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Best Mattress for a Guest Room:
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Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

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It’s natural to want to provide your guests with a great night’s sleep. But since every person has different sleep needs and comfort preferences, it can be challenging to find the optimal mattress for your guest bed.

A great guest room mattress should fit your space, appeal to most types of sleepers, and have solid all-around performance. You’ll also want to consider your budget and how frequently you expect to have guests.

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Best Mattress for Guest Rooms

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Puffy Cloud Mattress

With a medium firmness level and gel-infused memory foam, the Puffy Cloud Mattress offers a blend of comfort and support that can appeal to people with diverse sleep needs.

Our testing team tried dozens of options to find the best mattresses for guest rooms. They also offer practical tips to simplify your shopping.

To see all of our favorites, check out the best mattresses of 2024. For options with excellent pressure relief, read our guide to the best memory foam mattresses.

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Read on to see why the following four options made our top picks list of 2024’s best mattresses for a guest room.

Sleep Doctor’s Picks

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Best Overall Mattress

Puffy Cloud Mattress

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Puffy Mattress has an all-foam design that conforms closely to your body for excellent pressure relief. The plush design earned this bed high marks from the side and back sleepers on our test team, since these sleepers need cushioning for the shoulders, hips, and spine.

Buy From Puffy
Ideal For:

Side and Back Sleepers




Fair Value

Movement Sensitivity:

Isolates Motion


  • Provides significant comfort and support for most sleeping positions
  • Stain-resistant polyester cover
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • May feel too soft for heavier stomach sleepers
  • Foam materials can retain heat

Why We Like It

The Puffy Mattress has an all-foam design that combines solid performance with affordability. The mattress has a medium feel that registers as a 5 on our 10-point firmness scale. While designed to accommodate all sleep styles, we found the mattress performs especially well for side sleepers under 230 pounds and back and stomach sleepers under 130 pounds. Anyone who enjoys the close hug of memory foam is likely to enjoy the Puffy Mattress.

With its medium firmness, reinforced perimeter, and durable design, we found this mattress to be a good fit for many sleeper types, making it ideal for guest rooms.

How Does It Feel?

The mattress starts with a quilted polyester cover that resists stains and rustling sounds. A 2-inch comfort layer of Cooling Cloud memory foam contours the body to alleviate tension. Gel infusions are designed to reduce heat buildup, which is often an issue with foams that provide a close hug. A transitional layer of Climate Comfort polyfoam boosts pressure relief while encouraging good sleep posture.

Stabilizing the mattress is 6 inches of Firm Core Support polyfoam. The foam’s higher density helps keep sleepers from sinking too deeply, which can throw off spinal alignment. A reinforced perimeter prevents excess sagging along the edges of the bed, which is a tendency of all-foam models. An anti-slip base cover is designed to keep the mattress firmly in place.

All the layers absorb motion well, contributing to the bed’s whisper-quiet noise rating. Given the mattress’ exceptional pressure relief, visitors are less likely to wake up with sore muscles and stiff joints. The Puffy has above-average durability, and the lifespan should be even longer when used as an occasional guest bed.

Read our full Puffy Cloud Mattress review

Most Comfortable Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The DreamCloud Mattress offers an even balance of contouring and support that should feel comfortable for a wide range of sleepers. The cashmere-blend cover adds a nice touch of luxury for your guests.

Buy From DreamCloud
Ideal For:

Combination Sleepers


Medium Firm


Great Value

Motion Sensitivity:

Isolates Motion


  • Cover made with a cashmere blend quilted with plush polyfoam
  • Hybrid design blends responsiveness with pressure relief
  • Above-average temperature regulation minimizes overheating


  • Only available in one firmness option
  • May be too firm for side sleepers under 130 pounds

Why We Like It

The DreamCloud Mattress is a versatile hybrid that comfortably accommodates a range of body sizes and sleep positions. Featuring five distinct layers, the mattress combines a strong coiled core with plush and supportive foam layers. A majority of guests should feel comfortable on its medium firm (6) feel, which is the most widely popular firmness level.

Thanks to its hybrid construction, we found the DreamCloud to be a good fit for those who appreciate the cushioning of a foam mattress but who sleep hot on all-foam models. The plush comfort layers help prevent pressure points from forming, while the individually wrapped coils underneath allow for exceptional airflow.

How Does It Feel?

