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Best Mattress Under $500


Written by Garen Glazier

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Finding a mattress for less than $500 may seem challenging, even for the most savvy shopper. However, while price often reflects quality, you don’t necessarily have to pay a premium for a high-performing mattress

After testing countless models, we’ve created a list of the best mattresses under $500. We’ll discuss their construction and highlight their performance in areas like pressure relief, durability, and temperature regulation. We’ll also discuss what affects the price of a mattress and provide tips for finding the best deal. 

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Read on to see why the following four options made our top picks list of 2024’s best mattresses under $500.

Sleep Doctor’s Picks

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Best Overall Mattress

Allswell Mattress

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Allswell Mattress’ foam hybrid design and firm (7) feel made it a popular choice with many of our back and stomach sleepers. The foam layers offer a bit of cushioning for sore spots while maintaining exceptional support. We recommend this pick for those seeking a firmer sleep surface.

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Ideal For:

Back Sleepers


Firm (7)


Plush, Supportive Surface


Some Airflow


  • Sturdy coiled core with reinforced edges
  • Copper and graphite infusions designed to remove heat
  • Plush quilted cover


  • The mattress will feel a bit too firm for many side sleepers
  • The firm feel and responsive coils transfer more motion

The Allswell Mattress has a hybrid design and an accessible price-point. Layers of memory foam and polyfoam ease pressure points, while steel coils support good spine alignment. The mattress has a firm feel that rates as a 7 on the 10-point firmness scale.

Why We Like It

We found that the firm (7) feel reinforced neutral spine alignment for most back sleepers in any weight range. The sturdy surface should also support stomach sleepers up to 230 pounds. However, while the comfort system evenly contours the hips and shoulders for side sleepers over 130 pounds, those weighing less might not receive enough pressure relief. Our testing team noticed that the sturdier coils along the sides boosted edge support, increasing the usable surface area of the mattress and making it easier to get into and out of bed.

How Does It Feel?

A quilted cover with polyfoam padding adds plushness to the surface. Our testers noticed the 2-inch memory foam layer below conformed to their body without permitting deep sinkage. Graphite and copper infusions in the foam are designed to reduce heat buildup. A .5-inch layer of polyfoam reinforces the upper comfort layers and helps spread body weight evenly across the mattress.The coiled core adds bounce while stabilizing the entire mattress. Since each spring is individually wrapped, motion is less likely to transfer across the bed.

Read our full Allswell Mattress review
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Best Mattress for Back Pain

Sleepy’s Rest Mattress

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

Firmer mattresses can be great for sleepers with back pain since they prevent midsection sinkage and lumbar strain. The Sleepy’s Rest Mattress is an innerspring that combines the support of coils and a firmer feel with a bit of polyfoam to alleviate pressure along the spine.

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Ideal For:

Back, Stomach Sleepers


Firm (7)


Bouncy, Supportive Surface


Above Average


  • 360-degree enhanced edge support
  • A soft and stretchy knit cover
  • Firm and responsive foam evenly distributes body weight


  • The thinner comfort system may not offer enough pressure relief for side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds
  • Couples who prioritize motion isolation may find the coils transfer too much movement

High-quality cooling and support features set Sleepy’s Rest Mattress apart from the typical innerspring model. Designed with back and stomach sleepers in mind, the firm (7) feel minimizes sagging beneath the torso area. By promoting neutral spine alignment, the mattress also helps alleviate sore muscles and stiff joints.

Why We Like It

During our tests, we found that the firm and responsive feel benefited our stomach and back sleepers across all weight ranges. Sturdy foam and steel coils reinforced the midsection, helping to maintain spinal support. The mattress also performs decently for side sleepers over 230 pounds. Side sleepers below this weight range will probably need more cushioning.

Solid edge support gives co-sleepers more space, and the firm surface provides better traction during sex. Our testing also indicated above-average temperature control, making the mattress suitable for individuals and couples who sleep hot.

The Rest Mattress has a 9.5-inch profile and is available in all standard sizes. Eco-minded shoppers will appreciate that the mattress incorporates recycled and biodegradable materials.

How Does It Feel?

The stretchy knit cover includes breathable fibers to help keep the mattress surface cool. Ventilated foam is quilted inside the cover for added plushness, and a layer of responsive foam cushions pressure points while limiting sagging. The support core uses interlocking coils designed to evenly distribute body weight. The added bounce helped keep our testers on top of the mattress, which made it easier for them to adjust positions. High-density foam at the base and perimeter boosts stability and edge support.

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Best Cooling Mattress

Dreamfoam Essential

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The DreamFoam Essential stays cooler than many all-foam models in our testing lab. We attributed this to the open-cell foams, breathable cover, and cooling gel infusions. Our testers also enjoyed the variety of firmnesses and profiles, which ensured a comfortable option for most of them.

