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Best California King Mattress

Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

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During your search for a new mattress, you might have come across options for a California king size. While not as common these days as the standard king size mattress, the California king actually predates the regular king size. The latter was standardized at 76 inches wide by 80 inches long during the mid-20th century as a convenient way to repurpose two 38-inch-wide twin box springs beneath a single larger mattress. 

At 72 by 84 inches, the California king size is both narrower and longer than a standard king size mattress. The extra leg room is often preferred by taller sleepers and those who sleep with their pets.

We’ll share our recommendations for the best California king mattress models on the market today and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this size to help you decide if it’s right for you.

opening quote icon At 72 by 84 inches, California king mattresses are an ideal size for couples. The bed is narrower than a king size but measures 4 inches longer, so it’s typically preferred by sleepers who are tall or who enjoy a lot of legroom. This size may also appeal to anyone with pets who sleep at the foot of the bed. opening quote icon
Dr. Michael Breus, Clinical Psychologist, Sleep Medicine Expert and Combination Sleeper

Sleep Doctor’s Picks

Best Overall

Helix Midnight

Sleep Doctor



  • Trial Length 100 nights (30-night requirement)

  • Warranty 10 Year, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    100 nights (30-night requirement) / 10 Year, Limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Medium Firm (6)

  • Price $936 – $1,749

Sleep Doctor’s Take

The Helix Midnight was designed for side sleepers between 130 to 230 pounds, but our tests show its medium firm (6) design is suitable for a wide range of sleeper types. The mattress also sleeps fairly cool, and a reinforced perimeter limits sinkage when you sleep along the edges.


  • Balanced construction with appeal for most sleeper types
  • Coil support core with reinforced edge support
  • Upgraded model available with additional lumbar support and an extra memory foam layer


  • Limited support for sleepers over 230 pounds
  • Surface is fairly responsive and motion isolation is limited

The Helix Midnight is a 12-inch hybrid mattress with a breathable polyester cover. A layer of memory foam cushions sleepers, while a second layer of polyfoam helps ease the transition to the support core. The mattress has an 8-inch layer of pocketed coils with a reinforced perimeter. This sits atop a thinner high-density polyfoam base layer that helps absorb motion to prevent disruptions.

With its medium firm (6) feel and contouring memory foam, we found the Helix Midnight relieves pressure for side and back sleepers under 230 pounds. Stomach sleepers under 130 pounds also received strong spinal support during our sleep lab tests. The pocketed coil base encourages airflow to reduce heat retention.

There is also a premium version available, called the Helix Midnight Luxe. This model has a Tencel cover, two memory foam layers, and added lumbar support. Both versions of the Midnight can be upgraded with a GlacioTex Cooling Cover containing conductive fibers designed to draw heat away from sleepers.

Helix provides free shipping in the U.S. and delivers to Canada for an additional fee. The Midnight comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial, although the company requests that shoppers try the mattress for at least 30 nights before requesting a return.

With a nice mix of subtle contouring and sturdy support, the Helix Midnight earned above-average marks in all performance categories from our testing team, with particularly high grades for its strong pressure relief and whisper-quiet design.

Best Value

Silk & Snow Mattress

Sleep Doctor



  • Trial Length 100 nights (30-night requirement)

  • Warranty 15 Year, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    100 nights (30-night requirement) / 15 Year, Limited

  • Type Foam

  • Firmness Medium (5)

  • Price $600 – $900

Sleep Doctor’s Take

The Silk & Snow Mattress’ medium (5) feel and adaptive all-foam design should hit the sweet spot for anyone seeking a balance of cushioning and support. Approachable pricing and free shipping throughout the U.S. and Canada also make the mattress a solid pick for budget-conscious shoppers.


  • Open-cell gel memory foam designed to reduce heat buildup
  • Minimal motion transfer when sharing the bed
  • Excellent noise rating


  • Foam layers may absorb and trap excess heat
  • Edges sink deeply when pressure is applied

Made with 2 inches of high-density memory foam, the all-foam Silk & Snow Mattress offers a medium (5) feel that conforms to sleepers to relieve pressure. The memory foam has an open-cell design and gel infusions designed to maintain a neutral temperature. A 2-inch high-density polyfoam transitional layer and a 6-inch high-density polyfoam base complete the design.

During partner tests, we found the Silk & Snow provides above-average motion isolation to keep disruptions to a minimum when sharing the bed. It’s also fairly easy to switch positions on this bed.

All of our testers weighing less than 130 pounds gave the Silk & Snow excellent overall ratings regardless of preferred sleep position. Side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds also enjoyed its medium feel and all-foam construction.

Silk & Snow ships the mattress for free to the contiguous U.S. and Canadian provinces, with an extra charge for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canadian territories. This model has a 15-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial with a 30-night mandatory break-in period.

