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Best Essential Oils for Sleep:
Drift Off With Soothing Aromas


Written by Katie Kottemann

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Breus

Expert Tested

Essential oils are natural extracts from plants that retain the scent and taste of the botanical source. Many people use essential oils to reduce stress or improve physical health, but with so many essential oils on the market, it’s natural to wonder which oils are best for relaxing before bedtime and falling asleep.

Aromatherapy involves inhaling the scent of an essential oil. Essential oils can also be topically applied to the skin or placed directly into a bath. While researchers are still learning about the benefits of essential oils, studies suggest that incorporating the right essential oils into a bedtime routine may help you fall asleep and improve your sleep quality.

We’ll cover our picks for the best essential oils for sleep and offer a guide to help you select the right essential oil for your needs.

Best Overall

Plant Therapy Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend


  • Price: $19

  • Size Options: 10 mL, 30 mL


  • Blend of extracts promote sleep quality
  • Pleasant floral scent
  • Available in two sizes

Ideal For

  • People who need help falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Those new to using essential oils
  • Returning shoppers looking for a subscription plan

Plant Therapy’s Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend is designed to promote relaxation and quality sleep. It includes a blend of several oils, including lavender, ylang-ylang, hops, green mandarin, and bitter orange. We enjoyed its sweet, citrusy, floral scent that’s bright without bitter or excessively perfumy notes.

You can put several drops of this oil in a diffuser, in bathwater, or diluted in topical applications. Plant Therapy offers 10- and 30-milliliter bottles. The company also sells this blend in a 10-milliliter roll-on that is prediluted and can be placed on your wrists, arms, legs, or feet around 30 minutes before bedtime.

With this blend, Plant Therapy offers a mixture of oils to promote well-being and sleep quality. The Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend has a comforting scent, and the company has a generous return policy.

Best Value

Plant Therapy Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil


  • Price: $10

  • Size Options: 10 mL, 30 mL


  • Promotes relaxation and calm
  • Warm, rich, and woody scent
  • Low price tag

Ideal For

  • Budget-conscious shoppers
  • People who like deep, earthy smells
  • Sleepers with anxiety

Plant Therapy’s Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is a steam-distilled oil from the wood of the Atlas cedar tree. It originates in Morocco and has an earthy scent with hints of spice and smoke. Cedarwood essential oil is used to calm anxiety and promote relaxation, making it well suited for those who need help soothing their mind and body before bed.

Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is best used in a diffuser or diluted and used in topical applications. You can use three to four drops of oil for every 100 milliliters of water in your diffuser, or mix the oil with a carrier for topical use. This oil comes in 10- and 30-milliliter sizes.

The Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil from Plant Therapy is an excellent option for value seekers and those who want grounding and relaxation. This oil has a rich and woody scent that gives it broad appeal.

Best Roll-On

UpNature Lavender Essential Oil Roll On


  • Size Options: 10 mL


  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
  • Fresh and pure lavender scent
  • Convenient roll-on bottle

Ideal For

  • Those who prefer topical application
  • Anxious sleepers
  • People who love the smell of lavender

UpNature Lavender Essential Oil Roll On offers one of the best-known essential oils in a convenient applicator. Lavender has a pleasant, floral scent and may help reduce stress, promote calm, and enhance sleep quality. There’s no need to dilute this oil prior to application — the oil has already been mixed with a carrier for safe use directly on the skin.

UpNature suggests applying the oil on the temples, neck, wrists, feet, or anywhere your skin needs soothing. The roll-on design is portable, and the oil does not contain additives or fillers. 

This product’s classic lavender scent and roll-on design make it a great option for those who like to use their essential oils on the go.

Best Luxury

Plant Therapy Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


  • Price: $23

  • Size Options: 5 mL, 10 mL, 30 mL


  • Contains pure Roman chamomile
  • Mellow, fruity, herbaceous scent
  • May help reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and relieve muscle strain

Ideal For

  • Quality-minded shoppers
  • Those wanting a scent that isn’t too strong
  • Sleepers with body aches

Plant Therapy’s Roman Chamomile Essential Oil is extracted via steam distillation and has a mild and fruity aroma. Chamomile is known for inducing relaxation as well as relieving sore muscles and joints.

