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Best Mattresses Made in the USA

Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

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With so many factors to consider when purchasing a new mattress, it’s easy to overlook the country where it was made. However, the product’s place of origin can affect the quality of the materials and production, and beds manufactured in the U.S. carry several potential benefits. 

Mattresses made in the U.S. are required to comply with regulations regarding materials, labor, and safety. Additionally, some buyers like to support local economies and workers, and U.S.-made mattresses often ship quickly. 

We’ll share our picks for the best mattresses made in the USA in a number of categories so that you can pick the right model for you. We’ll also delve into the benefits of U.S.-made mattresses, how to choose one, and certifications to consider.

Sleep Doctor’s Picks

Best Overall

Saatva Classic


  • Trial Length 365 Nights ($99 Return Fee)

  • Warranty Lifetime, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    365 Nights ($99 Return Fee) / Lifetime, Limited

  • Type Innerspring

  • Firmness Soft (3), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)

  • Price $995 – $2,710

Sleep Doctor’s Take 

With a plush Euro-top and two layers of coils, the Saatva Classic provides a responsive, supportive surface without sacrificing pressure relief. Available in three firmness levels and two profiles, our testers had an easy time finding a model to suit their needs.


  • Dual-layer coil design topped by memory foam provides responsive cradling
  • Available in three firmness levels and two heights
  • Free White Glove delivery for all orders


  • Premium price-point
  • Innerspring design limits motion isolation
  • Lacks the close hug associated with thicker memory foam comfort systems

The Saatva Classic has a unique design, with a thick Euro-top complemented by both a microcoil comfort layer and a support core featuring sturdy steel coils. It’s available in soft (3), medium firm (6), and firm (8) versions, as well as 11.5-inch and 14.5-inch profiles to accommodate a wide range of sleepers.

How Does It Feel?

Our testers reported that the Saatva Classic successfully balances cushioning and support. A 3-inch cotton Euro-top quilted with polyfoam adds breathable contouring to the surface. Underneath, a memory foam lumbar pad reinforces the center of the bed for extra spinal support. Two layers of coils make the mattress exceptionally responsive and easy to move on.

Why We Like It 

Thanks to its combination of a Euro-top and two coil layers, the Saatva Classic is a well-rounded mattress with a nice balance of cushioning and support. Since the bed is available in three firmness levels and two profiles, most sleepers should be able to find a version that suits their needs.

The Saatva Classic includes free White Glove delivery in the contiguous U.S., a 365-night sleep trial, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Value

Brooklyn Bedding Essential


  • Trial Length 120 nights (30-night requirement)

  • Warranty 10 Year, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    120 nights (30-night requirement) / 10 Year, Limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Medium Firm (6)

  • Price $532 – $1,132

Sleep Doctor’s Take 

We appreciated the versatility of the Brooklyn Bedding Essential, which received solid comfort scores from testers with a wide range of body types and sleeping positions. It’s a competitively priced, no-frills hybrid mattress that delivers across key performance areas.


  • Balance of cushioning and support accommodates a wide range of sleepers
  • Budget-friendly price-point
  • Individually encased coils allow easy movement


  • Not enough support for most back and stomach sleepers over 230 pounds
  • 10.5-inch height may seem low to those accustomed to higher-profile models
  • Sleepers may feel occasional vibrations when their partner moves

The Brooklyn Bedding Essential is a medium firm (6) hybrid mattress with a 10.5-inch profile. This model carries a reasonable price-point with the balanced features that buyers expect from hybrids.

How Does It Feel?

A quilted polyfoam comfort layer and high-density polyfoam transition layer give the surface of the Brooklyn Bedding Essential a cushioned feel. Most of our testers reported that this combination reduced pressure buildup without letting them sink too deeply, making the mattress comfortable for back and stomach sleepers under 230 pounds and side sleepers of all body types. The 8-inch coil core enhances support, responsiveness, and ease of movement while also cooling the mattress by facilitating airflow.

Why We Like It 

The Brooklyn Bedding Essential is a budget-friendly mattress that offers the balanced comfort buyers often look for in high-end hybrids. Its medium firm feel suits a variety of sleepers, and our testers gave it solid scores in all key performance areas.

This model includes free shipping in the contiguous U.S., a 120-night sleep trial, and a 10-year limited warranty.

Best Luxury

Helix Midnight Elite


  • Trial Length 100 nights (30-night requirement)

  • Warranty 15 Year, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    100 nights (30-night requirement) / 15 Year, Limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Medium Firm (6)

  • Price $2,286 – $4,123

Sleep Doctor’s Take 

Our testers reported that the Helix Midnight Elite lives up to its premium price-point. A high 16-inch profile houses layers of memory foam, microcoils, polyfoam, and zoned pocketed coils. The result is a balanced combination of pressure relief and support.