Featuring the strong pressure relief and motion isolation you’d expect from a memory foam mattress at a below-average price-point, the Silk & Snow Mattress offers significant value for cost-conscious shoppers.

Most Comfortable

DreamCloud Mattress

Sleep Doctor





  • Trial Length 365 nights (30-night requirement)

  • Warranty Lifetime, limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    365 nights (30-night requirement) / Lifetime, limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Medium Firm (6)

  • Price $799 – $1,499

Sleep Doctor’s Take

The DreamCloud Mattress is a medium firm (6) luxury hybrid with adaptive foam layers and a robust coil system. This combination of cushioning comfort layers and sturdy support give the mattress broad appeal across different body types and sleep positions.


  • Cashmere blend cover wicks moisture to help keep the sleep surface cooler
  • Responsive hybrid design with strong edge support
  • Yearlong sleep trial and limited lifetime warranty


  • May feel too firm for side and back sleepers under 230 pounds
  • Foam layers may develop indentations quickly

The DreamCloud Mattress features a quilted polyfoam cover sheathed in a cashmere blend that helps wick moisture away from the sleeper. This is followed by a layer of memory foam with gel infusions engineered to sleep cool. A layer of firmer polyfoam helps ease the transition onto the pocketed coil support core, and a final layer of polyfoam provides a sturdy base.

Because they are individually wrapped, the coils are quieter and transfer less motion than regular innerspring coils. The coil support core also adds bounce, aids with airflow and heat regulation, and helps strengthen the perimeter of the mattress to prevent feelings of roll-off along the edges.

Our testing team rated the DreamCloud as medium firm (6) on our 10-point firmness scale. They noted that its balanced feel performed well for back and stomach sleepers across all weight groups and side sleepers over 130 pounds.

Shipping is free to the contiguous U.S. DreamCloud offers a lengthy 365-night sleep trial with a 30-night break-in period. The mattress is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Cushioning yet supportive, the DreamCloud is a solid all-around pick for a variety of sleepers, particularly those who tend to overheat and people who value strong pressure relief in a hybrid mattress.

Best Luxury

Saatva Latex Hybrid

Sleep Doctor



  • Trial Length 365 Nights ($99 Return Fee)

  • Warranty Lifetime, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    365 Nights ($99 Return Fee) / Lifetime, Limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Medium Firm (6)

  • Price $1,295 – $2,990

Sleep Doctor’s Take

The Saatva Latex Hybrid uses zoned latex and coil layers, resulting in extra reinforcement for your midsection and a gentler feel for lighter areas of the body. The mattress also excels at temperature control, and all orders come with free White Glove delivery and a 365-night trial.


  • Natural and organic materials help maintain a neutral temperature
  • Pocketed coil core strengthens the perimeter to allow full use of the bed
  • Shipped with complimentary White Glove delivery in the contiguous U.S.


  • Responsive surface does not isolate much motion transfer
  • Expensive pricing may be a barrier for budget-conscious shoppers

Saatva is best known for its flagship luxury innerspring mattress, but the company also makes a latex hybrid for those who prefer the feel of latex.

The 12-inch Saatva Latex Hybrid has a Euro-top design with a breathable cotton cover and a wool flame barrier, both of which are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Wool is known for its ability to wick moisture, helping keep the surface of the bed cool and dry.

Next, a 3-inch layer of natural latex with pincore holes adds bounce and extra room for airflow. The latex is zoned into five sections, with targeted support for the lumbar area. A pocketed coil base adds further support to maintain healthy posture. The entire mattress is hand-tufted and held together at the base, which is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool.

Due to its breathable natural materials, the Saatva Latex Hybrid offers strong temperature regulation suitable for hot sleepers. Latex and coil layers provide good responsiveness, allowing for easy movement. Our testers noticed minimal sinkage around the perimeter, so sleepers should be able to spread out over the full mattress surface.

Rating a medium firm (6) on our firmness scale, we found this model is best suited to back and stomach sleepers, as well as side sleepers over 130 pounds. It received the highest grades from stomach and back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds, who appreciated the support of its pocketed coils and the gentle contouring of its zoned latex layer.

The Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress is available in the six standard mattress sizes as well as split king. Saatva ships mattresses with free White Glove delivery and optional old mattress removal in the contiguous U.S. The company offers a 365-night trial period, though returns are subject to a $99 processing fee. This mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you like the feel of latex mattresses but also want the robust support of a coil-based core, the Saatva Latex Hybrid offers a best-of-both-worlds approach with sustainably sourced materials and zoned reinforcement for the lower back and hips.

