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Dr. Breus

My Sleep Courses

If you struggle with insomnia or you just want a better night of sleep, let me help.

My Control Your Sleep Course is designed to help if you suffer from insomnia. Let me teach you how to solve your insomnia without pills. I’ll guide you through the exact processes I use with my in-office sleep patients who have been diagnosed with Insomnia. You’ll learn the most effective techniques available to help you go to sleep and stay asleep. You don’t have to continue to suffer. This course is $89.00 but for a very limited time, if you use the code bettersleep50 (Case Sensitive) I’ll give you an additional $50 off the total.

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Get Better Sleep was created for you if you just want to maximize your sleep. I’ll teach you the same techniques I teach my professional athletes, CEOs, and Celebrities. You’ll learn everything you need to get even better, more restorative sleep each night. I’ll also show you how to wake up with more energy and how to maintain that energy throughout the day. This is the fast track to your best sleep ever!
This course is $89.00 but for a very limited time, if you use the code bettersleep50 (Case Sensitive) I’ll give you an additional $50 off the total.

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All of my courses come with a full 60-night money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t love the course, let me know and I’ll happily refund your purchase price.

Sleep Doctor PM

Many people have both a hard time falling asleep quickly and then wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to go back to sleep.

They are afraid to take anything in the middle of the night because they don’t want to feel groggy the next day.

I heard it so many times that I finally went back to the lab and reviewed the research to determine what would help.

Here’s The Solution

Sleep Doctor PM is a unique two-part formula 

There Are Two Different Formulas For Two Different Yet Specific Uses

  1. Use 5-7 sprays under the tongue of formula/bottle one “ Nighttime Formula” to help fall asleep and stay asleep longer
  2. On the occasion that you wake up in the middle of the night use 5-7 sprays under of the tongue of bottle 2 “middle of the night” if you are having a hard time falling back to sleep, with no fear of next day grogginess.

The two-step formula is important because the first formula is designed to be longer lasting and help you fall asleep quickly. The second formula is designed to be of shorter duration and to augment falling back to sleep, and awakening refreshed.

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Sleeping better can be aided by breathing better. If you suffer from congestion or stuffiness this product can help to relieve congestion. This product is designed for daily use, is clinically validated, multi-patented and made in the USA.

The SinuSonic is a handheld, easy-to-use device that utilizes light acoustic vibrations and light resistant pressure that, when combined with normal breathing, is intended to help relieve nasal congestion. As you breathe in and out of the device for up to 3 minutes, SinuSonic emits a gentle acoustic vibration and when exhaling, you experience light pressure and a ‘flutter’ of resistance. Research has shown that the applications of sound and pressure can help relieve nasal congestion. SinuSonic is the first patents pending device that brings these methods together in a safe and natural way to combat nasal congestion, without drugs, messy irrigators, or surgery. Enjoy the device for 6 months or up to 1,080 minutes from pulling battery tab.

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