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Best Sateen Sheets:
Our Top Picks for Silky-Smooth Bedding


Written by Garen Glazier

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

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When creating a comfortable sleep environment, it’s easy to focus on your mattress and pillows. However, sheets play a significant role in ensuring a good night’s sleep. Sheets come in a wide variety of materials and price-points, so it’s important to find a set that satisfies your sleep preferences and falls within your budget.

Sateen sheets have a soft, luxurious feel that is often compared to silk or satin. Sateen refers to the weave of the fabric, rather than the type of material. Cotton is the most common material used in sateen sheets, however you may find sateen sheets made with other materials such as bamboo-derived fabrics. 

We will discuss what sateen sheets are, how they are made, what to look for when choosing a sateen sheet set, and which sateen sheets might be best for your sleep preferences and budget.

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Best Overall

Saatva Organic Sateen Sheet Set

Buy From Saatva

100% GOTS-certified organic cotton






Good Airflow


  • Long-staple cotton promotes durability
  • Fitted sheet accommodates mattresses up to 16 inches thick
  • GOTS certification ensures organic sourcing

Ideal For

  • Shoppers who prioritize eco-friendly bedding
  • Individuals who own a thick mattress
  • People who sleep hot

Why We Like It

The Saatva Organic Sateen Sheet Set feels soft and luxurious to the touch. Composed of long-staple cotton, which is known for lasting longer than short-staple cotton, these sheets are a suitable choice for sleepers who value quality and durability in their bedding. 

The sheet set is made with organic cotton that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure the material was produced organically. We found the sheets stayed fairly cool, due in part to the natural breathability of cotton, so the bedding should feel comfortable for use through all seasons. You can wash and dry the sheets in a standard washer and dryer.

The Saatva Organic Sateen Sheet Set is available in white, ivory, or gray, and you can choose between nine size options. Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases — with the exception of the twin and twin XL sets, which include just one pillowcase.  

Saatva offers a 45-day trial to help you decide whether the sheets are a good fit for your needs. If you do return the sheets within 45 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund.

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Best Value

Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets

Buy From Molecule

52% Long-staple cotton, 48% Tencel lyocell






Good Airflow


  • Tencel and cotton composition helps regulate temperature
  • Long-staple variety of cotton promotes durability
  • Below-average pricing compared to other sateen sheet sets

Ideal For

  • People who sleep hot
  • Those looking for wrinkle-resistant sheets
  • Budget-conscious shoppers

Why We Like It

The Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets are made with breathable materials that help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. We particularly liked this sheet set for its reasonable price tag, compared to other sheets made of similar cooling materials. 

The sheets are composed of a blend of cotton and Tencel lyocell. Both materials have natural cooling properties, making the sheets suitable for those who sleep hot or live in warmer climates. The cotton is a long-staple variety, which is known for its softness and quality. This may appeal to shoppers who prioritize durable bedding.

Our testing team found that the Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets are fairly resistant to wrinkling. The sheets are available in four neutral color options and seven sizes, including split king. The fitted sheet has a 15-inch pocket depth, except for the California king fitted sheet, which is 18 inches deep. All fitted sheets should be compatible with most mattresses on the market.

Molecule offers a 30-day sleep trial with these sheet sets.

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Best Luxury

Avocado Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets

Buy From Avocado

Organic Indian Suvin cotton






Excellent Airflow


Excellent Airflow


  • Extra-long staple cotton is durable and soft
  • GOTS certification ensures that sheets are organic
  • Available in 600 or 1,000 thread count

Ideal For

  • Sleepers looking for a a silky, high-end sheet set
  • Shoppers who prioritize organic sourcing for their bedding
  • Those who sleep hot

Why We Like It

Avocado is known for using sustainably sourced and organic materials to create high-end mattresses and bedding. The soft and silky Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets are no exception. 

The sheets are made with extra-long staple Suvin cotton, a variety of cotton that is prized for its quality and durability. During testing, our team reported that the sheets felt notably soft. They also felt cool to the touch, which is beneficial for sleepers who overheat easily at night. The cotton is 100% organic, with GOTS certification to back the claim.

You may choose between a 600 or 1,000 thread count when purchasing these sheets. The 600 thread count set is available in natural, white, or gray, while the 1,000 thread count option is sold in white and natural. Each sheet set comes with one flat sheet and one fitted sheet, which is designed to fit mattresses up to 16 inches thick. Most sets come with two pillowcases, with the exception of the twin and twin XL, which only include one pillowcase. 

Avocado offers a 100-night sleep trial to try the sheets at home. The set is also covered by a one-year warranty.

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Most Comfortable

Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheets

Buy From Boll & Branch

100% organic long-staple cotton






Excellent Airflow


  • More than 10 color options
  • Composed of certified organic cotton
  • Long-staple cotton promotes durability

Ideal For

  • Shoppers with beds up to 17 inches thick
  • Those looking for a variety of color and size options
  • Sleepers who prefer sheets that drape close to the body

Why We Like It

If you are in the market for a new sheet set and looking for multiple color and size options, the Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet set is available in more than 10 colors and eight sizes. These sheets have a smooth, buttery quality that felt comfortable to many of our testers.

