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Best Oversized Mattress of 2024:
Larger-Than-Life Picks


Written by Alison Deshong

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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An oversized mattress leaves sleepers more room to spread out without disturbing their sleep partner or pets. While these larger-than-average models are not as widely available as the biggest standard sizes, king and California king, the extra space may make them worth the added effort and expense. Whether you’re looking for a sleep surface with a few extra inches or a few extra feet, we’ll walk you through what to look for.

Before diving in, take a look at our guide to the best mattresses for more information on the ideal sleep surface for you. If none of the standard mattress sizes or common oversized options fit your needs, also check out our guide to the best custom mattress.

The Best Oversized Mattresses

Best Overall Mattress – Nolah Luxe Alaskan King Mattress

Most Comfortable Mattress – Ace Collection Mattresses

Best Value Mattress – Big Mattress Co. Oversized Mattresses

Best Adjustable Mattress – Mattress Insider Alaskan King Mattress

Sleep Doctor’s Picks

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Best Overall Mattress

Nolah Luxe Alaskan King Mattress

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The ultra-spacious Nolah Luxe Alaskan King spans 9 feet by 9 feet, creating an expansive sleep surface that offers gentle cushioning and sturdy coil support. Open-cell foams and steady air circulation through the support core also help ensure a cool, comfortable night’s rest.

Buy from Nolah
Ideal For:

Hot Sleepers


Medium Firm Option

Surface Usage:

Edges Sink a Bit


Good Value


  • Deep foam layers cushion the body without sagging or hugging too closely
  • Robust coils push back against your weight for a supportive, responsive feel
  • Excellent breathability and temperature control


  • Only available in one size and firmness
  • Assembly can be difficult and time-consuming

The Nolah Luxe Alaskan King offers more than 11,000 square inches of luxurious sleep space, making the mattress a solid choice for couples who frequently share their bed with pets, small children, or a combination of both. Aside from the size, this hybrid model is a quintessential Nolah design — breathable foams paired with sturdy coils create an appealing blend of plushness, support, bounce, and temperature control.

Why We Like It

Nolah mattresses are particularly popular among people who enjoy the cushioning of foam but also sleep hot, as each foam layer is engineered to promote airflow and resist heat buildup. The Luxe Alaskan King should prove to be no exception, and the mattress gets a cooling boost from the moisture-wicking GlacioTex cover. This is also one of the largest oversized mattresses on the market, yet its sticker price is still on par with the competition.

How Does It Feel?

The comfort system contains four individual foam layers, so you’ll notice some close cushioning as your body settles into the mattress. However, each layer is progressively denser from top to bottom. This creates a nice cradling effect with some gentle pushback from the underlying foams and pocketed coils. We’ve rated the mattress as medium firm (6). Since the Luxe Alaskan King measures 108 inches by 108 inches, we definitely recommend measuring your bedroom’s dimensions to ensure you have enough space.

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Most Comfortable Mattress

Ace Collection Mattresses

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

Ace Collection mattresses are available in three proprietary sizes, each of which offers a larger-than-average surface to meet your needs. You can choose from multiple hybrid designs and firmness levels to further customize your sleep space.

Buy from the Ace Collection
Ideal For:

Combination Sleepers


Soft, Medium Firm Options

Surface Usage:

Edges Sink a Bit


Good Value


  • Three oversized models, each with two firmness options
  • Pressure-relieving polyfoam comfort system
  • Breathable bamboo cover and gel-infused comfort layer engineered for cooling


  • No firm or extra firm options
  • Stomach sleepers over 230 pounds may not get enough midsection support
  • Proprietary mattress sizes may require special bedding and bases

The Ace Collection specializes in mattresses to suit tall people, adults who sometimes share their sleep space with children or pets, and those with sleep habits that require a longer or wider sleep surface. Demand for non-traditional mattress sizes led the company to create three innovative proprietary sizes: Ace Size, Player Size, and Family Size.

Why We Like It

The Ace Size measures 108 inches wide, best suited for co-sleepers looking to maximize their sleep surface. You can also choose the Player Size, which is 108 inches long, ensuring ample space for most people regardless of their height. The Ace Size’s length and Player Size’s width both measure 80 inches, allowing either mattress to fit through any standard doorway despite the oversized dimensions. The company’s largest option, the family size, measures 144 inches wide and 80 inches long. You can choose from four designs for the mattress: regular, pillow-top, premium cotton, and premium natural. The regular model features a breathable bamboo-derived cover and polyfoam comfort system over robust pocketed coils composed of U.S.-made steel. The pillow-top shares the same general construction but adds gel-infused polyfoam sewn into a pillow-top cover for enhanced cooling and pressure relief.