Best for Side Sleepers

Layla Hybrid

Sleep Doctor





  • Trial Length 120 nights

  • Warranty 10 year, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    120 nights / 10 year, Limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Reversible: Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)

  • Price $1,299 – $1,899

Sleep Doctor’s Take

With a medium soft (4) feel on one side and a firm (7) feel on the other, the Layla Hybrid’s flippable foam hybrid design provides excellent cushioning for side sleepers across different weight groups. The mattress also sleeps exceptionally cool and feels secure along the perimeter.


  • Reversible construction with two firmness levels to choose from
  • Copper- and gel-infused memory foam engineered to stay cool
  • Zoned polyfoam layer and pocketed coils designed to encourage healthy posture


  • Foam layers may sink and hinder movement — especially on the softer side
  • Mattress is too heavy to lift and flip without assistance

Featuring a flippable design with a different firmness on each side, the 13-inch Layla Hybrid is ideal for sleepers with changing preferences or those who aren’t sure which firmness they prefer. The medium soft (4) side has 2.5 inches of copper-gel memory foam and 2 inches of zoned polyfoam. The firm (7) side has 1 inch of copper-gel memory foam and a 1.5-inch layer of zoned polyfoam. A 6-inch layer of pocketed coils functions as the support core for both sides.

Copper and gel infusions in the memory foam are designed to draw heat away from sleepers. Airflow can also circulate through the support core, and the coils have a double row of stronger coils around the edges to reinforce the perimeter of the bed. Handles are thoughtfully placed on the sides to assist with flipping the mattress, and the polyester-blend cover is removable for easier cleaning.

Between its two sides, the Layla Hybrid can accommodate sleepers of most body types and sleeping positions. We found the soft side most suitable for side sleepers under 230 pounds, though back and stomach sleepers under 130 pounds also enjoyed its plush feel. The firm side received the highest praise from side sleepers over 230 pounds and back and stomach sleepers over 130 pounds, who noted that their bodies sank just enough into the thin memory foam layer to relieve pressure without sacrificing support.

Layla ships the mattress for free to customers in the contiguous U.S. Additional fees apply for orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. The Layla Hybrid comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a 120-night sleep trial, though the company asks that you try the bed for at least four weeks before initiating a return.

With its choice of two firmness levels, our testers found the Layla Hybrid suitable for side sleepers in all weight groups. Its versatility also makes it a good choice for Airbnb rooms or guest bedrooms.

Best Cooling

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow

Sleep Doctor





  • Trial Length 100 Nights (30-Night Requirement)

  • Warranty 10 Year, Limited

  • Trial Length / Warranty

    100 Nights (30-Night Requirement) / 10 Year, Limited

  • Type Hybrid

  • Firmness Medium (5)

  • Price $2,295 – $3,995

Mattresses with thick foam layers tend to trap heat, but the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow’s cooling components help the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature while reducing pressure and isolating motion. Zoned layers also provide pushback against heavier areas of your body.


  • Aerated foams, phase change material, and graphite bands help the bed stay cool
  • Strategically placed gel pods provide targeted support for the spine
  • Free shipping to the contiguous U.S. as well as Canadian provinces


  • Too soft for most people who weigh more than 230 pounds
  • Price-point is well above average for a hybrid model

Casper’s Snow mattress lineup is designed with extra cooling features for people who have a tendency to overheat at night. The Wave Hybrid Snow has a QuickCool cover infused with phase change material engineered to feel cool to the touch. Beneath this is a layer of aerated polyfoam laminated with phase change material and another layer of latex with graphite bands designed to draw heat away from the sleeper.

Zoned memory foam and a final layer of polyfoam with targeted gel pods provide structure and pressure relief. The support core is made with pocketed coils and features a perimeter foam encasement for reliable edge support. All in all, the mattress stands 13 inches tall and has a medium (5) firmness level.

Despite the coil core, the Wave Hybrid performed well during our motion isolation tests and made little to no noise when testers moved across the surface. The coils also create a responsive feel that enables sleepers to switch positions with ease.

The Wave Hybrid received above-average scores from most of the members of our testing team, with side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds and back sleepers under 130 pounds giving the strongest accolades. A notable exception was stomach sleepers over 230 pounds, who said they sank too deeply and felt slightly trapped in the foam and latex layers.

Shipping is free to the contiguous U.S. and Canadian provinces. Extra charges apply for shoppers in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Canadian territories. Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial with a 30-night requirement.

Featuring a plethora of cooling features and a pocketed coil support core that promotes airflow, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is a great choice for sleepers who tend to overheat during the night.

Why You Should Trust Us

The testing team includes individuals of diverse body types and sleeping positions. We have this range of sleepers to help give us a better view of how each mattress performs for different needs and preferences, which is particularly important to consider when testing mattresses that are meant to be shared by two people.

