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Dr. David Duhon is no longer seeing patients at this location.  As of August 1, 2015, his practice will move to Guadalupe Sleep Center. New or current patients may request appointments at www.guadalupesleep.com or by calling (512) 381-4555.  The office address is:

AUSTIN, TX 78735

(512) 381-4555
(866) 510-2239 FAX

Prescription or CPAP Supply Requests

Please call or fax Guadalupe Sleep Center with requests for prescription refills or to request CPAP supplies.  Guadalupe Sleep Center does not distribute CPAP supplies, but will send a prescription to a Durable Medical Equipment supplier on your behalf.

Dr. Duhon has a long-standing policy that patients must see him at least once yearly to remain in his care.  If you have not seen Dr. Duhon in the last 11 months, a staff member at Guadalupe Sleep Center will contact you to set up an appointment.  In some cases, I will not authorize prescriptions for medications or CPAP until the patient has made an annual appointment. 


Please send medical record requests to medrec@sleepdoctor.com.  Please include a return email address with the request.  All fees must be paid in advance. You may pay by credit card or with PayPal by clicking on the Pay Now button at the bottom of this page.
Medical records will be provided in electronic format unless paper copies are specifically requested.  If you request paper copies, we will notify you of the amount due before we mail the records. 

(1) Paper copies

The fee for providing medical records in paper format is:

 $25 for the first twenty pages and
 $.50 per page for every copy thereafter.
Please include your current mailing address if you request paper copies.

(2) Electronic Format

The fee for providing medical records in electronic format is:

$25 for 500 pages or less (none of our charts contain over 500 pages)
The above charges for providing copies of medical records include the cost of postage or transmitting the copies electronically via email.  We can mail you a USB thumb drive containing a copy of your medical records for an additional charge of $10 for the thumb drive.

All files are in Microsoft Word, PDF, or plain text format.  We cannot change the format of individual files.

(3) Other Charges
(A) If an affidavit is requested, certifying that the information is a true and correct copy of the records, whether in paper, electronic or hybrid format, a fee of $15 will be charged for executing the affidavit.  This fee is in addition to the fee for copying medical records


Medical records do not include billing records.  If copies of billing records are requested, a separate fee will be charged (in addition to the fee for any medical records requested).  The fee amounts per page for billing records are the same as for medical records.

Dr. Das, Dr. Cain, and Dr. Manchanda

For appointment and prescription refill requests for Dr. Das, Dr. Cain, and Dr. Manchanda, use the following phone/fax numbers, or visit their website, www.ansaustin.com.

Phone: (512) 458-2600                                    Fax: (512) 268-2585

Dr. Das, Dr. Cain, and Dr. Manchanda will continue to see patients at 102 Westlake Drive, Suite 102, at least through August 31, 2015.  Please check their website for updates at www.ansaustin.com.

When they move,  the new offices for Dr. Das, Dr. Cain, and Dr. Manchanda will be at 4407 Bee Cave Rd., Bldg. 3, Suite 301, Austin, TX 78746.  Remember to check on www.ansaustin.com for the exact date of their move.