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Recreational vehicles tend to come equipped with basic comforts, such as a kitchenette, bed, bathroom, and table, which allow them to be used for travel or as a primary residence. If you spend a significant amount of time in your RV, it’s natural to look for ways to make your stay more comfortable. A good place to start is with the mattress.

While RVs may come with a mattress preinstalled, these are often basic models that offer little in the way of support or pressure relief. We’ll describe the most common RV mattress sizes, how they differ from standard mattress sizes, and how to find the right RV mattress for your setup.

What RV Mattress Sizes Are Available?

Because RV mattresses are designed to fit into smaller spaces, their dimensions are slightly different from standard mattress sizes. The exact size may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to double-check measurements before purchasing a new RV mattress.

Mattress Size

RV Bunk

28”x75” 30”x75” 30”x80” 34”x75” 35”x79”

The RV bunk size can come in several different variations. They are designed to match the size of RV bunks, which are often installed in addition to the primary bed.

RV Twin

28”x75” 28”x80”

RV twin mattresses are slightly narrower than regular twin size mattresses. They are sometimes  considered to be a variation of the RV bunk size.

RV Full

53”x75” 54”x75” 55”x75

Similar to a standard full size mattress, the RV full is the smallest size that can fit two sleepers.

RV Three-Quarter

48”x75” 48”x80”

Unique to RVs, the width of these mattresses measures approximately three-quarters that of a queen, offering a fairly spacious sleep surface for a single adult or two children.

RV Short Queen

60”x74” 60”x75”

The RV short queen size has the same width as a standard queen but is slightly shorter, allowing it to fit better inside an RV without sacrificing too much room for couples.

RV Olympic Queen


An Olympic queen mattress is 6 inches wider than a standard queen. This option is just shy of a king size mattress and can comfortably fit two adults or three small children.

RV King


The RV king size has the same length as a standard king but is 4 inches narrower, allowing it to fit more easily in cramped spaces.

RV Short King


For those who like the width of an RV king mattress but have limited room in their camper van, an RV short king may be a good solution.

RV California King


The roomiest RV mattress size is ideal for taller sleepers, three-person families, or multiple children.

What Size RV Mattress Should You Buy?

Factors to consider when buying an RV mattress include the available space and your preferred mattress type, budget, and personal needs.

Consider Your Needs

The occupants of your RV, including children and pets, will influence the number and sizes of mattresses required. Buying an RV mattress for a single adult or a couple is fairly straightforward and mostly depends on how tall the sleepers are and how much space you have. If you’re searching for RV mattresses to accommodate a family or pets, don’t be afraid to get creative. For example, a king size mattress can be turned sideways to sleep several children.

Measure Your Space

Whether you plan to use the mattress in an existing frame or place it on the floor, measuring the available space is all the more important when purchasing an RV mattress. If your RV has enough room, there’s nothing wrong with using a standard mattress. But don’t forget to measure any doorways or other access points to be sure you can maneuver the mattress for setup.

Research Mattress Types

RV mattresses are available in all the primary mattress types, including innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrid. Comfort is always important when choosing a mattress, especially if you’re concerned about getting high-quality sleep for safe driving the next day.

An additional consideration for RV mattresses is the weight limit. Foam mattresses tend to weigh the least, so they might be the most appropriate.

Set Your Budget

The most affordable RV mattress models cost around $200, but shoppers can find mattresses at a wide variety of price-points depending on the design, materials, and brand. Larger sizes cost more than their smaller counterparts.

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