Topping the mattress is a cozy yet breathable cashmere cover. Plush polyfoam is sewn inside the cover, giving sleepers subtle pressure relief. A layer of gel-infused memory foam provides even contouring and minimizes tension along the spine. Gel infusions are designed to offset memory foam’s tendency to trap heat.

Next is a transitional layer of polyfoam that keeps sleepers from sinking too far into the plusher memory foam. By distributing body weight more evenly, the polyfoam also eases pressure points. The coiled core below gives the mattress some bounce without permitting significant motion transfer. The individually wrapped springs are engineered to increase airflow for better temperature control.

Read our full DreamCloud Mattress review

Best Luxury Mattress

Saatva Latex Hybrid

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Saatva Latex Hybrid has a luxurious design that combines a plush Euro-top with wool, latex, and coils zoned for extra support. This model is a crowd-pleaser for many different body types and sleep positions.

Buy From Saatva
Ideal For:

Combination Sleepers


Medium Firm


Fair Value

Movement Sensitivity:

Some Motion Transfer


  • Zoned Talalay latex provides targeted support
  • Breathable cotton and wool wick away moisture
  • Free White Glove delivery and setup


  • Side sleepers under 130 pounds may prefer a softer surface
  • Returns are assessed a return shipping fee

Why We Like It

This Saatva model is a great option for those looking to give their guests a luxurious night of sleep, regardless of sleeper type. We found that its responsive latex subtly cradles the body, while its pocketed coils prevent sinkage and provide even support for the entire mattress.

Designed with luxury in mind, the Saatva Latex Hybrid uses premium natural and organic materials to optimize comfort and temperature regulation. The mattress performs well for all sleep positions, and its robust coiled core is supportive enough for people over 230 pounds. The five-layer design has a balanced medium firm (6) feel that should appeal to most guests.

How Does It Feel?

Measuring 12 inches thick, the mattress starts with a cushiony Euro-top. The breathable organic cotton cover is treated with Saatva’s exclusive Guardin, a botanical treatment designed to reduce bacterial growth. A layer of organic wool naturally wicks away heat and moisture while also acting as a flame retardant.

Next is 3 inches of zoned Talalay latex, which is springier and more responsive than the foams typically used in comfort systems. The zoned layout provides extra support to the back, while tiny perforations are designed to promote air circulation.

A pocketed coil support system enhances the responsiveness of the comfort layers. Each spring is encased to limit motion transfer and prevent heat buildup. The zoned configuration gives sleepers variable support, so heavier body parts receive more pushback than lighter areas. The perimeter is reinforced with stronger coils, so excess sagging along the edges shouldn’t be a problem. An organic cotton and wool base stabilizes the mattress.

Read our full Saatva Latex Hybrid review
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Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers

Nolah Signature 12

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Nolah Signature 12 is an all-foam mattress that hugs your body deeply. Our testers found the bed excelled at absorbing motion and noise, so we highly recommend the mattress for restless sleepers who frequently wake their sleep partner with nighttime movements.

Buy From Nolah
Ideal For:





Great Value

Movement Sensitivity:

Isolates Motion


  • Comfort layers relieve pressure with contouring materials
  • Breathable and smooth organic cotton cover
  • Isolates motion exceptionally well for an all-foam bed


  • Many back and stomach sleepers find the mattress too soft
  • Foam comfort layers may retain heat during the night

Why We Like It

Since side sleeping is the most popular position by far, many of your guests will appreciate a mattress that sufficiently cushions the shoulders and hips. The Nolah Signature 12 is one such design, as the mattress excels for side sleepers of any weight bracket. The all-foam construction uses various polyfoam layers to ease tension while supporting spinal alignment. The mattress has a medium (5) feel on our 10-point firmness scale.

Sleeping in a new bed can be an adjustment, so guests who toss and turn will appreciate this mattress’ motion isolation and noise absorption. Its various foam layers conform to the body and relieve pressure in the shoulders and hips, making it an especially good fit for side sleepers.

How Does It Feel?

A diamond-patterned organic cotton cover is designed to draw heat and moisture away from the surface. The comfort system uses Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam, which is a type of polyfoam designed to blend responsiveness with contouring. The top 2.5-inch layer of AirFoam closely conforms to the body, while a denser polyfoam layer below prevents sleepers from collapsing into the core. A firmer and thinner layer of AirFoam rounds out the comfort system and is designed to target pressure points along the spine, hips, and shoulders.

