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Sleep Doctor leverages decades of experience in sleep solutions and health education to help you realize your best self.

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Better Tonights For Your Best Tomorrows

Sleep Doctor leverages decades of experience in sleep solutions and health education to help you realize your best self.

Understand your sleep with a free whole-sleep assessment

Solutions and coaching from credentialed experts

Customized sleep improvement products and services

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Helping people improve their sleep is why we get up in the morning.

I loved the details of the report. The test itself was very easy to use. I was impressed with the feedback session from your professionals. Great value for the money.

Nesha M.


Super easy. User friendly. Extremely happy with the at home test procedure and products that have given me the best sleep I’ve had in 20 years.

Jonathon C.


I really appreciated being able to have this test done in my own home. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, making the whole experience so much better.

Deborah B.


Great deal of information on many aspects of the sleep process. Good guidance in helping me to overcome my sleep problems.

Linda S.


Home sleep test was fast and easy to do. Great support team to answer questions. Highly recommend testing this way.

Cathy R.



Benefits of a Home Sleep Test


Take the Test From Home

Detailed assessment analyzes your breathing and snoring from the comfort of home, in just one night.


We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Not all sleep problems are black and white. Our home sleep test measures the behavioral aspects of your sleep.


Same-Day Results

One-on-one assessment analyzes multiple sleep biometrics, including your total sleep time, respiratory events, and snoring volume.


On Your Way to Better Sleep

Your results are unique to you, so your care plan should be too. Depending on your sleep problem, our team will provide multiple solutions.

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Sleep Apnea Detection

Get a diagnosis from home after just one night

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Insomnia Analysis

Understand the impact and severity of your symptoms

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Sleep Metrics Evaluation

Your breathing and snoring events throughout the night

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Treatment Options

Medical and behavior pathways tailored to you


We Help You Understand Your Sleep So You Can Improve It

Sleep shouldn’t be complicated. With our convenient home sleep test technology and hands-on sleep specialist support, we’ll help guide you through the issues that are preventing you from getting the sleep you deserve.


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