Sleep Quizzes: Learn More About Your Sleep Habits

Whether you are looking to optimize your rest or want to address difficulties getting a good night’s sleep, you can dig deeper into your sleep health by taking one of our sleep quizzes. Each quiz is designed to highlight an important area of sleep health and provide you with customized advice on how to get better rest.

Chronotype Quiz: Find Your Chronotype

Discovering your chronotype can offer insights into your natural biological rhythms. Take our chronotype quiz to learn more about your body’s unique programming. Find out how syncing your schedule with your natural tendencies may help you sleep easier each night and be more productive during the day. 

For the most accurate results, carefully consider your typical sleep habits so that you can thoughtfully answer each question.

Snoring Quiz: How to Stop Snoring

Snoring doesn’t just affect your bed partner. It can also be linked to the quality of your sleep, your daytime alertness, and even your long-term health. Find the potential cause of your snoring by taking our snoring quiz, which gives personalized recommendations about how to stop snoring

As you work your way through the quiz, it may be helpful to ask a bed partner or roomate for details about your breathing during sleep.