Some all-foam models are prone to premature sagging, but the Nolah Signature 12 uses 7 inches of high-density polyfoam to offset this tendency. The polyfoam core also absorbs motion and noise, resulting in fewer nighttime disturbances. The base is covered in a knitted polyester-blend cover that helps keep the mattress from sliding around. All layers add up to 12 inches, so the mattress is an average height.

While all of the side sleepers on our testing team enjoyed the Signature 12’s medium firmness, those under 130 pounds were particularly impressed with the AirFoam’s ability to reduce motion transfer from a partner’s movements on the other side of the bed.

opening quote icon When choosing a mattress for my guest room, my top priority was making sure my guests were comfortable. I find that a medium firm hybrid bed works well for most people, so that’s what I chose. opening quote icon
Garen Glazier, Staff Writer, Product Testing Team and Side Sleeper

Best Mattress Types for Guest Rooms

There are several types of mattresses suitable for a guest room, and each has certain benefits and downsides.

Foam mattresses are competitively priced and provide above-average cushioning while producing little noise. However, they often sleep hot and lack edge support.

Hybrid mattresses usually have above-average bounce, edge support, and temperature neutrality. These mattresses are often more expensive, heavier, and less contouring than all-foam beds.

Because innerspring mattresses have thinner comfort layers, they are more affordable and feel sturdy, but they tend to lack pressure relief and can be quite noisy.

Latex mattresses are known for durability, bounce, temperature regulation, and moderate cushioning. The downsides are their heavy weight, higher cost, and increased motion transfer across the mattress surface.

Airbeds provide flexibility to house guests. Using an app or remote, sleepers can add or remove air from the internal chambers to adjust the firmness. That said, airbeds are pricey, especially for a bed that will only be used sporadically.

Space-Saving Beds

Certain bed designs keep an option available for guests without occupying significant floor space, providing more space when no one is staying in your guest room.

Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa has a built-in mattress that can be folded out when guests need to stay the night. When not in use as a bed, a sleeper sofa functions like any other couch.


A futon looks like a sofa, but it has a frame that can slide into a flat position, allowing the futon cushion to be used as a mattress. With their versatility and compact size, futons are commonly used in smaller guest rooms.

Murphy Bed

A murphy bed resembles a cabinet or wardrobe, but inside, it holds a mattress that is kept in a vertical position. When guests arrive, you simply open the doors and pull the mattress down into a horizontal position. By storing the mattress vertically, a murphy bed helps maintain open floor space in your guest room.

Foldable Bed

A foldable bed is like a cot that is sometimes available in a hotel room. The frame folds up vertically and usually has wheels so that it can be easily moved. When guests come over, you can bring the bed to your guest room or living room and unfold it.

Video: Comparing Mattress Types

While there are many mattress designs on the market today, each type targets the needs of different sleepers. Watch our video to learn more about some of the different types.

How Firm Should a Guest Room Mattress Be?

Mattresses with a medium (5) to medium firm (6) feel suit the widest range of people, are often used in hotels, and tend to work well for side sleeping, which is the most common sleeping position.

However, think about who you expect to stay in your guest room most often. If you know that the same people will be repeatedly sleeping in your guest room, you may choose a different firmness level that you know can suit their needs.

How to Shop for a Guest Room Mattress

When choosing a mattress for your guest room, the key factors to consider include sizing, the feel of the mattress, price, durability, temperature regulation, and policies related to returns and warranties.

Bedroom and Mattress Size

You should first measure the size of your guest room so you pick a mattress that won’t make the room feel cramped, taking additional furniture like night stands into account.

At the same time, think about who is most likely to stay at your home. To accommodate couples, you should have a mattress that is a full size or larger. For individuals, a twin or twin XL may be sufficient. For families, you may need to reserve extra space for a crib.


The feel of a mattress encompasses its firmness level, supportiveness, responsiveness, and overall comfort. We suggest avoiding extremes, like an extra firm or extra soft mattress, when shopping for a guest bed. As with hotel beds, a mattress with middle-of-the-road characteristics will accommodate the widest range of sleepers for short-term stays.


Mattresses can range in price from around $300 to well over $3,000 depending on construction, material quality, special features, sizing, and delivery.

Unless you have frequent overnight visitors, you probably don’t need to splurge on a guest mattress. That said, buying a low-quality, cheaply made mattress could result in a poor sleeping experience or frequent replacing.


