Donate Your CPAP

If you are no longer in need of your CPAP equipment, you can donate your machine to be safely recycled for reuse. We work with qualified medical equipment companies that will refurbish your equipment for safe use by another patient in need.

We are accepting gently used working CPAP or Bi-PAP machine that are less than 4 years old and comes from a pet-free, smoke-free household.  Your donated machine can be used by others who cannot afford to purchase this equipment new at higher prices. If you are looking for a new CPAP machine, check out our list of the best CPAP machines.

Recycling your old CPAP or BiPAP machine is a practical way to put a functional sleep apnea machine back into circulation.

Please fill out the form below – all fields are required.  If we are able to refurbish your machine, you will be contacted by the medical equipment company who will provide you with a prepaid mailing label.

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Since The Sleep Doctor does not directly accept these donations of your equipment, we are currently unable to provide you a receipt to be used as a tax deduction.

Sell Your CPAP

Please know that a physician prescription is required in order to obtain a CPAP or BIPAP machine.  Therefore, it is not recommended to sell your CPAP equipment.  There are similar laws regulating CPAP hoses and masks.  If you do decide to try and sell your equipment research your state and federal laws that pertain to selling in person or over the internet.

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