Place this chamomile oil in a diffuser or dilute it for use topically or in a bath. Plant Therapy also suggests blending this oil with others for enhanced relaxation. It blends best with peppermint, bergamot, sage, and other forms of chamomile. This oil is available in 5-, 10-, and 30-milliliter bottles.

Plant Therapy Roman Chamomile Essential Oil is a good choice for people who lack sleep due to anxiety or pain. Its luxury price-point makes it more expensive than the average essential oil, but it makes up for that in quality.

Best Blend

Maple Holistics Dream Essential Oil Blend


  • Size Options: 10 mL, 30 mL, 59 mL,118 mL


  • Provides a range of sleep-promoting benefits
  • Blends lavender, ylang-ylang, Roman chamomile, and clary sage
  • Comes in four size options

Ideal For

  • Sleepers wanting to harness the power of blends
  • Those who prefer using a diffuser
  • Shoppers who like to buy in bulk

Maple Holistics’ Dream Essential Oil Blend includes a mixture of ylang-ylang, clary sage, Roman chamomile, and lavender. Each of these oils is known for reducing anxiety and promoting a calm mind. Because it’s a blend, this product allows you to take advantage of the benefits of several essential oils at once. 

This oil’s scent mixes the sweetness of lavender with the earthiness and floral notes of the other blended oils. It’s best used in a diffuser, mixed with a topical carrier oil, or placed in your bathwater. 

Maple Holistics offers this vegan oil in standard 10- and 30-milliliter sizes. The company also sells 59- and 118-milliliter bottles for shoppers looking to get this blend in bulk.

The Dream Essential Oil Blend combines several oils known for their relaxing and sleep-promoting properties. It’s an ideal blend for those who want to reduce stress to improve sleep.

Best Floral Scent

Nexon Botanics Zen Sleep Essential Oil Blend


  • Size Options: 30 mL


  • Encourages feelings of calmness
  • Bright and sweet floral smell
  • Contains a mixture of lavender, rosemary, and orange

Ideal For

  • Those who like floral scents
  • Sleepers who need help relaxing before bed
  • Those who use a diffuser for aromatherapy

The Nexon Botanics Zen Sleep Essential Oil Blend includes a mixture of lavender, rosemary, and orange oils for a bright but soothing floral aroma. This blend’s floral scent mixes the earthiness of rosemary with the fresh smell of citrus and the sweetness of lavender. All three oils may promote sleep quality by reducing anxiety and enhancing calm. 

The brand recommends using this product for aromatherapy in a diffuser or other method. It can be used topically, but it must be diluted in a carrier oil. Nexon Botanics suggests consulting a doctor before using this oil in any other way. It should not be used by children or people who are pregnant.

The citrusy and bright floral scent of the Nexon Botanics Zen Sleep Essential Oil makes it stand out from competitors, and it also contains extracts that may induce calm and help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Best for Kids

Plant Therapy Nighty Night KidSafe Essential Oil Blend


  • Price: $16

  • Size Options: 10 mL, 30 mL


  • Designed to help children relax before bedtime
  • Blends lavender, marjoram, mandarin, cedarwood, patchouli, sage, chamomile, and blue tansy
  • Two size options

Ideal For

  • Parents with kids
  • Kids who get overexcited near bedtime
  • Those who want options for application

Plant Therapy’s Nighty Night KidSafe Essential Oil Blend contains lavender, sweet marjoram, mandarin, cedarwood atlas, patchouli, clary sage, Roman chamomile, and blue tansy. This blend is intended to relax the mind and body and is well suited for kids ages 2 to 10 who have trouble calming down before bedtime. 

This blend can be used in a diffuser or mixed with unscented shampoo or body wash and added to a warm bath. You can also mix it with a carrier oil and apply it to the chest or back of the neck before bedtime. The product comes in 10- and 30-milliliter bottles.

Nighty Night KidSafe Essential Oil Blend is an excellent option for parents whose kids need help relaxing near bedtime. The oil has a fresh scent and may help children calm their minds and bodies.

Why you should trust us

We have researched and tested dozens of essential oils to find our top choices in a range of categories. Our team of testers has years of experience reviewing sleep health products. They also have a range of sleep needs, which helps us have varied perspectives as we evaluate each essential oil.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the plant’s scent, flavor, and certain beneficial qualities. The oil may be extracted using various methods, including distillation or cold pressing. Oils can then be used in aromatherapy, medicine, perfumes, or to flavor foods.