How long a mattress lasts depends on its materials and use. Higher-quality materials will hold up better over time and resist sagging and other signs of wear and tear. If you only expect guests every now and again, durability may be less of a concern because the mattress will not be subjected to regular use.

Temperature Regulation

Mattresses that resist heat buildup are important if you live in a warm climate or set your thermostat to a higher temperature. Certain materials tend to avoid heat retention. These include latex and coils, ventilated layers, gel infusions, breathable fabrics, and specialty materials.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

A sleep trial is a window of time when you can return the mattress if you or your guests aren’t satisfied with it. We suggest asking your guests for input during the trial to find out if the mattress provides adequate comfort and support.

A warranty provides long-term protection against defects. Most warranties last 10 years or more and require the manufacturer to repair or replace your mattress if the workmanship or materials are defective.

Tips for Elevating Your Guest Room

Beyond the mattress itself, there are other ways to spruce up your guest room and help make anyone who stays the night feel welcome.

Invest in Comfy Pillows

Level up your guest bed with high-quality pillows. Look for pillows with broad appeal, such as those with mid-range levels of firmness and loft. You may want to avoid down or feather pillows since some people have allergies to these materials.

Buy a Mattress Topper

If an existing mattress in your guest room feels too firm or soft, you can buy a mattress topper as a lower-cost way of making your guest bed more comfortable. Most foam or latex toppers provide a meaningful level of firmness adjustment.

Consider a Mattress Protector

With different people staying at your home, a mattress protector can keep your guest bed fresh and free of damage.

A protector or encasement can keep away spills and stains and prevent dirt, dust, or allergens from collecting on the mattress. A zippered encasement can also keep bed bugs from hiding in the seams of your guest room mattress.

Use Fresh Sheets

Sheets are one of the first things people notice when staying in an unfamiliar bed. Having soft, breathable, and non-irritating sheets can provide comfort and luxuriousness that make your guest bed feel more inviting.

Have Extra Blankets Available

Some people have a tendency to run hot or cold, so having different blanket options can help your guests get comfortable. Hot sleepers may want only a thin blanket, while cold sleepers may want to layer multiple blankets in order to get cozy.

Discover More Mattress Solutions

When it comes to mattresses, the options are endless. Check out our additional guides to help narrow your search and find the best bed for you.

How We Test

Our recommendations are based on a detailed process of researching and personally testing dozens of mattresses. Our testing team includes people with varying body sizes, comfort preferences, and sleeping positions, and these team members have spent years learning what separates great mattresses from all the rest.

In our in-house testing lab, we analyze mattress performance across a range of key categories, and our team takes all this information into account to pick out the best options for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a mattress for a guest room?

To choose a mattress for a guest room, it helps to start by identifying the mattress size you need and your general price range. With this information, you can narrow down your options and pick out the best mattress based on its materials, design, features, and performance.

Is a medium or firm mattress best for a guest room?

A medium or medium firm mattress is usually the best option for a guest room. These firmness levels can accommodate the largest number of people, as they often provide an even balance of support and cushioning.

What is the best mattress size for a guest room?

The best mattress size for a guest room depends on your guest room’s dimensions. The mattress should fit in the room while allowing enough space for nightstands and other furniture.

If you expect to have couples stay in your guest room, you will need at least a full size mattress. A twin or twin XL should suffice if only solo sleepers will use your guest room.

Is memory foam good for a guest bedroom mattress?

Memory foam can be a good option for a guest room mattress, but you should generally avoid extremely soft memory foam beds to prevent excessive sinking. Memory foam contours to the body to relieve pressure and promote spinal alignment. Some memory foam beds can retain heat, however, especially if they are extra plush.

How much should you spend on a guest room mattress?

In most cases, you can find a quality guest room mattress for between $500 and $1,200. When deciding how much to spend, we recommend thinking about how often you realistically expect to have people stay overnight. The more frequently you have visitors, the more value you can get from a durable, high-quality mattress.

About The Author

Garen Glazier

Staff Writer, Product Testing Team

Garen is a health and lifestyle content creator. She realized the importance of sleep when her children made getting a good night’s rest more challenging. Garen is always learning something new about the wide world of sleep and sleep products. Married with two girls, ages 7 and 11, she is a book nerd and a lover of pop music, travel, and the Pacific Northwest.

  • POSITION: Side Sleeper
  • TEMPERATURE: Neutral Sleeper

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