  • Microcoils and foam provide contouring ideal for side sleepers
  • Isolates motion without sacrificing ease of movement
  • Cooling fabric cover designed to regulate temperatures


  • More expensive than many mattresses made in the U.S.
  • 16-inch profile may be too high for sleepers with mobility issues or those using a tall bed frame
  • Lacks the support necessary for stomach sleepers over 230 pounds

Designed specifically for side sleepers and those who toss and turn, the Helix Midnight Elite is a medium firm (6) hybrid mattress with a 16-inch profile. It incorporates a thick comfort system intended to provide a high-end sleep experience.

How Does It Feel?

A soft, quilted pillow-top cover features proprietary GlacioTex technology with thermal conductive fibers engineered to dissipate heat. Beneath that, comfort layers of polyfoam, memory foam, and microcoils contour closely to relieve pressure, while a zoned pocketed coil core gives targeted support.

Our testers of all body types found the mattress’ gentle hug comfortable for side and back sleeping. Those under 230 pounds could also lie on their stomach without sinking in too deeply.

Why We Like It 

The Helix Midnight Elite’s high number of comfort layers make for a plush surface that still provides ample support for most side sleepers and back sleepers. The multiple layers of foam isolate motion well, while the microcoils and pocketed coil support core add bounce, ease of movement, and breathability.

The Helix Midnight Elite includes free shipping in the contiguous U.S., a 100-night sleep trial, and a 15-year limited warranty.

Best for Back Pain



  • Trial Length 120 nights (30 night requirement)

  • Warranty Lifetime, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    120 nights (30 night requirement) / Lifetime, Limited

  • Type Innerspring

  • Firmness Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)

  • Price $1,149 – $2,049

Sleep Doctor’s Take 

The WinkBed offers zoned support designed to promote good posture. Available in four firmness levels, most types of sleepers should be able to find a WinkBed that accommodates them.


  • Zoned support promotes spinal alignment
  • Reinforced perimeter facilitates getting in and out of bed
  • Four firmness options suit a range of sleepers


  • Polyfoam comfort layer lacks the close contouring of memory foam
  • Comfort depends on matching your sleeping style to the ideal firmness level
  • Some sleepers may notice mild motion transfer from the bouncy coils

The WinkBed pairs a responsive polyfoam comfort system with a zoned pocketed coil support core designed for back support. It has a 13.5-inch profile and is available in medium soft (4), medium firm (6), firm (7), and firm (8) feels.

How Does It Feel?

While the precise design varies slightly between firmness options, each WinkBed is optimized for temperature regulation and targeted support. Our testers noted that the breathable materials, including a Tencel cover and polyfoam comfort layers, retained little heat. At the same time, the zoned coil core offered extra support around the lumbar region to help our testers maintain good posture.

Why We Like It 

The choice of four firmness levels makes the WinkBed an accessible pick for anyone looking for a springy surface that takes pressure off the lower back. With targeted support and a reinforced perimeter, our testers could lie comfortably right up to the edge of the bed without sacrificing good posture.

The WinkBed includes a limited lifetime warranty, a 120-night sleep trial, and free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Best for Couples

Layla Hybrid


  • Trial Length 120 nights

  • Warranty 10 year, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    120 nights / 10 year, Limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Reversible: Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)

  • Price $1,299 – $1,899

Sleep Doctor’s Take 

Our testers appreciated the Layla Hybrid’s balance of bounce and motion isolation. In addition to solid pressure relief, we found this model offers exceptional edge support so that sleep partners can use the entire surface area.


  • Reinforced perimeter increases the usable surface area for couples
  • Reversible design allows sleepers to switch between two firmness levels
  • Copper-infused memory foam is designed for cooling


  • At 104 pounds in a queen size, the mattress may be difficult to flip without assistance
  • Couples may not agree on which firmness to select
  • The soft side tends to trap more heat than the firm side

The Layla Hybrid is a reversible mattress with a 13-inch profile. One side has a medium soft (4) feel, and the other side has a firm (7) feel. Comfort layers of copper-infused memory foam and polyfoam with airflow channels sandwich a core layer of pocketed coils.

How Does It Feel?

Based on our testing, we expect most couples to prefer the firm side of the Layla Hybrid. Virtually all of our testers found this surface comfortable, and the responsive bounce made it easy to change positions. The soft side of the Layla Hybrid contoured closely to our testers’ bodies. This was ideal for team members under 130 pounds who sleep on their sides.