Made with high-quality long-staple cotton, the sheets were soft and cool to the touch during tests. They are also lightweight and breathable, making them suitable for people who run hot during sleep. Certification from GOTS ensures the cotton was produced organically.

You’ll receive one flat sheet and one fitted sheet with your set, with the exception of two fitted twin XL sheets in the split king set. Most sizes come with two pillowcases, but the twin and twin XL sets include just one. The fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 17 inches thick, making it compatible with most beds on the market. You may machine-wash the sheets in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on medium heat.

Boll & Branch offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S. To ensure you have time to try out your sheet set, Boll & Branch offers a 30-day sleep trial.

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Best Cooling

Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets

Buy From Sweet Zzz

100% GOTS-certified viscose from bamboo (400TC)






Excellent Airflow


  • Bamboo-derived viscose is cool and breathable
  • Smooth feel reduces friction against skin
  • Lifetime warranty

Ideal For

  • Sleepers with sensitive skin
  • People who sleep hot
  • Shoppers seeking a generous return policy

Why We Like It

The Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets have a silky feel with natural cooling properties. The fabric is beneficial for sleepers who tend to overheat or who live in hot climates. 

The sheets are composed of bamboo-derived viscose, which feels cool and smooth to the touch. Our testers were impressed with the breathability of the bedding and enjoyed the soft feel.

The Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets come in six colors and six standard sizes. The pillowcases have an envelope-style closure to keep the pillow from slipping around. Each set includes a flat sheet and a fitted sheet, plus one to two pillowcases depending on the size of the set. The fitted sheets have a 15-inch pocket depth.

Sweet Zzz suggests you wash the sheets with mild detergent in cool water on a gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low. To prevent wrinkles, you may remove the sheets from the dryer while they are slightly damp and lay them flat until completely dry. 

Sweet Zzz offers a lifetime warranty on sheet sets along with a 50-night sleep trial. The sheets ship for free within the contiguous U.S.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our testing team is made up of experts with years of collective experience researching and testing sleep products. We test sheets across several key performance areas such as breathability, comfort, ease of cleaning, and overall feel and design. We use the same mattress throughout the testing process in order to ensure each sheet set is being tested under the same conditions.

When we test sheets, we incorporate feedback from sleepers with different sleep preferences so that our evaluations can represent as wide a range of sleepers as possible.

What Are Sateen Sheets?

Sateen refers to a sheet’s specific weave, rather than the sheet’s material. Sateen sheets are most commonly made of cotton or a cotton blend material, which is often referred to as cotton sateen. However, you may also find sateen sheets made of rayon and other semi-synthetic materials. All sateen sheets have a soft, luxurious feel and tend to be more shiny and less wrinkle-prone than other sheet types. Sateen sheets come in a wide variety of colors and price-points.

Sateen and Percale Sheets, What’s the Difference?

Sateen and percale are two of the most common weaves that you’ll find in sheets. A sateen weave has a one-yarn-under, three- or four-yarns-over pattern. Percale sheets have a one-yarn-under, one-yarn-over pattern. This has an effect on both the feel and appearance of the resulting fabric.


Sateen sheets have a silky feel and subtle sheen. They tend to feel cooler to the touch than other sheet types and are also more wrinkle-resistant. The soft, silky feel makes sateen sheets a bit more delicate, which may result in snagging or pilling more than other types of sheets.


Percale sheets have a crisp feel and matte appearance. They tend to be more durable than sateen sheets, and also more breathable. Although percale sheets often feel crisp initially, they typically soften over time from regular use and washing.

Why Buy Sateen Sheets?

If you are looking for a soft, silky sheet set that doesn’t compromise on breathability, sateen sheets may be a good choice. The natural draping and sheen result in a polished appearance. 

Pros and Cons of Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets have a smooth, luxurious texture with subtle heft and a cozy feel. They are resistant to wrinkles and drape closely to the body. The close draping can result in some heat retention. Sateen sheets are also more prone to pilling and thus have a shorter lifespan than sheet sets with a different weave.  


  • Smooth, silky texture
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Drapes nicely against the body


  • More likely to snag and pill than other sheet sets
  • Can feel too slippery
  • Sleeps warmer than percale sheets

What to Expect From Sateen Sheets

When shopping for sateen sheets, you can expect to find silky, moderately breathable sheets in a variety of thread counts and price ranges.

Sateen Sheets CharacteristicsDescription
FeelSateen sheets typically have a smooth, luxurious feel with a natural drape and moderate heft. The slight sheen bears a resemblance to silk sheets.
Thread CountThread counts for sateen sheets range between 250 and 1,000, but keep in mind that higher thread counts do not necessarily reflect higher quality.
BreathabilityAlthough sateen sheets have a somewhat heavier feel than some other sheets, the material of the sheet plays a significant role in overall breathability. Cotton and bamboo-derived rayon are the most common materials used in sateen sheets, and both are naturally breathable.
DurabilityThe lifespan of sateen sheets depends largely on the quality and type of material. That said, sateen sheets are more prone to pilling and snagging, which can reduce their lifespan. Proper care, such as using mild detergent, can help your sateen sheets last longer.
Ease of CareSateen sheets are often machine-washable. Many brands suggest washing sateen sheets with a mild detergent on a cool cycle and drying on a low heat setting, but it’s important to read the care instructions that come with your particular sheet set.
PriceSateen sheets are sold in a wide range of price-points, making them a suitable option for many different budgets. You can expect to pay $70 to $300 for a quality set, although you may find sheets that cost well above or below this range.

