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Oversized mattresses are available in multiple dimensions that cater to people who need more room than standard sizes provide. Technically, an oversized mattress is any mattress with dimensions larger than a king or California king. Oversized mattress options include extra long beds that accommodate tall sleepers, square beds that are as wide as they are tall, and even beds big enough to fit an entire family.

When deciding if an oversized bed is the best mattress for you, note that purchasing one requires a few extra logistical steps. Once you determine how much space you have in your bedroom and decide on a size, you need to secure adequate transport and source bedding to fit the bed’s irregular size.

We’ll explain how to address each step and discuss different dimensions on the market. You’ll learn which oversized bed is best for your needs and how to purchase one.

What Oversized Mattress Sizes Are Available?

Oversized mattresses have different dimensions than the standard mattress sizes more frequently seen in stores and online. We’ll highlight the various options shoppers can choose from when purchasing an oversized mattress and explain who might prefer each model.

Mattress Size

Wyoming King

84” x 84”

The Wyoming king is as long as it is wide. It’s the smallest square-shaped mattress and can comfortably fit a couple and child or offer extra room for two adult sleepers. Most average-sized bedrooms can accommodate a Wyoming king.

Texas King

80” x 98”

This mattress has a rectangular shape that’s 4 inches wider and 18 inches longer than a standard king. People who are tall or those who sleep with a pet at the foot of their bed may enjoy the Texas king’s extra length.

Alberta King

96” x 96”

The square-shaped Alberta king offers a foot more room in both length and width than the Wyoming king but requires less floor space than the Alaska king — the next size up in square mattresses. This size is not commonly manufactured and may be hard to find. However, for those who want to truly spread out in every direction, the Alberta king is an excellent option.

Extra Wide King

108” x 80”

The extra wide king has the same length as a standard king but offers significantly more room to spread out widthwise. It’s 32 inches wider than a standard king, providing plenty of space for more than two adults or those who co-sleep with their children. It fits well in a bedroom that can accommodate the extra width but not the length.

Alaskan King

108” x 108”

Largest among the square-shaped mattresses, the Alaskan king offers ample room to spread out in every direction. Families who co-sleep can accommodate more than one child, and the mattress is long enough to fit pets at the foot of the bed with room to spare. This model is as wide as two full beds placed next to each other.

Super Wide King

120” x 80”

The super wide king takes the extra wide king to a new level. This model has the same length as a king but provides an additional 44 inches of width. People who are comfortable on a king when it comes to their height but need more room on either side can opt for the super wide king.



Dimensions for the family mattress vary depending on the manufacturer. Additionally, some companies use the terms family and family XL interchangeably, while others refer to a super wide king as a family bed. A common family mattress size is 144 inches wide by 80 inches long, which is the same length as a standard king but 68 inches wider. It can comfortably fit up to four people, though it requires quite a bit of square footage.

Family XL

144” x 84”

The rectangular family XL mattress is the largest mattress size and requires the biggest bedroom. Its dimensions are the same as two California kings laid side by side. Up to four adults can fit across this mattress, and the extra length makes it a worthwhile choice for tall people. Those who opt for this mattress need a very large bedroom.



Some mattress manufacturers make beds to order in whichever dimensions the customer needs. This option is particularly helpful for those seeking a mattress to fit within an RV, boat, or other sleeping areas with irregular dimensions. Certain companies also build custom beds in the shape of hearts, circles, half moons, or other requested dimensions. Shoppers looking for a custom bed should expect to pay accordingly.

Where Can You Buy an Oversized Mattress?

Shopping for oversized mattresses can be tricky and requires thorough research. In most cases, you won’t find one in a regular brick-and-mortar store. However, some retailers specialize in oversized mattresses and cater to customers who need them.

Companies like Big Mattress Co. and Mattress Insider offer models already made in large dimensions that customers can special order. Some manufacturers prefer to make mattresses to order in sizes that fit your specific space requirements.

Where to Find Bedding for an Oversized Mattress

The best place to start looking for oversized mattress bedding is with the company that made the mattress. Often, these manufacturers understand that extra large bedding is hard to come by, so they design sheets, pillowcases, and toppers that are compatible with their beds.

Another excellent place to find bedding is third-party retailers like Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond that sell products from many different companies.

Where to Find Foundations for an Oversized Mattress

Depending on the mattress you choose, you may be able to place two standard-sized frames or foundations together. For example, the family XL mattress has the same dimensions as two California kings placed next to each other.

However, some oversized mattress dimensions require irregular measurements for foundations. In that situation, you may want to purchase the foundation or frame from the same retailer as the mattress to ensure that they are compatible.

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What Size Mattress Is Best for You?

Shopping for any mattress requires taking your needs and sleeping preferences into account. In addition to your sleep habits, you’ll want to consider factors like transportation, square footage requirements, and mattress construction.

Consider Your Needs

The number of people you plan to have in your bed, their heights and sleeping positions, and potential pets are all important considerations when choosing between oversized mattresses. While all oversized models have significantly more surface area than standard mattress sizes, some have the same length as a king, which may not be long enough for taller individuals.

Your sleeping position also plays an important role. If you know you like to spread your arms but keep your legs tucked up against your torso, you may prefer a mattress that’s wider than it is long. Think about each person who plans to use the bed before deciding which size will best suit everyone’s needs.

Measure Your Space

Oversized mattresses require oversized spaces. In addition to considering whether your bedroom has adequate square footage, it’s important to consider the mattress’ packaging. Unless it arrives compressed, you’ll need to measure your doorways and hallways to ensure the bed will fit through them to make it to your bedroom. Additionally, you’ll want to leave enough space around the mattress to make sure you can easily get in and out of bed.

Prepare for Transport

Standard-sized mattresses can be quite heavy depending on their construction and components. Oversized mattresses have the potential to be even tougher to move. Some retailers ship their mattresses directly to the consumer. If you choose this option, employ friends, family, or hired workers to help you move the mattress to your bedroom.

If you plan on picking up your mattress from the store yourself, ask the company about its packaging and make plans from there. You’ll likely need a truck, though a standard truck bed may not be big enough and the mattress may necessitate an oversized truck or moving vehicle.

Research Mattress Types

In addition to mattress size, construction is a critical factor to consider. Foam mattresses are known for their top-notch pressure relief, while innersprings feature bounce and responsiveness. Hybrids provide a blend of both foam and innerspring mattress qualities, while latex models offer responsiveness and lighter contouring.

Consider a mattress type that has plenty of structure and support, since a model that’s prone to sagging can be uncomfortable for those sleeping in the middle of the bed. A mattress with strong edge support or a reinforced perimeter can help combat this issue.

Set Your Budget

Generally speaking, oversized mattresses are more expensive than standard sizes. They require more materials because of their increased surface area, and manufacturers may need different machinery to build mattresses outside normal dimensions.

Like other mattress sizes, price-points differ depending on brand, size, and construction. While you can find standard-sized mattresses for less than $500, you should expect low-end oversized mattresses to begin around $1,500 and increase in price with the bed’s total surface area.

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