Both sides of the mattress contain memory foam infused with copper gel designed to dissipate heat. Zoned polyfoam adds support in the midsection, while the coil core’s reinforced perimeter enhances sturdiness along the edges.

Why We Like It 

The Layla Hybrid is a reversible mattress that allows owners to switch between a medium soft and a firm sleep surface. In addition, the mattress provides strong edge support and motion isolation on both sides, making it a good pick for couples.

The Layla Hybrid includes a 120-night sleep trial, free shipping in the contiguous U.S., and a 10-year limited warranty.

Why You Should Trust Us

With many years of experience in the sleep product industry, we pride ourselves on providing unbiased and reliable reviews. Our top picks are the result of testing dozens of leading mattresses manufactured in the U.S.

In order to optimize our recommendations, we collect data using the latest testing technology and combine this with feedback from testers. Our testers span a wide range of body types and sleeping positions, so our results reflect an array of sleep needs and preferences.

What Are the Benefits of a Mattress Made in the USA?

Buying a mattress made in the U.S. offers numerous potential benefits, including a reduced environmental impact, greater transparency regarding working conditions, support for the domestic economy, and increased efficiency in both delivery and storage.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

By manufacturing in the U.S., companies avoid the need to ship finished products over long distances, thus reducing the carbon footprint of each mattress. Additionally, U.S. producers must follow Environmental Protection Agency regulations for emissions, which are stricter than in many other parts of the world.

Manufacturing and Labor Conditions

Manufacturers in the U.S. must meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, which promote a safe and fair workplace. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also imposes regulations designed to keep consumers safe, including the prohibition of certain dangerous chemicals.

While some mattresses manufactured in other countries may also meet or exceed these standards, it is often harder to verify. 

Supports Local Economy 

Those who are passionate about creating and maintaining manufacturing jobs for U.S. workers often opt to buy domestically made products. Purchasing U.S.-made products can help local communities and improve opportunities for workers. 

Spends Less Time Sealed Up

Generally, mattresses made in the U.S. spend less time sealed in a warehouse or traveling to their final destination. As a result, the beds are often newer than those produced overseas. If a new mattress is improperly stored, it may be susceptible to mold, dirt, and other damage. If the mattress is compressed for an extended period, the foam may sustain damage. 

Types of Mattresses Made in the USA

U.S.-based companies manufacture all of the most common mattress types. Sleepers should choose the best mattress for their needs based on their body type, sleeping position, and personal preferences. Different types of beds may meet these needs in different ways, and it’s important to research options before making a decision. 

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses may contain polyfoam or a combination of polyfoam and memory foam. Most all-foam models emphasize cradling over support, though some firmer options offer both. Memory foam offers close contouring similar to a hug, while polyfoam may be used for cushioning or support. 

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are often made from breathable, all-natural materials, including natural latex sourced from rubber trees. The material provides supportive contouring with limited sinkage and substantial bounce. While natural latex is more common, some latex mattresses use a synthetic or blended version of the material.

Innerspring Mattresses 

Innerspring mattresses use coils to create a responsive, supportive bed that excels in temperature regulation. This traditional construction sometimes features a pillow-top with foam or fabric to add plushness to the surface. 

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses aim to combine the support, breathability, and responsiveness of innerspring mattresses with the pressure relief and contouring of foam or latex. These models generally appeal to a wide range of sleepers, but it’s important to choose a firmness that suits your body type and sleeping position. 


Airbeds feature air-filled chambers that allow sleepers to adjust the firmness of the mattress. The air chambers are often split, allowing co-sleepers to adjust their side of the mattress based on their specific needs. Airbeds are among the most expensive mattresses on the market.

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress Made in the USA

Many mattresses sold in the U.S. are advertised as being “Made in USA.” The Federal Trade Commission requires that a product be “all or virtually all” manufactured in the U.S. to make this claim.

However, the FTC does not approve or certify product statements used in advertising. That said, company websites often provide details about the location and manufacturing process of their beds. 

Understanding Mattress Certifications 

Many U.S.-based mattress companies seek certification of their products from third parties that specialize in assessing consumer safety issues and eco-conscious manufacturing practices. Common certifications include:

  • CertiPUR-US: This certification indicates that foam has passed third-party tests for a set list of harmful materials, including ozone depleters, heavy metals, and formaldehyde. It also verifies that the foam is low in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. 
  • GREENGUARD Gold: Products with a GREENGUARD Gold certification meet rigorous standards for VOC emissions, ensuring cleaner indoor air. 
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100: This label indicates that the textiles in a product have tested free of common harmful chemicals. OEKO-TEX also has a Made in Green certification that emphasizes sustainability and socially responsible working conditions. 

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