How Does It Feel?

You can also opt for the premium cotton or premium natural models, both of which hold a higher price-point and are available for custom order. The cotton model is made of American steel coils that are inner tufted, and topped with a plush latex tufted topper. This option also comes in all natural for those looking for a hypoallergenic option. In addition, the mattress comes in two firmness levels: soft (3) and medium firm (6). The foam comfort systems in the regular and pillow-top models appealed to our side sleepers, who enjoyed the generous cushioning. Meanwhile, side sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds, as well as back and stomach sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds, enjoyed the two premium models. Regardless of mattress type, we recommend opting for the softer design if you weigh less than 130 pounds and the medium firm if you weigh up to 230 pounds. Side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds also enjoyed the medium firm, but back and stomach sleepers with this body type may need a firmer mattress.

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Best Value Mattress

Big Mattress Co. Oversized Mattresses

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

Big Mattress Co. offers a wide selection of oversized models, many of which carry approachable price-points if you’re shopping on a budget. You can choose an all-foam model that cushions the body closely, or an airbed with adjustable firmness levels, and six different sizes are available.

Buy from Big Mattress Co.
Ideal For:

Budget Shoppers


Medium, Medium Firm Options

Surface Usage:

Edges Sink a Bit


Great Value


  • Available in six larger-than-standard sizes
  • Comes in all-foam and airbed designs
  • Includes a 100-night sleep trial


  • Foam models come in limited firmness options: Medium (5) and medium firm (6)
  • Larger sizes may be difficult to set up

Big Mattress Co. offers one of the largest selections of oversized beds. The company’s lineup includes six oversized options: Alaskan king, Texas king, Vermont king, Wyoming king, family, and the extra wide family XL. With reasonable prices on their large beds and generous customer service policies, Big Mattress Co. mattresses represent an excellent value for oversized bed shoppers.

Why We Like It

Big Mattress Co. offers two mattress models: the 11-inch Big Mattress Classic and the 13-inch Big Mattress Premier. The all-foam version of the Classic has a medium firm (6) feel, while the foam Premier has a medium (5) firmness level. Both the Classic and Premier are available in airbed versions. While the company refers to them as hybrid options, they feature inflatable air pods that let owners control the firmness level via a dial on the side of the bed.

How Does It Feel?

Our testers noted that both models are fairly versatile, providing a balance of pressure relief and support. Additionally, they observed that the polyfoam comfort system works to stifle motion and sound so co-sleepers don’t disturb one another during the night.

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Best Adjustable Mattress

Mattress Insider Alaskan King Mattress

Dr. Michael BreusReviewer Picture

The Sleep Doctor’s Review

The flippable Mattress Insider Alaska King is cushioned with plush memory foam on one side and responsive Talalay latex on the other. Foam-encased coils form a sturdy support system, while an organic cotton cover promotes breathability and cooling on the surface.

Buy from Mattress Insider
Ideal For:

Hot Sleepers


Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Firm, Firm, Firm Options

Surface Usage:

Full Surface


Fair Value


  • Reconfigurable layers for adjustable firmness
  • Durable hybrid design
  • Engineered for cooling with breathable organic cotton, gel memory foam, and Talalay latex


  • Comes in just one size
  • Relatively high price-point
  • Assembling and disassembling the mattress can be tricky

With its hybrid construction and customizable firmness, the Mattress Insider Alaskan King Mattress is one of the most versatile and durable oversized models available. The square Alaskan king size measures 108 inches in each direction, offering plenty of space for multiple co-sleepers and pets.

Why We Like It

Sitting at 13.5 inches thick, the Mattress Insider Alaskan King Mattress features a flippable and modular design that lets you fine-tune the feel of the bed. The comfort system consists of 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam and a 2-inch layer of Talalay latex. Our testing team found that it offers a nice balance between moderate contouring and responsiveness. The memory foam side has a plush 1-inch quilted cotton cover, while the latex side features the same organic cotton but without the added quilting. Beneath the comfort system sits a 1.5-inch transitional polyfoam layer followed by 6 inches of foam-encased pocketed coils. We found that the coiled core offered very good support all the way to the edge of the mattress. A final quarter-inch layer of dense support polyfoam provides added stability and support to the mattress.

