to your weight. Although this can make it more challenging to use the entire surface of the mattress, the thick layer of coils in the support core helps provide a baseline level of support and stability around the edge of the bed. 


Rating: 3/5

In general, hybrid mattresses last around six to eight years, but the lifespan of a mattress depends on many factors, including proper care and a sleeper’s body weight and sleep position. Although we expect the Lux Hybrid to perform well for many years, softer foam materials can wear out more quickly than materials in some other mattress types. Given that, we estimate this model will have average durability for a hybrid mattress.

Ease of Movement

Rating: 3/5

Because of its contouring memory foam that cradles the body, the Puffy Lux Hybrid can at times create challenges for moving around on its surface. It tries to combat this issue with its pocketed coil support core, which delivers a bounciness that helps keep you from feeling stuck in one spot. Overall, most sleepers on our testing team found the Lux Hybrid provides a nice balance of body contouring and responsiveness, allowing you to get support from the mattress while also being able to change positions with relative ease. 


Rating: 3/5

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress offers a cushioning surface for sexual activity, with just enough bounce to allow couples to move around on the mattress’ surface. The responsiveness of the Lux Hybrid comes primarily from its pocketed coils, which also give the bed a stable, sturdy feel that can be a benefit during sex. 


Rating: 3/5

Most mattresses that are rolled and compressed for shipping, including the Puffy Lux Hybrid, produce some off-gassing when they are unboxed. A light smell may briefly arise from the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals that are generally harmless but can generate an odor. Foam materials tend to give off the most VOCs, so the Lux Hybrid can be expected to have some initial smell that will dissipate within a few days. 

What Is the Puffy Lux Mattress Made Of?

Our testers rated the Puffy Lux Hybrid as medium (5) on our 10-point firmness system. Its cover is composed of a stain-resistant and hypoallergenic polyester, and it has a zipper that allows it to be easily removed and cleaned. 

The bed’s first comfort layer is a 1.5-inch layer of gel-infused Cooling Cloud memory foam that helps provide cushioning and pressure point relief. Below that is a 1.5-inch layer of Dual Cloud polyfoam that contributes added contouring and support. The final comfort layer is 2 inches of breathable Climate Comfort polyfoam that is designed to disperse heat and limit excess sinking into the bed. 

The support core includes 6 inches of individually pocketed coils and a 1-inch layer of high-density polyfoam. The underside of the mattress cover includes a grippy material that resists sliding on your bed frame or box spring. 

All the foams used in the Puffy Lux Hybrid are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they do not contain a number of known harmful chemicals like heavy metals or phthalates. 

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Construction Layers

Cover MaterialPolyester
Comfort Layers1.5″ Gel-Infused Memory Foam1.5″ Polyfoam2″ Polyfoam
Support Core6″ Pocketed Coils1″ High-Density Polyfoam

How Much Does the Puffy Lux Mattress Cost?

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress has a competitive price relative to other hybrids. A typical hybrid mattress can range in price from $1,000 to $2,500, with many luxury models costing even more. The Lux Hybrid falls toward the middle of this range, offering value for shoppers looking for a reasonably priced hybrid. 

Twin$99938″ x 75″12″51 lbs.
Twin XL$1,04938″ x 80″12″58 lbs.
Full$1,29954″ x 75″ 12″75 lbs.
Queen$1,49960″ x 80″ 12″83 lbs.
King$1,69976″ x 80″ 12″114 lbs.
California King$1,69972″ x 84″ 12″106 lbs.
Split King$2,09838″ x 80″ (2 pcs.)12″116 lbs.

Which Puffy Mattress Is Right for You?

Puffy offers three mattresses: the flagship Puffy Mattress, the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and the Puffy Royal Hybrid. Each mattress varies in construction and materials and appeals to different sleepers’ needs and preferences. 

The Puffy Mattress is the least expensive option. This all-foam bed includes both memory foam and polyfoam and is best suited for side and back sleepers under 130 pounds. The Puffy Lux Hybrid offers pressure relief from its foam layers and bounce and responsiveness from the coil-based support core.

The Royal Hybrid is Puffy’s luxury option. It includes an additional layer of memory foam for extra contouring and some added features designed to promote cooling during sleep.  

Puffy Mattresses at a Glance

ModelFirmnessMattress TypeHeightBase Price (Queen)
Puffy MattressMedium (5)Foam10″$1,049
Puffy Lux Hybrid MattressMedium (5)Hybrid12″$1,499
Puffy Royal Hybrid MattressMedium (5)Hybrid14″$2,399

Discounts and Coupons

Puffy has seasonal sales that include deep discounts on mattresses. The company’s website also has a sale page that lists deals on mattresses, bed frames, sheets, pillows, and other products. Puffy provides discounts for members of the military, teachers, students, and certain health care workers. 

In addition to pricing discounts, Puffy often provides other special deals, such as a free bedding bundle included with a mattress purchase.

Where Can You Buy the Puffy Lux Mattress?

You can buy a Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress on the company’s website or at a number of retail locations throughout the United States. Puffy mattresses are sold at SleePare, Our Sleep Guide, Sleep Sherpa, and various other stores. You can use Puffy’s store locator to find a retail location near you.

Buying Information and Customer Policies
AvailabilityOrders placed on the Puffy website can ship to all 50 U.S. states. Puffy’s mattresses are also available in select retail locations throughout the country.
ShippingShipping is free via FedEx to all U.S. states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Mattresses are compressed in plastic inside a box and typically arrive in two to five business days. Once the mattress is unboxed, allow it to decompress for at least two hours before sleeping on it.
Sleep TrialPuffy provides a 101-night sleep trial. The company recommends trying the mattress for at least 14 nights before initiating a return. Returns are free, and Puffy offers a full refund of the purchase price if you decide it isn’t the right mattress for you. Returned mattresses are donated to local charities.
WarrantyPuffy offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers flaws in craftsmanship or manufacturing, including excessive sagging or tears in the zipper or cover. It does not cover problems from improper mattress use or normal wear and tear. In the event of a qualifying defect, Puffy will repair the problem or replace your mattress at no cost to you. Other terms and conditions apply.

Puffy Lux Mattress FAQ

Are Puffy Mattresses Bad for Sleepers Over 230 Pounds?

While individual preferences vary, all of Puffy’s mattresses have a medium firmness level that may be too soft for many people over 230 pounds, especially if they are a back or stomach sleeper.

Is the Puffy Lux Mattress Sold in Stores?

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is sold in a number of different mattress stores throughout the United States. Puffy’s website includes a store locator to help you find a nearby retail location.

How Long Does the Puffy Lux Mattress Take to Expand?

The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress begins to decompress as soon as it is unboxed. It reaches peak expansion after two hours.

How Are the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal Hybrid Models Different?

While the Puffy Lux Hybrid and Royal Hybrid both have mid-range firmness levels, the Royal includes an additional 2-inch layer of memory foam that targets several common pressure points.

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