Buy From Brooklyn Bedding
Ideal For:

Hot Sleepers


Firm (8) as Tested


Plush, Supportive Surface


Above Average


  • Eco-friendly stain barrier
  • Innovative cooling features like open-cell foam and gel infusions
  • Multiple height and firmness options


  • The all-foam construction may not have the responsive surface many couples enjoy for sex
  • People who have trouble getting in and out of bed may want a bed with better edge support

With its open-cell technology and gel infusions, Brooklyn Bedding’s Dreamfoam Essential is designed to sleep cooler than the typical all-foam mattress. It comes in a range of height and size options, which allows you to customize the feel and fit of your bed. While all models are reasonably priced, the 6-inch model features the lowest price-point. The 8-inch model is also under $500.

Why We Like It

We found that the Dreamfoam Essential promotes good spine alignment for back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds. The taller models are more suitable for side sleepers who need thicker comfort layers to cushion the hips and shoulders. The Essential also sleeps cooler than most foam models, making it a good option for hot sleepers. Moderate contouring allows for easier movement, while the foam layers absorb excess motion and reduce disturbances.

In addition to the standard sizes, the Dreamfoam Essential comes in custom options like short queen and short king.

How Does It Feel?

Firmness and materials vary somewhat based on the model’s height. The 6-inch model is a two-layer design with a firm (8) feel. A 2-inch layer of gel memory foam conforms to the body without permitting deep sinkage, and the support core uses 4 inches of high-density polyfoam to prevent sagging. The 8-inch profile has the same basic construction, but the support core uses 6 inches of polyfoam. Both are compatible with most bunk beds.

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Best Mattress for Kids

Brentwood Home Juniper

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The Brentwood Home Juniper is specifically designed to accommodate children as they grow. A thick foam comfort system helps relieve pressure buildup in sensitive spots. Meanwhile, the polyfoam support core and medium firm feel help your child maintain healthy sleep posture as they get bigger.

Buy From Brentwood Home
Ideal For:

Younger Kids


Medium Firm (6)


Close-Conforming Foam


Above Average


  • GOTS-certified organic cotton cover
  • Eco-friendly BioFoam derived from plants
  • 6-inch profile is compatible with most bunk beds


  • The mattress may feel a bit too firm for children who sleep on their sides
  • Hot sleepers may find the all-foam design retains too much heat

Made for kids, the Brentwood Home Juniper is an all-foam mattress with a medium firm (6) feel. The two-layer design incorporates BioFoam, an eco-friendly foam derived from plants. The 6-inch profile should fit most bunk beds.

Why We Like It

Our tests showed that the Juniper supports good spine alignment for most sleepers. The memory foam comfort layer cushions pressure points, while the polyfoam core resists sagging as your child grows. Solid edge support also increases the mattress’ durability and makes the mattress easier for kids to get in and out of bed on their own. Brentwood states that the mattress has a 175-pound weight limit. Its plant-based foams and certified organic materials should appeal to eco-conscious parents.

How Does It Feel?

The soft and breathable cotton cover is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Underneath, a memory foam comfort layer cradles sleepers while distributing weight evenly across the mattress. Using gel infusions and proprietary BioFoam, the comfort system is designed to sleep cooler than traditional memory foam. A high-density polyfoam core supports growing bodies by resisting deep compression. BioFoam is also integrated into the core, which is engineered to increase breathability.

GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certifications show that the mattress has been rigorously tested for the presence of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. The mattress is available in twin, twin XL, and full sizes. A polyester-blend perimeter features handles to make flipping and moving the mattress easier.

Why You Should Trust Us

While shoppers can find a number of inexpensive mattresses online, it can be challenging to distinguish cheap mattresses from quality models. An affordable mattress can still deliver comfort and support, provided you know what to consider.

Our sleep experts have personally tested hundreds of mattresses. We evaluate each model based on pressure relief, temperature control, durability, and other important features. Our team includes testers with a range of sleep positions and body types, which allows us to make recommendations for many different kinds of sleepers.

How to Choose a Mattress Under $500

Every sleeper is unique, so there isn’t a perfect bed that satisfies everyone’s needs. However, understanding the impact of your sleep position and body weight can help you choose a mattress that will work well for you. 

Your Sleeping Position and Habits

Each sleep position requires different degrees of cushioning and support from a mattress. Side sleepers often prefer a softer model that evenly cradles the hips and shoulders, while back and stomach sleepers typically require a firmer mattress that reinforces the torso area. 

Body weight also impacts the feel of a mattress. Sleepers under 130 pounds don’t sink in as much, so a more closely conforming mattress helps ease pressure buildup. Individuals over 230 pounds need a sturdy design like a hybrid to prevent deep sinkage. 

Physical conditions like neck or back pain should also be considered, as some mattresses offer more pressure relief than others. For shoppers who share a bed, edge support and motion isolation are often top priorities. 