How Does It Feel?

The comfort system is flippable, letting sleepers choose between the plusher feel of the memory foam layer or the firmer and more responsive latex layer. The firmness level can be further customized by flipping the support core and having either the firm transitional polyfoam or extra firm base layer on top. The mattress’ zippered design ensures that the sections stay in place. Alternatively, you can choose to forgo the support core altogether and just place the comfort system on a flat surface. Sleepers who like their mattress firm or extremely firm can omit the comfort system and sleep on either side of the support core. However, shoppers should note that the support core is shipped in two sections that must be zipped together, so there will be a small gap between the two sides. Additionally, you cannot order just the comfort system or the support core, so you should account for appropriate storage space if you don’t plan on using one of them.

opening quote icon Oversized mattresses are a unique option, and their fans swear by them. Even with a smaller size like a Wyoming king, the sheer amount of space feels like a big leap if you’re used to a queen bed. If you’re frequently sharing the bed with kids or pets, or you just really like to sprawl out, the extra space can be freeing and you may find it hard to go back. opening quote icon
David Rubin, Certified Sleep Science Coach, Director of Product Testing and Side Sleeper

What Oversized Mattress Sizes Are Available?

The most common oversized mattress sizes include Wyoming king, Texas king, Vermont king (also known as Alberta king), Alaska king, and family. That said, you can find some rarer sizes, such as family XL and extra wide king. A few manufacturers also offer custom mattresses, which may be ideal if you’re looking for very specific dimensions that don’t align with widely available sizes.

Oversized mattresses are bigger in length, width, or both than standard king mattresses. Longer mattresses are well suited to tall sleepers or those who have a pet that sleeps at the foot of the bed. Wider mattresses accommodate extra sleepers, such as children or pets, or allow occupants to spread out more. For sleepers with large bedrooms, an oversized mattress may also look better by filling out the space.

Oversized Mattress Sizes

Wyoming King84″ x 84″
Texas King80″ x 98″
Vermont King96″ x 96″
Alaskan King108″ x 108″
Family120″ x 80″

Best Types of Oversized Mattresses

You can find oversized models for any of the standard mattress types, but some are more common than others. We’ll break down how the materials and construction can impact the performance of an oversized mattress.

  • Foam: Foam mattresses typically offer significant pressure relief and motion isolation, making them comfortable for sharing. However, their limited edge support may make them harder to get into or out of, and some retain heat.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid models contain a foam or latex comfort system with a coil core, balancing conforming, responsiveness, edge support, and breathability. That said, they often carry higher price tags.
  • Innerspring: Oversized innerspring mattresses consist primarily of coils, making them springy and easy to move on. That bounce, however, can also contribute to the spread of vibrations across the mattress surface.
  • Latex: Latex models frequently consist of natural latex, which is responsive, conforming, and widely considered eco-friendly. This combination may appeal to families looking to share an oversized bed. However, oversized latex mattresses tend to be expensive and quite heavy.

Video: Comparing the Major Mattress Types

Watch our video to learn more about the construction and performance differences between the common types of mattresses.

What You Should Consider in an Oversized Mattress

Whenever you choose a mattress, it is important to consider relevant criteria. However, certain factors carry additional implications when you’re shopping for an oversized mattress.


Adequate mattress support promotes proper spinal alignment. Support is closely linked to mattress firmness, but the best firmness for balanced contouring and support depends on the sleeper’s body type and position preference. Most sleepers get the right amount of support from something between a soft or firm mattress, making this the most popular range for oversized mattresses. 

For sleepers who like to lie along the perimeter of the mattress, edge support can also play a role in the usable surface area and the ease of getting into or out of bed.


The average mattress lasts between 7 and 10 years, though this depends partially on how you care for it, how often you use it, and how often you rotate it. 

Under the right conditions, oversized mattresses can last for a similar length of time to their standard counterparts. However, uneven weight disruption may cause some portions of the mattress to show signs of wear before others. To account for this, some oversized mattress manufacturers have replaceable components so that you can change out part of the surface without buying an entirely new mattress.


