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The Panthera Digital Sleep Apnea Device (D-SAD) is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that’s both customized and adjustable. This mandibular advancement device (MAD) physically moves the lower jaw forward to widen your breathing passages and more air to circulate, which in turn reduces your potential for snoring. Your dentist generates an optical impression of your mouth used to customize the D-SAD. After the device has been made, you can adjust it to advance the jaw further or less using interchangeable rods. 

The D-SAD is not available over the counter, so you should ask your dentist about the device if it sounds appealing. This review takes a detailed look at the Panthera D-SAD. We’ll discuss the device’s design and special features, how it works, and where to obtain one. 

Panthera D-SAD: What You Need to Know

The Panthera D-SAD is one of the most advanced anti-snoring mouthguards on the market today. Advanced levels of customization and adjustability elevate this device over most over-the-counter MADs. However, you’ll need to jump through a few extra hoops to obtain the D-SAD, and it’s quite expensive compared to the average mouthguard. Though, your insurance may cover some or all of the cost, and the device is currently eligible for Medicare reimbursement.

One notable feature of the D-SAD is its composition. Made from medical-grade polyamide, a type of nylon, the device is lightweight and robust in equal measure. The rods that adjust the advancement level are constructed using the same material. Most MADs made today can be adjusted up to 8 millimeters. With the D-SAD, you can adjust the advancement level in 0.5-millimeter increments up to 18 millimeters. 

Since the D-SAD is not authorized for private sale, you can only obtain it through a licensed dentist, doctor, or denturist. Digital scanning creates an optical impression for the mouthpiece. You’ll need a prescription, and a sleep study and treatment plan may also be required. Keep these steps and their potential costs in mind when deciding whether the D-SAD is right for you. 

Pros and Cons

The D-SAD is a highly advanced anti-snoring mouthpiece, but steep pricing and lack of over-the-counter access may be barriers for some. Pros and cons for the device are listed below.


  • Fully customized using an optical impression from dental digital scanning
  • Adjustable with 36 different settings
  • Medical-grade polyamide composition ensures a comfortable, lightweight design
  • Easy cleaning process


  • Relatively expensive price-point for an MAD
  • Device is not available for private purchase

Who Should Use the Panthera D-SAD?

You should only use the Panthera D-SAD if your dentist, doctor, or denturist directs you to do so. The device is not sold over the counter, nor can it be purchased by private consumers. Ask your dentist if they carry the D-SAD, and whether they think it’s the best option for you.

Those who snore due to sleep apnea and other reasons can greatly benefit from the Panthera D-SAD. The mouthpiece is highly adjustable, allowing you to choose 36 different settings for lower jaw advancement. Since the D-SAD is exceptionally small and lightweight, it is also well suited to people who have found other MADs too heavy or cumbersome.

Who Is It Ideal For?

  • Anyone seeking an anti-snoring device customized for their mouth
  • Sleepers who want an adjustable MAD
  • Those who sleep more comfortably with a lightweight mouthguard

Who Should Avoid It?

  • People who are prone to jaw pain
  • Shoppers with tight budgets and limited insurance coverage

How Does the Panthera D-SAD Work?

As an MAD, the Panthera D-SAD widens your breathing passages by physically advancing the jaw. The additional circulation can reduce breathing. When the wearer’s jaw is fully advanced, the D-SAD may widen the airway enough to minimize choking and gasping episodes for people with sleep apnea.

The D-SAD is composed of lightweight yet durable medical-grade polyamide. Thin titration rods connect the upper and lower trays. To adjust the rods, remove them and replace them with a shorter or longer set. Unless directed otherwise by your dentist, always use two rods of the same length.

Each D-SAD purchase includes a set of rods measuring between 20.5 and 30 millimeters long. You can purchase supplemental sets of rods measuring 16 to 20 millimeters and 30.5 to 34 millimeters. Since the device can be adjusted in 0.5-millimeter increments, this means you can choose from 36 different settings.


The Panthera D-SAD is designed to reduce snoring from sleep apnea by advancing the jaw and widening the airway. Many dental patients have found the device highly effective, thanks in large part to its advanced adjustment system. The D-SAD has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

Available Models

The Panthera D-SAD is available in two designs. The Classic features titration rods that attach to the upper and lower trays with interlocking fittings, while the newer X3 model’s rods clip in and out. Please note both D-SAD models are only available through a licensed dental provider and cannot be purchased over the counter or online.

Design and Materials

The D-SAD’s trays and titration rods are composed of medical-grade polyamide. A type of nylon, this material is exceptionally lightweight compared to the plastic used for other MADs. Using an optical impression, the device is customized for your mouth. More than 300 variations are available.


Polyamide is a strong and durable material. If properly cared for and stored, the D-SAD could perform for at least two years. Replacement rods are available and inexpensive.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Panthera recommends cleaning the D-SAD on a daily basis. Gently scrub with a toothbrush and lukewarm water. You should also sterilize the device twice a week using an antibacterial, chlorine-free cleaning solution.  

How Is the Panthera D-SAD Customized?

The Panthera D-SAD’s cutting-edge customization process begins with your dentist performing a digital scan of your entire mouth. This scan is used to generate an optical impression for customizing the device. More than 300 variations are available. These include variations with the upper and lower trays as well as the bands.

You can adjust the mouthpiece using titration rods of different lengths. Each D-SAD comes with rods ranging from 20.5 to 30 millimeters in increments of 0.5 millimeters. The rods feature fittings at each end that interlock with anchor points on the upper and lower trays, making them easy to remove and replace as needed. You can purchase additional rods ranging from 16 to 20 millimeters and 30 to 34 millimeters if the standard set does not provide sufficient advancement.

Where Can You Get the Panthera D-SAD?

Panthera exclusively sells the D-SAD to dentists, doctors, denturists, and dental lab employees, so it is not available to private consumers. You must first consult with your dentist or another licensed dental professional. If you are approved for the D-SAD and your dental provider carries the device, you’ll work with them to get fitted.   

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


You must obtain the D-SAD through a licensed medical or dental professional. A prescription is required. Additional steps such as a sleep study or sleep apnea treatment plan may also be needed.

Estimated Cost

The D-SAD’s price varies by specific design. However, you should expect to pay several hundred dollars for the device. Be sure to take additional expenses such as dental visits into your budgeting if you plan to seek out the D-SAD.

The D-SAD is eligible for Medicare reimbursement. Even if you don’t qualify for Medicare, your health insurance may cover a substantial amount of the cost.

Eligibility Requirements

You need a prescription and dentist approval to obtain the Panthera D-SAD. Your dental provider performs a digital scan used to create the impression for customizing the mouthpiece. Depending on your medical history, you may also need to complete a sleep study or receive a long-term treatment plan for sleep apnea before receiving approval for the D-SAD.

Processing Time

Most D-SAD mouthpieces are fully created within 15 days after Panthera receives the patient’s digital dental scan. Additional wait times depend on shipping carriers.

Warranty and Replacements

The D-SAD is covered under a three-year warranty. Panthera offers a free replacement device within 60 days of the original shipping date.

For the remaining warranty period, Panthera will replace the D-SAD for free if “in-mouth material breakage” occurs. For other defects and issues, Panthera replaces the device at 50% of the original cost. If a new fitting is needed, the warranty is voided.

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