How are Sateen Sheets Made?

Sateen sheets are most commonly made of cotton. However, bamboo-derived lyocell and modal may also be used. A process called mercerizing softens the material and gives sateen sheets their signature sheen, while the four-over-one-under or three-over-one-under weave produces a silky feel.

Cotton Sateen

Cotton is the preferred fabric for sateen sheets due to quality, breathability, and ease of cleaning. Cotton quality depends on factors like staple length and the origin of the cotton. Longer staples generally provide a softer, more durable fabric than shorter staples.

Pima cotton, which is typically grown in Peru but is also cultivated in the U.S., is an extra-long staple cotton known for its breathability and softness. Supima is a type of pima cotton that is exclusively grown in the U.S. Egyptian cotton is another long-staple variety that many consider one of the finest types of cotton available. 

  • Standard Cotton: Standard cotton, also referred to as short-staple cotton, is made of staples measuring up to 1.125 inches long. Sheets made with short-staple cotton are typically less expensive and less durable than long-staple varieties. 
  • Long-Staple Cotton: Long-staple cotton is composed of staples between 1.125 and 1.375 inches long. It tends to produce softer and more durable fabric than short-staple cotton.  
  • Extra-Long Staple Cotton: Extra-long staple cotton has staples that measure longer than 1.375 inches. You’ll often find this type of cotton in luxury bedding.

Which Sateen Cotton Sheets are Best? 

Due to its superior softness and durability, extra-long staple cotton is typically used to make higher-end bedding. There are three types of extra-long staple cotton: Egyptian, pima, and Supima. These sheets often carry higher price tags than sets made with short-staple cotton. 

  • Egyptian Cotton: In order to qualify as Egyptian cotton, sheets must be made of long-staple cotton that originated in Egypt. Since short-staple varieties may also come from Egypt, check the label to make sure the Egyptian cotton is of the long-staple variety. You can also check for certification from the Cotton Egypt Association. These sheets are typically some of the priciest sateen sheets on the market.
  • Pima Cotton: Pima cotton has traditionally been made in Peru. However, it is now sourced from other areas of the world. Pima cotton sheets are soft, breathable, and durable. They often carry a higher price tag.
  • Supima Cotton: Supima cotton is a type of pima cotton grown in the United States. It is a good choice for people who sleep hot and for people who need soft sheets for sensitive skin. 

Organic Cotton 

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fungicides. In order for cotton to be considered organic, it must be farmed without the use of GMO seeds. To ensure that cotton is organically sourced, look for organic certification from a reputable organization such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

Bamboo-Derived Fabrics

Bamboo-derived fabrics are another material commonly used in sateen sheets. Bamboo-derived sheets have a silky appearance and are typically cooler to the touch than other types of sheet material. Sateen sheets made with bamboo-derived materials tend to be a more affordable option than sateen sheets made of Egyptian cotton and other long-staple cotton varieties. 

Additional Sateen Fabrics and Blends

Aside from bamboo-derived fabrics, sateen sheets can also be made from polyester, microfiber, and lyocell. Among these materials, polyester sheets tend to be the most affordable option compared to lyocell sheets, which typically come with a higher price tag. Microfiber sheets sleep warmer than other sateen options, making lyocell or bamboo-derived materials a more appealing choice for sleepers who run hot. 

Last Tips for Sateen Sheets

When shopping for sateen sheets, it’s important to keep several factors in mind to ensure a sheet set matches your needs and falls within your budget. 

Picking the Right Thread Count: Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into 1 square inch of fabric. Most high-quality sateen sheet thread counts are between 300 and 600. Keep in mind that higher thread count doesn’t necessarily indicate better quality or more comfort. For example, sheets with higher thread counts are sometimes thicker and less breathable. By the same token, just because a sheet set has a lower thread count doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is inferior. 

Choosing Quality Materials: The quality of the material greatly impacts how a sheet set performs, especially when it comes to breathability, softness, and durability. It helps to choose materials that are known for their higher quality, such as long-staple cotton varieties like Supima and Egyptian cotton. You can also choose sheets with certifications that guarantee certain standards were met during production. For example, GOTS certification ensures the material is organic.

Avoiding Sateen Sheets That Pill: Sateen sheets are prone to pilling, but handling them with proper care can reduce wear and tear. Many brands suggest washing sateen sheets separately from other items in order to prevent pilling. It is also beneficial to use mild detergent and set your machine to a gentle cycle.  

Finding Cool Sateen Sheets: Sateen sheets made with bamboo-derived materials or lyocell typically sleep cooler than other materials. Lower thread count sheets may also sleep cooler as they tend to be more breathable than sheets with very high thread counts.

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