Editorial Policy

Dr. Michael J. Breus launched The Sleep Doctor in 2008 to provide readers with the information and resources they need to get a good night’s sleep. Since its inception, our editorial team has continued in this mission to bring our readers helpful, informative content related to sleep health and science.

Sleep is a complex scientific field. Our writers and editors thoroughly review each guide and article that appears on our site to ensure the content is accurate, up to date, and bias-free. We also regularly revisit our pages and, if needed, update our content to reflect new findings within the scientific, medical, and psychological communities.


We follow a strict sourcing policy for content appearing on this website. Our editorial team exclusively cites information and data from reputable sources, including but not limited to:

  • Legitimate medical associations
  • Government-based reports and survey data
  • Academic-level research data
  • Information published in peer-reviewed journals

Furthermore, we routinely revisit our published pages and update content as needed to ensure all information is accurate and aligned with current findings.

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team follows the same process for each article and guide published on The Sleep Doctor. First, one of our health and medical writers researches the topic at hand and composes a draft based on findings and claims from reputable sources. After the writer has submitted their draft, a Medical Expert conducts an extensive review to ensure there are no factual errors, inconsistencies, misrepresented data, or outdated statements. Lastly, an editor checks the final draft for accuracy and bias prior to publication.

A byline for the original author and expert medical reviewer are located at the top of each published guide when appropriate. Our editorial team also revisits previously published content on a regular basis to ensure our guides and articles are up to date.

Our Product Testing Team

We recognize the important role that mattresses, pillows, and other products play in your overall sleep quality. Our testing team personally evaluates each item that appears in The Sleep Doctor’s product guides. We use a comprehensive testing methodology that looks at specific qualities and characteristics of each product. Based on findings during our tests, we’ll assign ratings to each product in different performance categories. These ratings drive the product reviews and recommendations you’ll find throughout our site.

Each member of our testing team brings years of sleep product experience and expertise to our hands-on evaluations. We’ve assembled a diverse crew consisting of people with different body types and primary sleep positions. This ensures our ratings and recommendations are inclusive of all sleepers and their unique needs.

Medical Disclaimer

TheSleepDoctor.com is a publisher of digital content. This site does not offer health or medical advice. Our published content is intended for informational purposes only, and should never substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed physician. If you experience a medical emergency, immediately contact your doctor or emergency response services. Never change your diet, adopt a new fitness routine, or consume medication without first speaking to your doctor.

We do not represent the safety of products featured on this site, nor do we endorse the effectiveness or safety of medical treatments discussed in our health guides and articles. Due to the evolving nature of medical and health information, the content on our site is reflective of current findings, but not exhaustive or complete. TheSleepDoctor.com does not endorse any specific medical test, doctor or clinician, healthcare or clinical care provider, medication or supplement, health product, medical procedure, treatment, or other information appearing on this site.

Contact Us

Our goal is to publish accurate content and maintain an up-to-date, bias-free website. We rely on feedback from our readers to provide helpful information and resources. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for improving this site.

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