Mattress thickness can impact support, ease of access, and aesthetics. Many sleepers, particularly those over 230 pounds, get a better blend of contouring and support from higher-profile models since they provide more materials to redistribute weight and cradle the body. At the same time, a higher- or lower-profile model may be easier to get into and out of depending on your height and the height of your bed frame. The mattress’ profile also impacts how an oversized mattress looks in the room.


Because oversized mattresses are less common, shopping for the right frame, foundation, and bedding can be tricky. Many retailers and manufacturers that sell oversized mattresses also offer accessories designed to accommodate them. Additionally, a few furniture retailers sell oversized bed frames, and some bedding companies produce oversized options.


Oversized mattresses range from around $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the size and materials. Since oversized mattresses call for special bedding and bed frames, you’ll also need to factor these into your budget.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Trial periods and warranties can improve your buying experience and protect your purchase. Mattress trial periods are a window during which you can return your mattress if it’s not right for you. Because of their limited demand and more challenging logistics, oversized mattresses frequently aren’t eligible for sleep trials. However, a few manufacturers offer trial policies. 

Mattress warranties protect your purchase if a qualifying defect, such as splitting foam or a deep impression, arises prematurely. A warranty can provide peace of mind and offer recourse if the mattress doesn’t hold up well.

Shipping, Delivery, and Setup

Because of their size, oversized mattresses tend to be more complicated to set up than standard options. They frequently ship compressed, rolled, and packed in boxes. Some manufacturers divide their oversized mattresses between several boxes, meaning you’ll need to move the components inside and assemble the mattress at home. Other companies ship their mattress in one piece, which may make the box heavier and more cumbersome to move. 

If you’d rather not handle an oversized mattress yourself, some companies offer White Glove delivery for an additional charge. This service usually includes a team bringing the oversized mattress into your room of choice, setting it up, removing any packaging material, and often disposing of your old mattress. 

Before purchasing an oversized bed, also take into account your bedroom space. Measure carefully, ensuring there will be enough open floor space to move around.

Is an Oversized Mattress Right for You?

An oversized mattress is right for some sleepers, but it isn’t ideal for everyone. If you need more room to spread out than a king or California king mattress can provide, then an oversized model might be a good option. Whether you or your partner move around a lot, you have kids who regularly crawl into bed, or your pets join you during the night, an oversized mattress can give you and your co-sleepers more room. 

That said, if you’re on a tight budget, have limited space, or want to use your existing accessories, a standard mattress size may be a better choice. Additionally, if you would struggle to move, assemble, or maintain a large, heavy sleep surface, you might be better off with another size.

  • Extra space
  • Sense of luxury
  • Suitable for taller sleepers
  • Accommodates co-sleeping with children or pets
  • More expensive
  • Heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to move
  • Requires a larger space
  • Limited availability of mattresses and accessories

Discover More Mattress Solutions

To learn more about your mattress options, check out some of our other buying guides.

How We Test

Combined, our diverse team of sleep product reviewers have decades of experience in the industry. Since our testers vary in position preferences, body types, and sleep habits, we collect robust data on how a mattress may perform for different individuals. At the same time, we operate based on a standard methodology to make our reviews as objective as possible. 

Over the years, we’ve tested over a thousand mattress models, including countless oversized options. Based on the results of our lab testing, we picked our top recommendations for the best oversized mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an oversized mattress?

An oversized mattress is larger than the normal dimensions of standard mattress sizes. Common oversized options include Wyoming king, Texas king, Vermont king, extra wide king, family, and family XL.

Where can you buy an oversized mattress?

You can buy an oversized mattress from select mattress stores and manufacturers. Some mattress companies also sell custom sizes, so you may be able to purchase an oversized mattress by asking them to produce a sleep surface according to your specifications.

Who should buy an oversized mattress?

Sleepers who need more room than a standard mattress can provide might prefer an oversized sleep surface. This may include tall sleepers, people who like to sprawl out while sleeping with a partner, sleepers who share their bed with pets or kids, and anyone who likes the luxurious look or feel of a large sleep surface.

What is the biggest possible mattress size?

Alaskan king and family XL mattress sizes are among the largest. An Alaskan king typically measures 108 inches by 108 inches, whereas a family XL is around 144 inches by 84 inches. That said, some manufacturers also offer custom sizes, so they might be able to produce larger dimensions.

How much do oversized mattresses cost?

Oversized mattress prices start at around $1,500 and can reach over $10,000. Expect larger oversized mattresses and those with higher quality materials to carry higher price tags.

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