Firmness Level

A mattress’ firmness level indicates its relative softness. Firmer mattresses compress less under weight and pressure than softer models. Most mattress companies use a 10-point scale to rate firmness level. The higher the number, the firmer a mattress feels. Most mattresses are between soft (3) and firm (8). 

The right firmness level for you depends on your body size and primary sleep position. A sleeper under 130 pounds can feel fully supported on a soft (4) mattress, while someone over 230 pounds might need a firm (8) model to limit sagging. Back and stomach sleepers usually require a firmer mattress than side sleepers. 

These factors aside, some sleepers prefer a more rigid surface, while others favor a cushy feel. 

Additional Costs

Buying a mattress sometimes requires new bedding accessories, especially if you’re changing mattress sizes. There are several main items to keep in mind when planning your budget. 

  • Frames and Support: You might need a different bed frame or box spring if your new mattress isn’t compatible with your old foundation.
  • Bedding: You’ll likely need new bedsheets and possibly a new comforter if you’re purchasing a different mattress size. A new mattress topper or pad may also be necessary. 
  • Pillows: If your pillow aged along with your old mattress, then it might be time for a replacement. A different style or loft may also be needed if you recently changed your sleep position. 

What Affects the Price of a Mattress?

While mattress pricing may seem inconsistent at times, factors like construction type, materials, and size routinely impact cost. 

Mattress Type

Every mattress type has models ranging from economical to luxury, with the exception of airbeds. This mattress type features complex designs that call for higher price-points across the board. 

Hybrid and latex models are generally more expensive than foam and innerspring beds. This is because hybrids combine multiple materials, and latex is more costly to manufacture. Foam and innerspring mattresses have simpler designs by comparison, which generally makes them less expensive.  

Mattress Type
Starting Price











Quality of Materials

The type and quality of materials used affect a mattress’ performance and cost. Memory foam and natural latex are more expensive to produce than certain types of polyfoam. Mattresses made with organic materials also tend to be pricier. 

Some manufacturers are able to offer lower prices because they use low-quality materials or workmanship. These mattresses often deteriorate sooner, so they don’t always save customers money in the long run. 

Mattress Construction

Most mattresses have a layered design that includes separate comfort and support layers. The thickness and number of layers varies depending on the mattress type and manufacturer. 

In general, price increases with construction complexity. For example, a sophisticated airbed can cost significantly more than a simple two-layer foam mattress. Taller models also tend to be more expensive since they require more materials. 

Mattress Size

The standard mattress sizes include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Like many products, mattress cost increases with size. Some manufacturers offer additional sizes like short or Olympic queen. You can expect to pay more for custom sizes. 

Where You Buy the Mattress

Because physical stores have higher overhead, shoppers can often find better bargains online. Many online mattress companies include free shipping and returns as further incentive. That said, some shoppers would rather pay more so that they can feel the mattress and speak with a sales professional in person. 

Where a mattress is produced can also affect pricing. Many companies manufacture abroad to reduce costs. Companies that prioritize fair wages often have to raise the retail price for consumers as well. 

Shipping and Warranties

Shipping policies vary according to manufacturer and destination. Many companies offer free shipping to the contiguous U.S., while orders to Alaska and Hawaii often incur freight fees. A more attractive shipping policy can be the deciding factor for customers torn between two brands. 

Most mattresses today include warranties to protect customers. Coverage can range from one year to a lifetime. A company either repairs or replaces a defective mattress under warranty. A longer policy can therefore save customers more money by delaying the need to buy a new mattress. 

Finding the Best Deal on a Mattress

Having a tighter budget may limit your options a bit, but you can still find a quality mattress for under $500. Holiday sales, promo codes, and buying online can help you save considerable money. 

Shop Holiday Sales

Mattress retailers are famous for reducing prices on holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Sales commonly last for a few days surrounding the holiday. 

Purchase Online

Online retailers can usually offer lower prices than brick-and-mortar retailers since they don’t have overhead like rent or sales staff. It’s also easier to compare prices with online shopping, and there’s a wider array of models than a storefront can hold. 

Use Coupons and Discounts

Stores and online retailers frequently offer coupons and discount codes even when it’s not a holiday. Other incentives include free bedding or pillows with a mattress purchase. Shoppers can often gain early access to sales by signing up for marketing emails. 

About The Author

Garen Glazier

Staff Writer, Product Testing Team

Garen is a health and lifestyle content creator. She realized the importance of sleep when her children made getting a good night’s rest more challenging. Garen is always learning something new about the wide world of sleep and sleep products. Married with two girls, ages 7 and 11, she is a book nerd and a lover of pop music, travel, and the Pacific Northwest.

  • POSITION: Side Sleeper
  • TEMPERATURE: Neutral Sleeper

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