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Folding a fitted sheet can puzzle even the most organized and tidy among us. Luckily, you can use a straightforward method that withstands wrinkles and takes up little space in your linen closet. On your next laundry day, instead of crumpling up your fitted sheet in defeat, use our step-by-step directions to achieve a consistent and precise fold.

Step by Step: Folding a Fitted Sheet

You can ensure a quick process and orderly outcome by taking a few extra steps before folding your sheet. First, make sure to fold your sheet right after washing and drying. You’re more likely to avoid wrinkles if you fold sheets shortly after removing them from the dryer. Next, choose a clean folding location that’s large enough to lay the sheet flat — we recommend simply using your bed. Finally, follow the outlined step-by-step instructions.

  1. Flip the sheet inside out and lay it flat on a large, clean surface. Identify the longer and shorter sides.
  2. On one of the shorter edges, grab two adjacent corners and hold the sheet corners to your chest.
  3. Make sure that the side facing away from you is inside out, with the open side of the sheet pointing toward you.
  4. On the side that’s facing you, place your hands inside each corner and move your right hand to your left, folding the right corner over the left corner. The corner on top should now be right-side out.
  5. Shake the sheet to straighten the bottom.
  6. Grab the lowest corner hanging in front, folding it over the two corners in your left hand so that it faces inside out.
  7. Bring the last corner over the three corners in your left hand. It should be right-side out.
  8. Lay the folded sheet on a flat, clean surface, so the elastic faces up.
  9. Fold the sheet into thirds, hiding the elastic as you go.
  10. Finish folding the sheet to your desired size.

The type of sheets you choose will also factor into getting the perfect fold. Wrinkle-prone materials like linen and bamboo should be folded immediately after drying to get the best results. However, armed with your new sheet-folding know-how, you can choose the best sheets for your lifestyle and effortlessly fold any set.

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