The use of essential oils for their medicinal properties dates back thousands of years and spans many cultures, including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Chinese traditions. In the United States, essential oils are often used in complementary medicine and are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Researchers have studied a wide range of potential uses for essential oils. Studies have found that aromatherapy using essential oils may help fight infections and have beneficial effects for people experiencing stress, pain, sleep problems, and other health issues.

Can aromatherapy help you sleep?

Research shows that aromatherapy can effectively reduce stress and help people fall asleep. Aromatherapy for sleep can be incorporated into your bedtime routine by using a diffuser, lotions, sprays, massage oils, or other products that contain sleep-promoting essential oils. 
Lavender, chamomile, and bergamot are common oils used in aromatherapy to promote sleep. Lavender and bergamot may induce sleep by reducing anxiety, and lavender has been shown to improve sleep quality. Studies suggest that chamomile may help alleviate insomnia.

How to use essential oils for sleep

There are a variety of ways to use essential oils for sleep:

  • Add to a diffuser
  • Spray on bedding
  • Apply topically
  • Use in a bath

Diffusers allow you to combine several drops of essential oil with water. The diffuser then disperses the oil into the air. Some oils come in sprays that can be spritzed directly onto sheets or pillows.

When used topically, essential oils typically need to be diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba. Some roll-on products are prediluted and can be applied directly to the skin.

Bear in mind that some essential oil products are highly concentrated and may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Patch test any new essential oil on your skin before using it or consult your doctor first.

What essential oils are good for sleep?

A variety of essential oils are known for their soporific effects and may help people fall asleep, improve sleep duration, and enhance sleep quality. Each oil has a unique chemical composition that affects its scent and beneficial characteristics. 

While many brands of essential oils are on the market, oil quality and purity vary by product. Essential oil blends are also available, which contain a mixture of several essential oils.

Essential oilDescription
LavenderWell known for its calming properties, lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety, lessen pain, and improve sleep quality.
Ylang-ylangResearch shows that ylang-ylang may help reduce anxiety and promote feelings of well-being, which could make it easier to fall asleep. Ylang-ylang is also used as an aphrodisiac.
ChamomileChamomile has been shown to improve anxiety symptoms and reduce insomnia. It may also speed wound healing and reduce inflammation.
BergamotBergamot essential oil may help people fall asleep. This oil is also known for improving mood and reducing anxiety.
CedarwoodCedarwood oil has demonstrated sedative effects during studies. It’s also used in soaps and as an insect repellant.
Clary sageClary sage may be calming because it helps lower cortisol levels and relax muscles. This oil is also promoted for its uses in reducing wrinkles and acne.
Sweet orangeBecause sweet orange oil may reduce anxiety and have a relaxing effect, it could help people who have trouble quieting the mind and falling asleep.

Pros and cons of essential oils

While essential oils may help with a variety of issues, there are also some potential drawbacks you should consider before using them.


  • Studies have shown them to aid sleep
  • May promote healing, calming, and mood-boosting effects
  • Pleasant fragrances
  • Few known negative side effects apart from allergies and skin irritation
  • Widely available in stores and online


  • May not lead to desired effects
  • Not regulated by the FDA
  • May cause allergic reactions or skin irritation
  • Quality and purity can vary greatly
  • More research is needed to confirm some purported health benefits

Additional tips to help you sleep

In addition to essential oils, other ways to improve sleep include creating a comfortable and peaceful sleep space and maintaining healthy sleep hygiene. If these measures aren’t enough to get the rest you need, talking to a health care professional may help you find the right solution.

  • Use the right mattress and pillow: Finding the best mattress and pillow for your sleep needs is essential to sleeping well. When selecting a bed, consider your preferred sleep position and body weight. The right mattress should feel comfortable and offer enough support to help you maintain neutral spinal alignment.
  • Follow a consistent bedtime routine: Healthy sleep habits can make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. A consistent, relaxing bedtime routine signals to your brain and body that it’s time to rest. Consider integrating nightly habits like turning down the lights, engaging in a soothing activity, and turning off your phone an hour before bed.
  • Limit stimulants before bedtime: Limiting caffeine and nicotine before bedtime may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Stimulants increase blood pressure, heart rate, and alertness, which may in turn disrupt sleep and reduce sleep quality.

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