In addition to the extensive testing performed by our team, our sleep experts also put each mattress through a series of objective tests, such as pressure mapping and temperature control. Our recommendations for the best California king mattresses are the result of many hours of careful research.

Who Is a California King Mattress Best For?

California king size mattresses are designed for two sleepers. They tend to be preferred by taller people and those who sleep with pets.

  • Taller individuals: California king mattresses are 4 inches longer than regular king mattresses, making them a logical choice for individuals who need more leg room.
  • Couples wanting the extra length: Extra length at the end of the bed can be convenient when sleeping with a partner, particularly if you disagree on whether to tuck in the blanket at the feet.
  • Those with long, rectangular bedrooms: In addition to being a little longer than king size mattresses, California king models are also slightly narrower. This makes them well suited to longer and narrower bedrooms, especially those that have less space at each side of the bed.
  • People who share the end of the bed with a pet: Though it’s narrower than a standard king size mattress, the California king size allows more space for your pet to snuggle up at your feet.

California King Mattress Pros & Cons


  • More leg room for taller people and those who sleep with pets
  • A good compromise for people who find king beds too wide and queen beds too narrow
  • Often sold in split configurations that let each sleeper personalize their side of the bed


  • May feel cramped for couples who like to spread out horizontally
  • Less suitable for people with small, square bedrooms
  • While fairly common, not every company sells this size

What's the Difference Between a King and a California King?

King size mattresses measure 76 by 80 inches, whereas California king size mattresses measure 72 by 84 inches. These dimensions may vary slightly between manufacturers.

Both king and California king mattresses are considered standard sizes and are usually available from most mattress manufacturers. Many people consider king size a logical step up from the queen size, as these two models have the same length. In this respect, California king mattresses are an anomaly with their longer, thinner shape.

When choosing between the two sizes, it helps to consider your personal preferences, the size and shape of your bedroom, and whether you will be sharing the bed with a partner or a pet.

King vs. California King

Leg Room

California king mattresses offer 4 inches of additional leg room compared with standard king mattresses, at the expense of room at the sides of the bed to stretch out widthwise.

Availability of Bedding

Although king size accessories might be slightly easier to find, most companies sell both king and California king options for bedding and bed frames.


King size and California king size mattress prices are often identical or nearly identical. These are the two most expensive of the standard mattress sizes, which is something to consider if you need to purchase bedding as well.

Mattress Weight

As the largest standard mattress sizes, California king and king sizes weigh more than their smaller counterparts. If you anticipate trouble moving the bed, one option is to purchase a split model with two sides that can be moved independently.

What About a Split California King Mattress?

A split California king mattress consists of two mattresses placed side by side. Each mattress measures 36 inches in width and 84 inches in length. These are popular with couples who have different sleep preferences, as each side of the bed can feature a different firmness and can move independently on an adjustable base. Not all manufacturers offer split California king sizes.

What Other Types of King Mattress Sizes Are Out There?

Other oversized mattress variants include the Alaskan, Wyoming, and Texas king mattresses. 

At 84 by 84 inches, Wyoming king mattresses are perfectly square. They may be suitable for taller individuals who also value the ability to spread out. 

Texas king mattresses measure 80 by 98 inches, allowing significantly more leg room for taller individuals or those with pets. 

At 108 by 108 inches, it’s very rare to see beds bigger than an Alaskan king. These may be preferred by families who sleep together with more than two people in the bed.

What You Should Know About Buying a California King Mattress

If you’re considering purchasing a California king mattress, there are some practical considerations to take into account.

Bedding and Bed Frame Sizes

A new mattress is a significant investment, particularly if you need to buy matching bedding and a new bed frame. California king mattresses are too long for a standard king size bed frame, and you may find you need longer sheets as well. Before buying your mattress, check prices for accessories so you can account for these in your budget.

Doorways, Hallways, and Room Size

Measurements are particularly important when buying larger mattress sizes like a California king. In addition to planning the floor space necessary for your new bed, don’t forget to measure hallways, doorways, and staircases or elevators if you live in an apartment building. 

Mattresses that are compressed for shipping can be transported more easily and will fit into tighter spaces before they are unboxed, so don’t unpack the mattress until it has reached its final destination. If you need to transport the mattress through tight spaces, consider buying a split California king mattress and bed frame.

Mattress Weight, Mattress Type, and Movability

Foam mattresses are usually the lightest, although higher-density foams may weigh more. Hybrids have added weight from the metal coils, and latex mattresses tend to be the heaviest as well as the most awkward to move. While smaller mattresses can be lifted by one or two people, California king mattresses may require three or four pairs of hands after they are unboxed.

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